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Black couple have a white baby
Topic Started: Aug 9 2010, 02:18 PM (2,372 Views)
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Black Nigerian couple produce a white baby girl. No bull.

Although if you check up on this (although a lot of articles claim otherwise) albinism hasn't been ruled out. So its the texture of the hair thats a bit of an oddity. If you get a good look at some of the other images you can see she has African features

Apparently the father's mother has blue eyes. I've checked some images, and African albinos often have non-pink eyes, so again back to some form of albinism. It must have been a shock to see. I'm not sure if the eyes will be blue long term.
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One other comment- I've seen a mulatto child (father from W Africa with the blackest skin ever) who had stereotypically mulatto hair and facial features but with almost bone white skin- she was paler than her British mother but with black hair and eyes. I think there may be some mutation other than albinism at work in West Africans that allows these odd effects occasionally.
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