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So yeah
as lomg as someone else is posting ill keep posting...

So yeah
I say we stay patient and keep posting...but I too would like to see some pace build here...or at least let us know that they cant do this.

Story Continued
As the school day finally ended after what felt like an eternity, Hikaro scurried out and into the streets. He was moving quickly in a rush to put distance between himself and the school as those thugs would be coming out soon, and would probably be looking for him. He sighed as he got on the bus and sat in the front, obstructed by a strategic placement of his bag. He was safe, for now. He allowed himself a smile, as he headed for home, only to drop off his bags and pick up some money however. A new shipment of books would be arriving tonight, and he would want to pick through them, grab any rarities from the old bookseller. Hikaro thought it prudent to not carry money on himself, if it became a habit he would be shaken down much less.

He made to the small house that was his home on foot, relaxing the slightest bit. crime was not very high in his neighborhood,and those crazy punks wouldnt know to look here. He unlocked the door and was greeted by excited barks and a very happy Dog. "Hey Aniki!" he smiled happily and hugged his dog. "how you been boy?" Aniki wagged his tail and licked Hikaro a bunch of times.

Hikaro loved his dog very much...He was his best friend in the whole world. His only real friend, but what of that? He was caring and a good listener. Hikaro wished feverently that more people were like Aniki.

From the living room a sneaker flew at him. "Quiet your dog, Book-boy!"

"Sorry brother...you didnt let him out?"

"No, hes your dog! shut up im watching this..."

His brother was a jerk, but he was a popular jerk. Baseball team for 4 years straight, playing third base. He would often start, too. Hikaro let his dog out, cleaned up, and put away his school things, leaving his uniform on. He picked up a small wad of bills and walked down the street. It was a nice peacefull evening. He made it to the book store, a shop on a busy street and nodded to the shop owner who smiled back at him. Hikaro was the man's best buisness these days. "New shipment yet Old Man?"

"Right here Hikaro...how many of them you want?"

"ummm..." hikaro did the math. he put down a wad of bills. "I want volumes...15 through 18 please." The man wrapped them up and set them down for him. "see you next week Hikaro!"

Hikaro walked out into the street in enough time to see some thugs getting beaten further down the street by someone. Hikaro shrugged, not wanting to get invoved, especially when the sirens started. He moved down the street a bit faster. Time to go...

I have a question...
Excuse me, buti have a few questions...

1) Do we use japanesee honorifics? (-san, -kun, -chan, -sensei)
This would be helpful to know.

2) how exactly does combat work in game? I havent seen to much on the actual in combat rules, and would like to know this before we begin...

Thank you!

Story Continued
As the physics period continued, about 10 minutes into the period with no sign of Kira, Hikaro felt a little worried. Was he ok? sick? He hoped he was alright. He already knew most of this physics stuff, and he was a little more concerned at the moment with those thuggish looking kids who would glance back every once and a while, and look directly at him with murder in their eyes. One kid with a scar on his cheek especially kept looking back, glaring with a murderous grin, and out of sight from the teacher, flicking out a knife. Hikaro felt a pang of fear.

They were after him again.

He shook his head to clear it, trying to focus. Hikaro was suddenly glad he had brought that hardcover Copy of The Illiad to school with him. It had a thick cover, very sharp corners, and it weighed a lot, enough for it to be used as a weapon. Not his weapon on of choice, but it would do. He sighed inwardly. It was supposed to be a good day.

Officially, fighting was barred in the school. Unoficially, as long as no one died, you could get away with murder. He smiled a bit at his bad joke. he tried to focus on the lesson.

"...and that however, Newton's third law of motion is the simples of all..."

"every action has an equal and opposite reaction" Hikaro thought. He had read this all before...

and the period continued.

I dont have any specific ideas...butill play in whatever comes up. The only genre i dont want to play is horror, sadly.

Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
Alright, so I wondered which of these was your favorite. The Book, the movie, or the manga?

my personal favorite was the book.

The Waltz of Life
Hikaro was running late.

He ran Frantically, his bag in his left hand pumping it as he sprinted. Not only could this be awfull for his attendence Record, which up until today had been perfect this year, but he would stick out. Sticking out was not somthing it would be wise for him to do. He cursed his bag's weight. WHy did he pack so many books?

He sprinted through the school yard and made it into his classrom and slid into his seat. He allowed himself a releived simle. He wouldnt be Late Today. He began his daily pencil ritual, testing their sharpness and earser quality, then lining them up into a row of three. He was ready for the day now. He scanned his classmates. What wrer they thinking as they began their day? He inwardly shrugged. Not his Buisness anyway.

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