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peaches0208 23 minutes ago Sog ??
peaches0208 35 minutes ago Any don’t care even if it is on the graveyard
peaches0208 37 minutes ago I am awake too at that time might aswell get a job during those hours and sleep during the day then at least I have a income since I don’t work at the moment
peaches0208 38 minutes ago I might do it because of my crazy sleeping problems
Sog 42 minutes ago Midnight shift. Beware of witches and spirits.
peaches0208 42 minutes ago How was it tell me how it made you feel did you enjoy the shifts anything’ good or bad share please
peaches0208 45 minutes ago Anyone ever tried nights where you start work at 10 and finish at 7
peaches0208 46 minutes ago What you guys think of working night shift for someone like me
Ashina 47 minutes ago but anyway i'll read it tomorrow if you'll answer, have to get to bed. i hate working, i hate having jobbbb
Ashina 47 minutes ago or they just dont care about marriage?
Ashina 48 minutes ago hmm, all late bloomers.
peaches0208 48 minutes ago And a few younger
peaches0208 48 minutes ago Only by a few years 4 years and 2 and a half
Ashina 49 minutes ago you have siblings older than you?
peaches0208 50 minutes ago No
Ashina 50 minutes ago are none of your siblings married?
Yung Gjon 51 minutes ago Rest in peace
Ashina 52 minutes ago yes, i remember it clearly. we had quite a convo about it
peaches0208 52 minutes ago U remember telling you this ashina when he recently died
lqa3 52 minutes ago My condoleances peaches
Ashina 53 minutes ago rest in peace, peaches
lqa3 53 minutes ago Mmmmm delicious https://youtu.be/X1mE2IWeamI
lqa3 54 minutes ago Noodles are good, instant ones not very healthy
Ashina 55 minutes ago noodles > everyone else
Ashina 56 minutes ago actually it says that those women are also more likely to be obese, so plz
Yung Gjon 56 minutes ago Diabetes is not hereditary but it's definitely linked to family history. I think but donut quote me on that
Ashina 57 minutes ago nothing is mentioned about the weight of those women, ;qa
Yung Gjon 57 minutes ago But we're used to that
Yung Gjon 57 minutes ago In industrializing cuntrees they're having diabetes epidemics thanks to exported murican fast food
peaches0208 57 minutes ago Instead of water
peaches0208 58 minutes ago And oats maybe I should start cooking my oats in milk again
Yung Gjon 58 minutes ago Especially if you come from cultures that have cuisines full of things that are diabetes-y. Our ancestors eating like pigs make us a bit more resistent to diabetes
lqa3 58 minutes ago https://www.diabetes.co.uk/news/2014/Aug/Instant-noodles-linked-to-type-2-diabetes-in-women-93477810.html
peaches0208 58 minutes ago not really I prefer my sweet potatoes and tinned sardines instead
Ashina Today, 12:50 AM i've never seen anyone with a normal weight getting diabetes randomly just by eating noodles lmao
peaches0208 Today, 12:50 AM Only had them twice
Yung Gjon Today, 12:49 AM Well peachez, I am not surprised that you got drawn to them
lqa3 Today, 12:49 AM Instant noodles are cheap student food that increase ur risks of cholesterol and diabetes
peaches0208 Today, 12:49 AM Maybe those noodles are a bad idea for me lmao
peaches0208 Today, 12:48 AM Lol ashina add a lot of salt and spices to it and eating them will be decent
Yung Gjon Today, 12:48 AM https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/how-to-cook-and-like-shirataki-noodles
Ashina Today, 12:48 AM i will try it yungg
Yung Gjon Today, 12:48 AM "There are 4 kcal and ~ 1 gram of net carbs per 100 g / 3.5 oz of shirataki noodles."
Yung Gjon Today, 12:47 AM I personally don't like it but it's worth a try I guess since if you like them you can literally eat it every day without stacking up cals
Ashina Today, 12:47 AM i need this in my laif omg
peaches0208 Today, 12:47 AM And end up quite nice
peaches0208 Today, 12:46 AM No I had them twice they absorb whatever flavour you cook them in
Yung Gjon Today, 12:46 AM Here Ashina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirataki_noodles
Ashina Today, 12:46 AM until you want kids :P
peaches0208 Today, 12:46 AM Well I wanted to try out noodles without all the nasty ingredients