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Topic Started: Feb 14 2010, 03:21 PM (217 Views)
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14 February, 2010.

It's been three years. I should have died on the island. But I am here and they are not.

The Program changes everything. How you look at things. How you interact with people. I got into a good school after my Program. The Government gives me a pension, whether to keep me quiet or to "ease my trauma" I'm not sure. Either way is just as well. I'm fine not talking about it. Nobody really wants to talk about their experience with The Program. The less you think about it the better. The nightmares start to go away after a couple years. You learn to be thankful for the little things. Like the fact that I'd completed enough work before The Program that I didn't have repeat my third year. About ten years ago, this guy played the game twice because he had to repeat year three, and got stuck in the wrong class. Rumor has it that something went wrong with that game. A lot of revolutionaries got energized by that, started trying to interfere with the game more openly. It's mostly just lead to them getting killed. At least that's what the news says. I believe it. The program isn't going away. It's just the way things are. You work hard and hope that your class doesn't win the Prefecture lottery. If it does, you fight to survive. If you can avoid the right fights, maybe the bad guy kills everybody, and you kill the bad guy. Makes it a little easier to sleep at night. If not, you kill some friends. You spend your whole life knowing that it might all come down to this. You try not to get too attached to anybody. Maybe it will be alright then. It never works out that way, but you try.

In the end, it happens and you just have to deal with it when the time comes. You kill because there isn't another choice. And in the end, you see who makes it. After that, you're just glad to be alive.
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