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Name: Kanagawa, Aya
Age: 15
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, to about the middle of her back, straight, usually braided out of the way.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lbs
Physical Description: Aya is very small, almost scrawny. She has very large, wide-set brown eyes and a very angular face. She could be called pretty, but more the sort of pretty a person would notice after a few months, rather than knock-em-dead gorgeous. She can never seem to find a school uniform that fits her narrow shoulders, so her overlarge clothes just exacerbate her itty-bittyness. Almost completely flat chested.
Personality: Aya comes from a poor family, so she's very stingy with her money. She only buys things if they have more than one use, or are direly important. She's also very kind and quiet, but won't hesitate to state her opinion if she sees a need for it. She's the sort of person who won't talk to anyone for days, then one day will have a shouting match with a local bully. These extreme switches in personality tend to alienate her from her classmates.
Personal History: Aya was a mistake for her parents. Her mother and father married at 18 and she was born just half a year later. The mad scramble brought on by the new responsibility resulted in both parents dropping out of college and Aya's father joining the military in an attempt to pay for all the new things they would need, let alone the medical bills. The family managed to just skirt the edge of poverty, moving from apartment to apartment as they found new homes with lower rent, or were simply forced from their previous home by faulty electric wiring or unlivable conditions. Now, 15 years later, Aya's father has a steady job as a surveyor and her mother is going back to college to try and become a doctor. For the first time in her life, Aya feels secure in her new home, school, and even with her family. Before, her parents would fight and scream, driven to near-terror by their situation, while Aya hid in her corner of the apartment and tried to ignore it. Now, the family goes on picnics, visits museums, and even sits together each night to have a big, healthy dinner. A true family, a true home. For now.
Other: Aya has learned a few medical tidbits and facts from her mother, and even has her own Emergency Medical Technician license, showing she's certified to do CPR and small first-aid. Aya is incredibly optomistic, constantly telling herself and others "It could always be worse!" Even to the point she becomes a nuisance. She has a habit of chewing her fingernails, so they are always bitten to the quick. When you look at her first aid kit, you'll realize she's a bit paranoid, but she's prepared for almost anything because of it.

Personal items:

A packet of 24 pads (not that time yet, but she doesn't keep track. X.x Why so many? She got lazy and threw the whole package in!)
Travel Bathroom case (Toothbrush,toothpaste,washcloth,deodorant,razor, pocket-pack of tissues,comb,hair-ties)
Extra clothing
Light rain jacket
A few ramen cups
First aid kit (bandaids, 50ft of bandages(gauze, rolled tight), two butterfly bandages, two small tubes of antibiotic ointment, one cold pack, tweezers, 5 pairs of vinyl gloves, one EpiPen(no allergies, but it could come in handy), 5 needles with 3ft thread each(factory cleaned and packaged))
A college-ruled notebook
Four Pens

Wallet with small amount of money

Sample RP:

(I'll do this in a day or so, just didn't want to lose the info I'd put on the old forums. ^^*))
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