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Girl #14 Kimiko Takeshi
Topic Started: May 1 2009, 08:43 PM (99 Views)

Name: Kimiko Takeshi
Age: 15
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long, curly, dark brown
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 103 lb.

Physical description:
Kimiko is very small for her age (but that somehow doesn't bother her) and has been told she has a childlike face due to her round cheeks and big eyes with long eyelashes. Her hair is very curly and goes to her mid back. Because of the fact that her mother is Hispanic, Kimiko has tan skin with dozens of beauty marks all over her. She also has a bust that is a little big for someone of her size. She doesn't wear clothes that are too revealing. Kimiko only owns a few pairs of mini skirts and shorts, all of which are finger-tipped length.

Kimiko is an outgoing, hyper girl. Some people have considered her "strange" but that doesn't bother her. She will randomly say something in Spanish (she's bilingual) when she doesn't know how to explain something. Kimiko is very optimistic and won't stand watching someone being sad or depressed. She actually has a fear of being alone and will have a nervous breakdown whenever she has no company. Kimiko also seems to take insults in stride, but nobody knows that she cries when she thinks no one's looking.

Personal History:
Kimiko is only a quarter Japanese. Her dad is half-Japanese and half-American whose parents participated in the resistance against the government. Her mother is from Costa Rica, a small country in Central America. Kimiko's mother was deported from Japan when she was ten years old. Shortly after, her father had to go on the run because the government was tracking his whole family down. Kimiko was left to live with her neighbors, an old couple who fully respects every choice made by the government. The old woman has made Kimiko into the "Perfect Japanese Girl." Kimiko has learned how to respect her elders and treat men as if they were better than she was. Around her legal guardians, she is quiet and demure. But she's always longed to go out on an adventure.

Personal items:
Hair clips and hair ties, a book on Japanese history, feminine items, an iPod nano, and a necklace that was left for her by her mother (she refuses to wear it).
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