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Battle Royale: Book, Manga or Movie?
Book, no question.

Boy #1: Kyonshee Hikaro
Name: Kyonshee Hikaro
Age: 15
Eyes: a deep green
Hair: Brown, shaggy with an even cut over his forehead.
Height: 5'5'
Weight: 142 pounds
Physical Description: Hikaro has horrible posture. His face is relatively clear for a 15 year old, meaning he has very little acne. His teeth are nice, but not incredibly so. He is a scrawny looking kid, his build more of a dancers then a warrior. His clothing is very haphazard looking, as if he pulled random clothes out of his closet, although his school uniform is very neat looking. He is left Handed.

Personality: Hikaro is rather shy usually, but willing to open up to almost anyone. He has a hard time talking to girls and making eye contact. He s characterized by most people as the "Smiley Kid" He is very chivalrous and willing to defend anyone who needs it. He hates people who prey on the weak or use others viciously, and only at that time does he drop his usual cheerful disposition. He has very low self esteem.

Personal History: Hikaro was bullied throughout his childhood by thugs in and near his school. He had no friends and delved into books to keep himself sane, and developed excellent survival skills by dodging bullies all the time. Around eight he got his Dog Aniki, who until he started to make friends was his best Friend. When he was around ten, he discovered the art of Kendo and fell in love with it. Soon afterwards the thugs started to leave him alone, telling to each other in whispers of a totally unbelievable tale of kind, shy Hikaro and some pencils and a textbook. His Family includes his Father, Ryoku Kyonshee, and his mother Misao Kyonshee, and his older brother Genji, who makes fun of his younger brother constantly.

Personal items: Hikaro's Bag includes-
1) 2 sets of clothing- he does not need much, but his mother insisted on three full sets of clothing.
2) His Lucky left handed Kendo glove- Hikaro can barely sleep without his trusty glove, one he wore throughout his short kendo career.
3) a journal and six pencils- Hikaro is the Literary type, and spends time working on stories and poems.
4) A small camera- Hikaro's father gave him a disposable for the trip.
5) A stack of books, including A book of five rings By: Musashi Miyamoto, an imported poem anthology, a black market copy of Lord of The Rings (a treasured favorite) and a few manga volumes of his favorite series, unread.

Aya Kanagawa
Liking it very much, I'm looking forward to having her aboard. I've got no notes for this one. Give us a sample and I can approve this right away.

Nakashima, Kenta
Interesting story, though I would like to suggest a few things. Put your information in the standard format, as outlined in "Read First". Also, a roleplaying sample post is requested. Perhaps play out the details of that night. Your character is really hard to believe, so I would consider editing his story. I have no problem with him being a little unbalanced, but it's very doubtful that a student would be able to function at all with this kind of past. I would strongly consider taking out the killings. Kiriyama hadn't even killed anybody before the game. Work this over a bit, and we'll go from there.

Also, run things through spell check before posting, it makes reading a bit easier, and we can assist you better that way.

Read First
Okay, so you want to create a character to play in the Program. Great! Follow this format for character creation.

All characters are residents of Japan. America is considered an enemy state in this game and thus no Westerners shall be found among our characters. Characters will be in 9th grade, and thus generally assumed to be around age 15. 14 and 16 are not unheard of, but be prepared to explain your circumstances if anything doesn't quite fit. We encourage creativity, but we also want these characters to be believable. If you need help or ideas, check the roleplaying guides. If you still need help, message either Tara or myself and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Name: (Last name, First Name)
Age: (You will be a ninth grader, so 15 is average)
Eyes: (color)
Hair: (color, style)
Physical Description: (tell us a little bit about how your character looks. Keep in mind that he/she is 15ish)
Personality: (is she nice to everybody, is he constantly stressed? Tell us how you operate.)
Personal History: (tell us a little bit about your character's background. As a courtesy to other players, don't use names without permission, but feel free to develop stories with each other)
Other: (anything you feel may be important to your character that hasn't already been covered. Habits, nervous tics, extracurricular activities, etc)

Personal items: (since your character is planning to be going on a trip, you will be allowed to have a bag filled with some personal affects. Assume that bags will be checked, and weapons/drugs/alcohol/porno mags, will be confiscated. Basically, every item should have a reason for being there. If you have questions, ask an admin. Not saying that you can't pack them, but don't be surprised if they disappear.)

Also, all new players are encouraged to submit a writing sample, from another RPG if you like, or you can write a post with the character you are submitting.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

Ai's Diary - Private
Dear Diary,

Our Class Trip is approaching. Soon my compulsory education will be at an end. Of course I plan to go on to high school after this. So I guess it's not really as big a deal for me as it will be for some of the others, but then again, it is the last time we'll all be together. It's exciting. Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet Tomoko at the coffee shop after school. We were in the same class two years ago, but then she got moved to Class B, so we don't see each other as much. The trip won't be as much fun without her around to talk about boys with, but we can still do stuff after school, and we'll be going to the same high school.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed. I have stayed up too late already, and I have a busy day tomorrow.


Hamamiya, Ai
Name: Hamamiya, Ai
Age: 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, straight
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Physical Description: Hamamiya is an attractive girl with long legs and a face most would describe as angelic. Her hair extends to the middle of her back, and she has a rather well developed bust for somebody her age. There is a fierceness in her eyes, despite her easy good looks and soft appearance.
Personality: Hamamiya can be catty and sarcastic, but is generally willing to live and let live. When she has wronged somebody, a sigh and smile is usually enough to erase the memory of the transgression.
Personal History: Hamamiya is well aware of how attractive she is and has used that to her advantage, charming her way out of trouble, and performing sexual favors for teachers when her grades need a bit of a boosting. Besides her loose sexuality, she has lived a fairly standard life, coming from a well-off family and enjoying a fair amount of popularity.
Other: Hamamiya keeps her nails long and sharp, typically painted red. Most are wise to think before crossing her, but some have been known to walk away with nice little scratches on their faces.

Personal items: Vanity kit (pocket mirror, basic cosmetics, brush, hairspray, nail file), two full changes of clothes, feminine products

Currently there is just one non-BR roleplaying board, but if enough interest is expressed we may open up sub boards such as Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.

Submit suggestions here, and if it seems like a good idea we'll make a sub-board :D

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