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Name: Nakashima, Kenta
Age: 15
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black, very short
Weight:120 kg
Physical Description: Very muscular and strong for his age, has a mature face and no other qualities that really stand out.
Personality: Crazy but pretends to be mentally stable
Personal History:
Kenta was once from a pretty normal family, both parents work, sister is in college, and Kenta is pretty ok at school. He is currently 15 years old, attending 9th grade. Kenta went to a good school and had a fair amount of good friends. All was well in his life, until he discovered that his sister had died. Apparently she was murdered and raped by an unkowned man who was able to escape. Kenta and his family were very depressed for a while, but one day, Kenta was on his dad's computer, looking at photos of his sister from the vacations he and the family used to go on. Kenta was forbidden from using his father's computer, also the computer needed a password only his father knew in order to access it, but Kenta would soon discover the horrifying truth about why his dad did this. Kenta's father, who had forgotten to log out of the computer, was out at work, during this, Kenta was shocked to discover nude photos of young girls on the computer, some of which he used to know. Even more horrifying, Kenta found out that his dad was a pedophille-serial killer who muredered his sister after she discovered his father's terrible secret, just then his dad walked into the room with a carving knife, fully aware that his son learned the awful truth. Kenta's dad lunged at him, but Kenta, using his incredible strength, lifted the moniter and smashed it into his father's face. Kenta then grabbed his dad's knife, then brutally murdered him. He then ran into his parents bedroom where his mom was, and also murdered her. At this point, the recently stable and happy Kenta had snapped and became utterly insane. However, by the time the police arrived, Kenta changed the scene to make it appear as if Kenta's dad murdered his mom, then Kenta killed him in self defense. With that, Kenta went to live with his uncle, still going to school, occasinally doing what his father did, murdering and raping innocent women, but still making it appear as though he were the same normal child as before the horrifying incident.

Personal items: A butterfly knife that Kenta frequently uses to murder his victims.

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