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Isamu Yoshida; This is Ross Noodlz Hall
Topic Started: May 22 2008, 02:37 AM (202 Views)
Rossco Hall
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Name: Isamu Yoshida
Age: 16
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Bleached Blonde, with Black tips
Height: 1.60 meters
Weight: 50 Kg
Physical Description: Isamu is scrawny, kind of small, he normally wears glasses and isn’t very strong
Personality: Isamu is a shy person and not very confident from being bullied. He is a nice person when you get to know him.
Personal History: Isamu enjoys spending his days inside his room playing electric guitar with the amp to up to the max to shut out his parent’s arguments. He had to start wearing glasses when he was five when he accidentally shined a laser light into his eyes. Isamu is bullied constantly and has no friends because of it. At a young age him and his parent’s moved over to china but moved back soon after; he was kept back a year because of the change.
Other: Isamu pent’s up his rage and will not usually show his anger. If he does get angry he normally will go crazy and hit someone that doesn't deserve it
Personal items: in his bags he has the following- his lucky pick because it brings him good luck, 3 pairs of clothes and a tennis ball for something to do when he is bored.
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