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Thangachi Today, 4:44 PM inglorious basterds
Syojhan Today, 4:19 PM I couldn't find
Syojhan Today, 4:18 PM Meh
Elroi Today, 10:42 AM You know them personally?
Tatsukawa Today, 10:22 AM sorry i wanted to write"we had more seduction lovers")
Tatsukawa Today, 10:21 AM thnx to the politicians.i had more native seduction lovers than syrians.And now we have more)))))))
Syojhan Today, 10:12 AM I may open a thread with their photos after I beat them
Syojhan Today, 10:11 AM Haha, I just learned that two Syrians harassed my sister
OJD Yesterday, 11:54 PM Haters will say its roids
Kossomakologist Yesterday, 11:49 PM Rip
Crimson Guard Yesterday, 11:37 PM http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/06/22/instagram-fitness-star-killed-exploding-whipped-cream-container/
Nvard Yesterday, 10:25 PM Whats ur name? And where is the money
Thangachi Yesterday, 10:25 PM the lord of all the earth
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:24 PM who am i?
Thangachi Yesterday, 10:23 PM gnite, don't let the bedouins bite
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:22 PM good night and happy birthday
Ilham Yesterday, 10:20 PM The newest member is Suburban Gal.
Nvard Yesterday, 10:20 PM Thangachi yeah,now he can legally be seduced by his general
Elroi Yesterday, 10:20 PM Good night bro and sis and other people
Elroi Yesterday, 10:20 PM Det so cute
Ilham Yesterday, 10:19 PM Good night, Elroi. Have a nice dream, or nightmare if you want to. :)
Thangachi Yesterday, 10:18 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84DLT4yRcy4 the feels you get when u realize Elroi aint so little anymore
Elroi Yesterday, 10:18 PM Ty Nva :)
Elroi Yesterday, 10:18 PM Okay I am off good night everyone and remember tomorow the \Hebrew date ;)
Nvard Yesterday, 10:17 PM Happy birthday to uuu
Ilham Yesterday, 10:16 PM Yes.
Elroi Yesterday, 10:15 PM Happy birthday?
Elroi Yesterday, 10:14 PM HBD?
Ilham Yesterday, 10:14 PM HBD Elroi.
Elroi Yesterday, 10:13 PM It dosn't make you cool Peachy JustSaying#
Elroi Yesterday, 10:12 PM Maybe I will do something temorow with my birthday except eating pizza
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:12 PM define birthday when I'll be out
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:12 PM okkay, I'm going to smoke
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:11 PM of course
Elroi Yesterday, 10:10 PM Happy birthday?
Ilham Yesterday, 10:09 PM Antropope, let's join here.
Elroi Yesterday, 10:09 PM wat
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:08 PM Now i read the shoutbox to understand the things. it had a Good Will Hunting feel
jesus Yesterday, 10:07 PM Qosova
Elroi Yesterday, 10:06 PM Like in this song(not so know song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk
Ilham Yesterday, 10:06 PM I notice. Albanian language consists so much "Q".
Ziun Yesterday, 10:06 PM Hi
Ilham Yesterday, 10:05 PM Dancing? Good idea.
jesus Yesterday, 10:05 PM G thong
Elroi Yesterday, 10:05 PM Liar
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:05 PM yes, i think
Elroi Yesterday, 10:04 PM 'I am the only one who read it in dirty way?
Elroi Yesterday, 10:04 PM Bye Gjong
Peachmelba Yesterday, 10:04 PM i don't know
Elroi Yesterday, 10:03 PM wat