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Audition: Kira Nakamura; Not sure how this audition thing works
Topic Started: Apr 24 2008, 01:27 AM (214 Views)


Name: Nakamura, Kira
Age: 15
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Hair: Black, Messy
Height: 6'0
Weight: 165

Physical Description: Kira is a a handsome kid with long legs and a strong built body. His face is somewhat skinny to the point that he looks rather sickly. He doesn't look strong, but he hides his strength under his school uniforms. His eyes are always absorbed with thought, meaning it never looks like he's focusing on anything he is actually doing, it's hard to think whether they are beautiful or terrifying.

Personality: Kira is a quiet person in general, but gets his kicks out of watching bad horror films that constantly play in theaters. He's generally sarcastic towards people he knows little about, and hates when they absorb the conversations around themselves rather than the issue at hand. He likes more to think about things, then to converse with others around him about them.

Personal History: Kira knew little about his parents as they were both killed only weeks after he was born. Growing up in a troubled foster care home, Kira began to hate the institution that they lived in and the people who put up with it. His general rebellion towards what other people accept is the only way he goes on living. He has little friends, but those that are his friends hardly get close to them as he often pushes them away. The only book he was allowed to have in the home was a book on Mathematics and through all his meaningless time he devoted most of his time to reading it and became a math genius.

Other: Kira has a twitch on his right eye when he gets annoyed or angry and his biploar disorder (which he knows nothing about) causes him to be active more on some days than others and causes his general insomnia which keeps him in a cynical mood most of the time. He speaks a limited amount of English which he learned from "banned" western novels and underground poetry.

Personal items: Despite the totalitarian society, he carries a concealed cross around his neck, the only memory of what his family once was. He doesn't believe in god, but carries it as a memento instead. He also has clothes to last him a weak, a black ink pen, a notebook of paper, a laptop and a small flashlight.
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