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Message Board Disclaimer:

This board is not hidden from the general public, though a person has to request to become a member. Because the board isn't hidden, DO NOT write your home/work/school/whatever address in a forum. If I see this, I will delete it immediately. I am concerned with everyone's safety, so please trade addresses in personal chat or email.

I have made it a join by request board because I don't want to allow trolls or spammers the open opportunity to attack the board.

This was made as an easier means of communication among members of the group. Joining is optional, and you can chose to only communicate via email. Now, for some rules:

- RESPECT EVERYONE! I do not want to see any political or religious discussions. I don't want to see anyone get attacked for the color of their skin, who they chose to be in a relationship with, what they believe and how they chose to believe it.
- Do not harass people in personal message (PM). If you feel like you are being harassed, please show me the proof. If you are harassing, you will get one chance to stop unless the victim genuinely feels personally threatened. That behavior or multiple infractions result in banning from the board and a discussion among the rest of the circle members whether you will be allowed to retain your membership.
- Do not spam
- Do not try to promote any personal ventures or work unless it has been cleared by me first. The point is what we want to accomplish, not any other agenda.

General bartering rules (also on the webpage. Figured I'd post it here in case someone missed it):
-Whatever us bartered has to be of equivalent value, unless there is a prior agreement between the two parties
-If you use pesticides, please disclose
-If you have fruits or veggies, make sure none are bruised, rotten, etc
-If you are working in a kitchen, please keep it clean. Yes, this is totally obvious, but make sure no cats are walking on the counters while you're working on something and try to disinfect as frequently as possible
-Do not bring up politics or religion
-Respect everyone, no matter your differences
-Selling stuff is not allowed due to public health regulations. Your kitchen has to be licensed to do so. If you chose to sell things, it has nothing to do with me or this group

So aside from all of this, please have fun and work with each other to make this a great thing!