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Hamamiya, Ai
Topic Started: Apr 14 2008, 08:58 PM (394 Views)
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Name: Hamamiya, Ai
Age: 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, straight
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Physical Description: Hamamiya is an attractive girl with long legs and a face most would describe as angelic. Her hair extends to the middle of her back, and she has a rather well developed bust for somebody her age. There is a fierceness in her eyes, despite her easy good looks and soft appearance.
Personality: Hamamiya can be catty and sarcastic, but is generally willing to live and let live. When she has wronged somebody, a sigh and smile is usually enough to erase the memory of the transgression.
Personal History: Hamamiya is well aware of how attractive she is and has used that to her advantage, charming her way out of trouble, and performing sexual favors for teachers when her grades need a bit of a boosting. Besides her loose sexuality, she has lived a fairly standard life, coming from a well-off family and enjoying a fair amount of popularity.
Other: Hamamiya keeps her nails long and sharp, typically painted red. Most are wise to think before crossing her, but some have been known to walk away with nice little scratches on their faces.

Personal items: Vanity kit (pocket mirror, basic cosmetics, brush, hairspray, nail file), two full changes of clothes, feminine products
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I shouldn't approve my own character, so I'm gonna wait for Tara...
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