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Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
i watched the movie this weekend, and I thought it did a good job with it. Obviously all the character development got cut down, but some good characters were barely there. THe scene with shinji had an interesting change, and mitsuko vs. Kazuo went even better then in the book.Shuya was cut down a lot, but i liked the new teacher better. Thats what i got out of it. Oh yeah... Kazuo = Sephiroth, and Shogo is a japanese Rambo.

Story Continued
Hirkaro slinked into school about ten minites before the first class. Being alone in the halls was risky. He had eaten a breakfast he made for himself and his Brother, who proclaimed it awfull but ate it anyway. He fed Aniki and said goodbye, picked up his bookbag and set out for school. His mother and Father were alreay gone, so he left withoout a further word. His brother would leave a few minutes later, but for now, the day was peaceful.

He got to school and quietly moved into his history class with a few minites to spare. He sat down in the center row, fourth seat. Not in the delinquent back, but not in the visible good student zone. He set his pencils in his usual ritual and smiled gently. He looked up sharply when an adult entered the room. This wasnt his teacher. Who could it be? A wave of fear passed through him. Could he have been ratted out? Was this man after a classmate? He began to spin a pencil slowly from nervous energy. When he found out His teacher was dead, he dropped his pencil from shock.

History was one of his favorite classes, because of his teacher. His teacher was a man much like himself, quiet, a reader, kind. Much too Kind for this country. He was sure the "death in the family" meant he was somewhere in the waterfront with cement shoes, like in the old American Mafia novels. He clung to a shred of hope that someone else in his family was dead, and that he would be back next year. Thats all you could do in this country- cling to the small things and to what hope you could.

Hikaro saw Kira also seem disgusted by this new man, obviously more "Government sanctioned" then their old teacher. He offered a silent tribute, one that only kira was meant to hear in a silent murmur as the teacher made up lies about America. "Smart lad, to slip betimes away/From fields where glory does not stay/And early though the laurel grows/It whithers quicker than the rose."

He then closed his eyes, his mind far frm the lecture, more focused on the sound a switchblade makes when its sharpened on a desk coming from the back of the room. That boy hadnt forgotten about him. Wow, a great freaking cap to a great day.

Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
thanks ^^

Story Continued
Hikaro got home safely, Beyond his wildest hope. He quickly scooted up to his room, dodging a book is brother threw at him as he entered.

"Pick up your things idiot! Im not your maid..."

"Sorry brother, sorry!"

Hikaro scooted up to his room and shut the door. His room was one of the few safe places he knew in his life of fear and lonliness. He Set downn his stack of manga and his new book, then put away the older book on the bookshelf by the wall. His room was small, very small, but Hikaro did not need much. Closet, Desk, Bed, bookshelf, with the desk facing out the window. His bookshelf was next to his Desk, and His bed was parallel to these. His closet was right next to the door. He settled down with Aniki and began to read, building himself a shelter. HE read until he was tired, and then tucked himself in, Anki right by his side. "...maybe...tomorrow." He smiled. Tomorrow was always another day, another opportunity to make a friend. He a thppught rang sharp through his head. "Am I crazy...? or...am I the only sane one?" He shook it off and went to sleep.

Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
anyone know where I can see the movie? I have been lookng for it for a while...

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