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Boy #1: Kyonshee Hikaro
Topic Started: Apr 17 2008, 01:15 AM (256 Views)
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Name: Kyonshee Hikaro
Age: 15
Eyes: a deep green
Hair: Brown, shaggy with an even cut over his forehead.
Height: 5'5'
Weight: 142 pounds
Physical Description: Hikaro has horrible posture. His face is relatively clear for a 15 year old, meaning he has very little acne. His teeth are nice, but not incredibly so. He is a scrawny looking kid, his build more of a dancers then a warrior. His clothing is very haphazard looking, as if he pulled random clothes out of his closet, although his school uniform is very neat looking. He is left Handed.

Personality: Hikaro is rather shy usually, but willing to open up to almost anyone. He has a hard time talking to girls and making eye contact. He s characterized by most people as the "Smiley Kid" He is very chivalrous and willing to defend anyone who needs it. He hates people who prey on the weak or use others viciously, and only at that time does he drop his usual cheerful disposition. He has very low self esteem.

Personal History: Hikaro was bullied throughout his childhood by thugs in and near his school. He had no friends and delved into books to keep himself sane, and developed excellent survival skills by dodging bullies all the time. Around eight he got his Dog Aniki, who until he started to make friends was his best Friend. When he was around ten, he discovered the art of Kendo and fell in love with it. Soon afterwards the thugs started to leave him alone, telling to each other in whispers of a totally unbelievable tale of kind, shy Hikaro and some pencils and a textbook. His Family includes his Father, Ryoku Kyonshee, and his mother Misao Kyonshee, and his older brother Genji, who makes fun of his younger brother constantly.

Personal items: Hikaro's Bag includes-
1) 2 sets of clothing- he does not need much, but his mother insisted on three full sets of clothing.
2) His Lucky left handed Kendo glove- Hikaro can barely sleep without his trusty glove, one he wore throughout his short kendo career.
3) a journal and six pencils- Hikaro is the Literary type, and spends time working on stories and poems.
4) A small camera- Hikaro's father gave him a disposable for the trip.
5) A stack of books, including A book of five rings By: Musashi Miyamoto, an imported poem anthology, a black market copy of Lord of The Rings (a treasured favorite) and a few manga volumes of his favorite series, unread.
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