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Topic Started: Apr 14 2008, 09:13 PM (289 Views)
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Okay, so you want to create a character to play in the Program. Great! Follow this format for character creation.

All characters are residents of Japan. America is considered an enemy state in this game and thus no Westerners shall be found among our characters. Characters will be in 9th grade, and thus generally assumed to be around age 15. 14 and 16 are not unheard of, but be prepared to explain your circumstances if anything doesn't quite fit. We encourage creativity, but we also want these characters to be believable. If you need help or ideas, check the roleplaying guides. If you still need help, message either Tara or myself and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Name: (Last name, First Name)
Age: (You will be a ninth grader, so 15 is average)
Eyes: (color)
Hair: (color, style)
Physical Description: (tell us a little bit about how your character looks. Keep in mind that he/she is 15ish)
Personality: (is she nice to everybody, is he constantly stressed? Tell us how you operate.)
Personal History: (tell us a little bit about your character's background. As a courtesy to other players, don't use names without permission, but feel free to develop stories with each other)
Other: (anything you feel may be important to your character that hasn't already been covered. Habits, nervous tics, extracurricular activities, etc)

Personal items: (since your character is planning to be going on a trip, you will be allowed to have a bag filled with some personal affects. Assume that bags will be checked, and weapons/drugs/alcohol/porno mags, will be confiscated. Basically, every item should have a reason for being there. If you have questions, ask an admin. Not saying that you can't pack them, but don't be surprised if they disappear.)

Also, all new players are encouraged to submit a writing sample, from another RPG if you like, or you can write a post with the character you are submitting.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day.
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Oh, please only submit one character per round.
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