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Mission Statement
Topic Started: Dec 1 2008, 11:12 AM (3,046 Views)
Racial Reality
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It all began in 2003 with Dodona, the web's first human biodiversity forum, conceived by Dienekes, Alex and myself, and brought to life by Dienekes with the help of AWAR. It was a runaway success, and when it shut down a few years later, it spawned several imitators. These have had varying degrees of success over the years, but eventually all either succumbed in their own right or strayed considerably from the initial model.

Now, with many forum-goers left homeless, dissatisfied or just feeling nostalgic for the old days, the team that created the original has jumped back into the game with a new name, new software and a hope of recapturing the magic of the past and maybe even attaining greater heights. We want to bring back that ambitious spirit of free speech, serious discussion, learning and camaraderie that made Dodona so successful and beloved.

So everyone who has an interest in biological and social anthropology is invited to come join in the discussion and help us build a great community.
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