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Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
I watched it on YouTube. It's in parts, but several people have it in playlists, so it shouldn't be hard to find a good cut of it.

Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
I agree, I found the Manga a bit lacking, and the portrayal of the Program being turned into a reality television show was annoying. It failed to capture the spirit of the program. I felt that the movie was a fabulous adaptation that told the story well in the allotted time. The only thing I disliked was that some characters were glossed over, or completely changed. Sho, the gay boy, his death was almost like really morbid comic relief. Niida, was an evil bastard who I found worse than Kiriyama. Books have that advantage, but the film was well done.

I suppose a general Horror board might be interesting, if anybody else likes the idea we might see about including it.

Hamamiya, Ai
I shouldn't approve my own character, so I'm gonna wait for Tara...

Audition: Kira Nakamura
Auditions are only necessary if you wish to play as a Sign-Up player, and we don't grant those often. It's our hope that everybody play as a normal student. I can approve this as a normal student bio, but should you wish to play as a Sign-Up player, we can discuss that further.

Girl 1 : Ehara Gina

Name: Ehara Gina
Age: 15
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long Black hair that is always kept up in a ponytail, unless on formal occasions.
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 59 kg

Physical Description: Ehara is a very pretty girl, but she doesn't flaunt her body like some of the other girls do. She wears clothes that don't reveal any skin (sorry boys). Her hair extends to just below her shoulders, but it is always kept up in a ponytail, unless on formal occasions. She has worn glasses ever since she was five, after she started having problems with her sight. She has an average sized bust that is always covered by an abundance of clothes. She has radiating green eyes that can make any boy look twice, though she doesn't use her body to get what she wants.

Personality: Ehara is very quiet and doesn't talk to anybody but the teachers (she will only talk to her fellow students when she has to). She isn't shy, she just prefers to be by herself all the time, trying hard to avoid crowds. She has no friends and the only people she talks to on a regular basis are her aunt and her cousin. She is in no cliques or groups in the school and is commonly just refered to as 'the girl in the corner'.

Personal History: When Ehara was 12, a group of government agents kicked the door down of her family home and shot her parents dead, right in front of her as she was eating breakfast. Ever since then she has been living with her aunt and her younger cousin in a new town. She has vowed that when she is old enough, she will lead the resistance against the government and will someday cripple it into oblivion, avenging her parents and any other innocent people that have lost their lifes at the hands of the government. Ehara's aunt is very worried about her, oblivious to her future plans, and is trying her best to raise Ehara as if she is her own daughter.

Other: Ehara is never seen anywhere without her journal and her ipod. Whenever she is pissed off or upset, all she needs to do is write a short entry in her journal to calm herself down. Ehara never wears any make up or decorates her nails, unless on those very rare formal occasions. Ehara has to wear her glasses all the time and is often teased by the other girls because of them, but she just ignores them, paying no heed to their insults.

Personal items: A spare change of clothes, her journal (so she has something to do on the trip), a 5 pack of pens ( x2 Blue, x2 Black and x1 Red, so she can write in her journal), her ipod (so she doesn't have to have listen to her classmates continuos bitching and gossiping) and feminine products.

Ehara, Gina
I like it, and I'm excited to have another girl on board. Since I've played with you before, I don't really need to see a RP sample. Welcome to the Class.

I have a question...
You may use Japanese honorifics if you wish, provided that they are used appropriately. Like with Sensei, it is not needed, since it means Teacher. The other suffixes add some flavour, and may be used or not.

Combat shall follow a hit-point system developed by Tara. At its core, it is simple subtraction to determine the winner. Hit points are determined by total word count, which is why it is advantageous for you to do a lot of pregame role playing. Changes will be made to factor in weaponry and such, but a player with a paper fan can still kill the boy with the Ingram if s/he is creative enough.

We welcome suggestions, and will gladly take them into consideration.

Well...Tara might growl at you, but I'll listen :D

So yeah
Keep in mind that we have exams to study for and lives to live. Tara is currently putting together a new map, so that we don't have to play on the island from the movie again. We encourage a lot of pre-game character development. In the mean time, please just be patient and keep posting.

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