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Story Continued; So I wanted to continue it I C/P
Topic Started: Apr 24 2008, 01:53 AM (504 Views)

Not sure if I can do this, but I wanted to continue where I left off originally. I marked the sections specifically if they are not mine, spacing them by when they were posted later.

Kira Nakamura sat at the back of his math class staring off into space. The meaningless things the teacher was writing on the board meant nothing to him and at a glance he had already solved the problem. The teacher began to call on students who all seemed to preoccupied with themselves to answer the question correctly.

"Idiots," Kira said softly. "I'm in an advanced class and these people still understand nothing."

Kira looked out the window into the cold winter morn; snowflakes fell slowly onto the trees outside covering the once green grass in a thicket of snow. The snow entranced Kira and he began to move closer to the window, edging to the end of his seat.
"Some say the world will end in fire; some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, To know that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice," Kira said to himself in English.

By this time the entire class was looking at Kira and he immediately turned around. Their ugly faces filled with such contempt stared back at him as he twitched his right eye and stared back with eyes full of hatred.

"Well if you can't find any interest in this class, would you care to at least answer the question on the board," the teacher said condescendingly.

Kira looked at the teacher and his face softened and turned to utter amusement. The integration on the board to him was child play and he laughed just at the thought of it.

"Radical 3 plus C," Kira said smirking at the rest of the class.

The teacher pushed his spectacles back to his face hiding away his eyes in the sun rays from outside.

"Correct," he said contemptuously. He turned back to the board and began writing more notes when the bell rang and the students hurried to escape the room before the teacher could tell them the homework.

"Remember, pages 89-93 due tomorrow," he said and the students sighed with grief having not escaped on time; Kira however remained calmly in his seat, until he was the last person in the room.

Kira got up and picked up his small bag of things. He turned his head to look at the teacher who turned away. Kira's face was emotionless and he shrugged at the teachers fear of him.

"Robert Frost, you should look him up," Kira said to the teacher in Japanese.

"Who?" the teacher responded without looking at Kira, pretending to be preoccupied with some of his papers.

"Never mind," Kira said quietly and he walked out the door into the rampage of his fellow students.

"Maybe if life wasn't so dull, people would actually appreciate things, instead of wallowing in fear. Idiots," he said as he walked down the bustling corridors to his Physics class.



Hikaro sat in the back of the class, center row. His brain was frying enough that he was sure he could hear a faint hiss that is his brain sizzling. Take on a kid twice his body weight in kendo? easy. Clean a Ramshakle cabin by himself? Done. Cook a five course dinner? Say no more.

Follow math class...?

Not so much.

He managed to scrape along in his math class my the skin of his teeth and on his other classes which he excelled in.

Not far away from him a kid started muttering to himself about how we are all idiots for not knowing this. "Great, more shots to my ego. I dont get enough of those around here." he thought sarcastically to himself as he started to lose interest in the class. Math could go die, as har as he was concerned. He looked out the window for a while until he caught some words from that same sarcastic kid from before. Was his name...Kira Nakamura? He was horrible at names.

Hikaro had spent most of his young life reading, even a bit of english. He could read and understand it, but he could not speak it very well. He understood enough of it to remember a happy evening in his room reading books of poetry and started to smile contentedly. "Robert Frost..." he murmured to himself.

Hikaro was knocked out of happy land by the teachers voice. Fortunately the voice was not directed at him but at...Kira, was it? Yes, that sounded right.

Kira answered the question easily, and the class ended soon, much to Hikaro's releif. He copied down his homework diligently and was packing up and heading for the door when he turned for Kira and smiled cheerfully. "Frost is one of my favorites..." he said quietly and headed for the door.


Kira stared out, awestruck at what Hikaro had said.

"I guess there's someone worthwhile at this school," he said staring at Hikaro's back as he whisked down the hallways.

Kira pulled at toothpick from his pocket and began scanning down the halls to his Physics class. He stared at all the meaningless faces crowed at lockers as he traveled down the halls.

"Their faces all hide the same fear, the fear of their nation. Pitiful people, I'll be glad when I get out of this place," Kira thought as he stared blankly back at the faces he passed.

Suddenly his cell phone began to ring and Kira glanced irately at his pocket. He sighed and pulled the sleek black razor from his pocket to see who was calling. His eyes deepened and he stopped in the middle of the hall. The call was from the fugitive American which he has simply labeled as "Kobaishi Fukiko."

"This can't be good," Kira thought.

Kira had put up safeguards on his phone in case anything happened that might incriminate him of being an enemy of the state. His cell phone was prepaid so they could never trace it back to Kira, but just as a precaution he had it scrambled in case they wanted to find where he was in general. The American's real name was Richmond Wise, and he had been doing some spying for America, but his Japanese ethnicity was about his only cover. Kira had found him at an underground organization which promised to help transport Japanese to America. Kira had put up his number but never expected a call now. Kira smiled to himself.

"A trap?" he said under his breath.

Kira picked up the phone and spoke softly into the phone.

"Hello?" Kira said.

The familiar American voice of Richmond came onto the phone.

"Hello, who is this?" Richmond replied.

Kira smiled to himself, Richmond had slipped up.

"I don't think that's any of your concern," Kira replied, amused with the outcome of his stupid hopes. There was no way off this Island, Richmond had simply become a pawn of the government like everyone else, just trying to save his own hide by sacrificing everyone else's.

"Well, we're leaving today meet at the docks," Richmond said hesitantly, "At 8:30 sharp tonight."

Kira's once amused face suddenly retracted into horror. Richmond was trying to warn him, it had all become crystal clear to Kira. Richmond was dead either way, it was just how much pain he wanted to endure until that death eventually came.

"Those sick bastards," Kira thought his face grimacing.

"Don't worry I'll be there," Kira said calmly and hung up the phone.

The class bell had rung sometime ago, but Kira knew he couldn't sit through Physics with this on his mind, he ran to the bathroom and threw up in the nearest stall. This wasn't a good start for the day.



Hikaro walked quietly to his next class, doing his best to spend as little time in the Hallways as possible. He was not bullied as often anymore, but Stupid Punks would still try to rough him up. Hikaro hated violence, even in self defense. He would rather not have to fight to begin with, which is why he was hurrying through the halls like a scared puppy. As he climbed a staircase, he wondered why he was targeted for bullying so much.

Well, he guessed he projected wimpiness and a lack of self confidence, which until the past few years would have been true. He still talked quietly and had a hard time talking to females, as well as self esteem issues,horrible posture, and he was sure he was rather ugly. (in truth he was slightly handsome in a teddy-bear way, although he would never think that.) But he knew this was not the only reason.

Another reason was a series of rumours surrounding his family.

There were stories about how his great grandfather on his mothers side was an American who had lived in Japan for a few years until he was "executed" by police officers in a brutal murder. It would explain why his hair was such a unusual strain of brown in a country of primarily black haired people.

It probably didnt help his case that instead of standing up for himself as a younger child he would read until the world went away, building a bubble reality for himself with his books, poems, or a certain manga series. So he was an otaku. He was happy. His only wish was for friends.

He though of that Kira kid. Could They be...friends? He quickly began to doubt his thoughts. That kid seemed a little (putting it gently) unfriendly. Ah well, it was a nice thought. He went into his next classroom, darting around people as best he could, avoiding contact. He entered his Physics Class.

Hikaro liked physics. It was simple, clear, and very interesting. He enjoyed learning the rules to the world he lived in. He quietly sat down in the back of the class, middle row, 35 seconds before the bell rang and began his pencil ritual. He lined 3 of his pencils up in a row at the front of his desk, then put a forth perpindicular to the other three. He smiled wide in satisfaction. No matter what was going on, doing this always made him feel better. He furtively pulled out a copy of a favorite short story, Call of Cuthulu by H.P. Lovecraft and read blissfully until other students began to pour in.


Kira sat calmly by himself in the bathroom. He had thrown up for only a few minutes and was regaining his composure while he sat and contemplated the situation at hand. The meaningless hope of getting off this god forsaken island was gone and yet he had a sudden urge of euphoria which felt strange in this particular situation. He shook his head, unable to comprehend the feeling and stood up from the toilet. It was a small enclosed space, with graffiti ridden all over the walls and an ominous message on the door in front of him suggested that someone had been raped in this stall. But none of this mattered to Kira as he opened the door and went to the sink. He turned the handle and cold water washed away the mess from has hands. He bent down and took a large sip, swished the water around in his mouth and spit out the water into the sink. The after taste was still there, but it wasn't as strong as before. He ignored it and exited the restroom. As soon as he walked out of the restroom a security guard flagged him down.

"Hey! What are you doing out of class," he called to Kira as he began to advance towards him.

Kira knew the strict rules about ditching, it was the government's way of saying "Fuck you," to anyone not interested in school. Kira was not in the mood for this distraction and was stricken at rage at the mere sight of this security guard.

"I was feeling sick. I just threw up," Kira said calmly controlling his rage.

At this point the guard was right on top of him, standing so close Kira could feel his hot fishy breathe on his face. Kira was annoyed, visibly twitching as the guard looked him over, but kept his cool. Kira knew that if the guard felt it necessary he could have Kira's possessions impounded at the flick of a finger, and knowing of all the illegal things he had, he couldn't allow that to happen.

"Sick? You don't look sick to me. If you're sick then you need to go get a note and go to the health office, you can't skip any classes," the guard said firmly.

"At the time....," Kira said agitated, but then retracted and took a breathe. "At the time I had to throw up, and I would have preferred not to make a fool out of myself in front of the entire class."

The guard looked over Kira and suddenly raised his hands touching his shirt. His slender hand was encased in a black glove and it connected with a brown like liquid on Kira's shirt. It was certainly vomit.

"I see....," the guard said slowly, "come let me escort you to the nurses office and get you cleaned up," the guard continued lightly placing a hand on Kira's shoulder.

Kira felt strange. He hated everything this security guard stood for, yet this strange compassion he felt emulating from the guard made Kira feel better. His nerves calmed and he stopped twitching. He slowly began walking with him towards the nurses office and for the first time that day, Kira smiled, the first genuine smile he had had in a long time.
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Kira returned from the nurses office. The nurse had deemed that he had a stomach flu, though Kira would never admit weakness like some stupid illness. After handing him medicine to take, he simply tossed them in the trash on his way out. By now school had ended and Kira had absolutely no reason to stay behind and linger, in fact he probably should have returned home, but that wasn't what interested Kira. He smiled as he left the school, despite all that had transpired today he felt good at that moment and he had a strange surge of optimism. He caught the bus just as it was about to leave, it was that time of the week, a Thursday, the only day during the week when Kira found it appropriate to go out and actually enjoy himself. Why, Kira did not know, probably because it was the only day that he did not associate with a painful incident, but more likely because it was game night at the arcade. If Japan had any redeeming qualities it was the arcade, the place where Kira was free of boundaries.

The bus pulled up at the arcades stop and Kira exited smirking his book bag in hand. Kira noticed at first hand something was off the moment he stepped off the bus, but by the time he could react the bus was already 2 blocks away. Kira turned to the head of the arcade where a gang of kids was standing out in front of the arcade, obviously taxing people who wanted to go in. Kira twitched, he wasn't in the mood for this sort of thing. Kira began to walk to the door.

"Hey kid you're just like anyone else, come on pay up," one of the kids said.

Their were three of them, and they were much bigger than Kira, they probably were in 11th grade, maybe 12th Kira estimated. Kira just smiled and tried to push past them.

"Oh so you think you're some kind of jo......" the kid from before started to say, but he was cut short.

Kira drove his fist deeper into the boys chest and then did an uppercut into his chin making him fall to the ground. His friends were already on top of Kira punching and scratching at his face. Kira made an attempt to look at the person he had hit while he was struggling to fend off the other two, the boy he had hit wasn't moving. This vision of triumph seemed to make Kira erratic despite the major injuries being inflicted by the other two boys. He swung his book bag into the kid on his right with a swift body motion and with his right arm free he used the momentum to swing it straight into the other kids face. The kid on the left went flying, unfortunately bringing Kira with him, something Kira had not calculated. Kira assumed that his punch would have made the boy let go as the book bag had made the guy on the right, however the guy on the left was much stronger and had refused to weaken his grasp. Kira with only seconds time braised his head as they both hit the pavement. Kira remained stunned for a minute, the pain was unbearable. By now a crowd had gathered and all eyes were on Kira. The kid that Kira had hit with his book bag began to get up and advanced toward Kira and his now incapacitated friend. Kira couldn't move, the pain was too much and he knew it was over and closed his eyes, he didn't want to see the blow that would finish him, but it never came. Kira looked up and saw people standing around him.

"Leave him alone," said one of the boys standing in front of him.

The boy that had been hit with the book bag began to laugh.

"Or what? You and your little friends are going to harm me? Get out of my way," he said making an attempt to push them out of the way.

Kira looked up and saw as the boy who had defended him lift his fist and connect it with the other boys face. The older boy looked stunned for a second and fell to the ground. The boy looked down at the kid he had just pulverized as if in silent triumph and then turned towards Kira.

"Get him out of here before they arrive," said the boy with particular emphasis on they.

"They" was a term everyone understood equally, it was the nations secret police and if anything went wrong or if someone was an "enemy" of the state or if something could go wrong, they were there to clean up and kill anyone who got in their way. Hospitals had become all but useless in nowadays as they were essentially used to determine if you had been in some sort of illegal activity or not. In fact the hospitals killed more patients than it saved, though this was a statistic the government worked hard to suppress.

The boy that had saved Kira bent down and picked him up. He was about Kira's age but Kira did not recognize him. The boy had incredible strength for his age and ran with Kira in his arms as the sirens began to roar, Kira knew he had solved the problem and that he would never see those boys ever again, however he knew that this was the end of his days at the arcade. He felt the wind through his hair and looked up at the kid.

"What's your name?" Kira asked weakly looking up at the boy.

"Shinji, you should know I'm in half of your classes," the boy said cheerfully.

Kira wasn't sure if he said more, because just as he finished the word "classes" Kira lost consciousness with only a blurry vision of the boys face and the dark blue that masked the sky as his eyes shut involuntarily.
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Kira shot up from his bedside and the pain suddenly came back to him, despite being taken aback by the pain he looked around. He was in an unfamiliar room and a small TV was blaring in the corner, Shinji was sitting in front of it watching intently. The newscaster came on smiling and speaking quickly as she was issuing her report, despite her pale disposition, her dyed brown hair and fake rosy cheeks gave her a cheerful look, though she was really taken aback by a sinful reproach.

"It's been almost a year since the last Program," she said choking on her words, it was no secret that her daughter had participated in the Program and had been viciously killed by one of the other students. The newscaster swallowed her tears and continued.

"It's no secret that last year's winner Mitsuki Kaligiri still holds the rank for the longest game ever played, four days, sixteen hours, 32 minutes and 46 seconds, but soon another class shall be chosen at random and another game shall be played in honor of our country," she said spitefully.

Shinji turned off the TV and turned to Kira, his bright blue eyes gleaming as a tear gently made it's way down the left side of his face.

"Is there no meaning to life in this god forsaken land?" he said aloud.

Kira just stared back at him, absorbing the pain from his wounds and ignoring them.

"There is meaning, but you just have to find it for yourself," Kira said softly.

Shinji wiped the small tear he had shed from his left eye, his face completely solemn with the exception of that tear, that one shred of emotion from some horrible memory that had passed. Shinji remained silent staring at Kira, or as it seemed to Kira, staring past him into some lost memory from years ago.

"You knew someone," Kira began to say, but Shinji cut him off.

"Yes, let's just leave it at that," he said quickly.

Kira looked down, feeling ashamed at his insensitive comment, when before him was the boy that had essentially saved him. They both remained silent, the only sound that could be heard were the bugs from above hitting themselves against the light bulb above. After about ten minutes of silence Shinji sighed and got up.

"I did the best I could with your wounds, you got beaten up pretty bad today, I hope you don't mind sleeping in my bed tonight," he said breaking the morose mood with his strange smile.

Kira smiled back, "I'm just glad I have a guardian angel watching my back, I guess the government isn't always right after all."

They both laughed. Kira fell back onto the bed suddenly tired for the first time in a long time. Shinji patted him on the back.

"You get some sleep, tomorrow we have school remember, and you know what happens when you miss school," he said seriously, but managed to crack a small smile.

Kira smiled back and closed his eyes, the sounds of the bugs overhead suddenly vanquished and he was lost in a sea of dreams, meaningless perfect dreams.
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The next day Kira walked calmly toward the school building, the sunlight flashing overhead and his aching muscles were masked by his confident smile. Despite his clothes being bloodied up from yesterday, he had managed to mask the damage with an overcoat given to him by Shinji. Shinji was flirting with Hina, a girl Kira had seen around a couple times. This was the reason Kira was smiling, Shinji had seemed to pour out his emotions yesterday, shrouded with darkness, much like Kira was, yet the next day he was smiling and trying valiantly to get with this girl Hina despite all her obliviousness of the situation.

"I best be going now," Kira said winking at Shinji, "I'll see you at lunch."

Shinji smiled back and Kira walked painfully away towards the school. The bell rang and students began piling towards the door, had Kira been in good condition he would have paced aggressively past the people and coldly view them as they walked slowly without any purpose toward their classes, but not today. Kira tried hard to mask the pain the jolted in every step from everyone, and as he finally sat down for his History class, he winced but only for a split second and meticulously drew forth his hand to grasp the desk.

"This day better go by fast, I need my rest," Kira thought.

Odiously a slim man with jet black hair and loosely fit glasses came to the board and slammed a thick stick onto his desk, wrenching fear into the students who had not yet seen this man before.

"Your teacher has asked me here today, because he could not make it on account of a sudden death," the man paused for a split second with a sharp grin that only Kira seemed to notice and continued, "in the family, therefore I'll be teaching for the duration of the year."

Kira winced again.

"Sick, it's sick they can just so easily kill whoever they feel is not living up to the 'standards' of the Japanese empire," Kira thought as the man hastily wrote some words on the board.

"America," he wrote on the board.

"Do any of you know why America is the greatest threat to Japan," he asked rhetorically.

Kira just zoned out immediately at this phrase and though the man continued on, Kira just shook his head and sighed.

"This is going to be a longgggggg day," Kira thought and closed his eyes.
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