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The Waltz of Life; Round and Round we go..
Topic Started: Apr 17 2008, 04:10 PM (215 Views)
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Hikaro was running late.

He ran Frantically, his bag in his left hand pumping it as he sprinted. Not only could this be awfull for his attendence Record, which up until today had been perfect this year, but he would stick out. Sticking out was not somthing it would be wise for him to do. He cursed his bag's weight. WHy did he pack so many books?

He sprinted through the school yard and made it into his classrom and slid into his seat. He allowed himself a releived simle. He wouldnt be Late Today. He began his daily pencil ritual, testing their sharpness and earser quality, then lining them up into a row of three. He was ready for the day now. He scanned his classmates. What wrer they thinking as they began their day? He inwardly shrugged. Not his Buisness anyway.
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