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vin Today, 11:28 PM @woods escorts can get expensive,even if you choose that lifestyle
catman savastano Today, 9:57 PM lol
Crimson Guard Today, 9:52 PM I gave this chick a penetrating analysis the other night
the_woods Today, 8:05 PM No! You MUST check out my thread before my colleague's thread. Mine contains hard-hitting analysis, Jalu, and Pink Floyd lyrics.
Florstadt Today, 6:43 PM http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8134722/
the_woods Today, 5:27 PM Check out my hard-hitting analysis on whether or not US President Trump will resign his post.
the_woods Today, 4:12 PM Vin: why try so hard to be rich? Alcohol is cheap and so is Xbox. Once you have a low pressure job that supports that there is no reason to fight to obtain more.
MrGroves Today, 3:45 PM a sophisticated approach to life indeed :lol:
vin Today, 3:44 PM ergo get rich
MrGroves Today, 3:42 PM or use an escort if need be
vin Today, 3:42 PM basically take what you can get or try your hardest to get rich
MrGroves Today, 3:40 PM of your desire for 'poon' i have no doubt
vin Today, 3:40 PM but that's a pipe dream for most guys
vin Today, 3:39 PM & i want poon everyday ofc
MrGroves Today, 3:37 PM oh
vin Today, 3:36 PM long term relationships. like gfs
MrGroves Today, 3:34 PM LTRs?
MrGroves Today, 3:34 PM how 'regular' of a basis do you want this?
vin Today, 3:34 PM anything that comes with like LTRs i couldn't care less for
MrGroves Today, 3:34 PM well all the more power i guess
vin Today, 3:32 PM alls I want is to get poon from decent chicks on a regular basis
vin Today, 3:31 PM as far as dating goes I have no interest
MrGroves Today, 3:29 PM for women moreso
vin Today, 3:29 PM looks do help in facets other than courtship however
vin Today, 3:29 PM semijoking comment
MrGroves Today, 3:24 PM so no need to worry about pulling off the 'hunk' game
vin Today, 3:24 PM that'd p much be ideal
MrGroves Today, 3:14 PM i thought you're never gonna date or something?
MrGroves Today, 3:14 PM lmao
vin Today, 3:13 PM its basically a prerequisite if you want to pull off swarthy hunk game.
vin Today, 3:12 PM 5'o clock shadow™ is ideal anyways
MrGroves Today, 2:39 PM yeah but those leave a bunch of stubble on your face, and for me it's as if i didn't shave at all :P
MrGroves Today, 2:38 PM MG rather :)
catman savastano Today, 2:37 PM just use a stubble trimmer mcgroves..they're much easier on your skin
catman savastano Today, 2:37 PM i have the same problem CG :)
MrGroves Today, 2:37 PM bugger, this shaving cut on my jaw just will not go away
Crimson Guard Today, 2:08 PM 19 and 20 year old girls always assume I am in my mid 20's, its a blessing and a curse. ;)
MrGroves Today, 1:53 PM you'll be saying that when you're 90 right? :D
catman savastano Today, 1:50 PM im 28 fella ...give or take a few years :)
MrGroves Today, 1:35 PM and less than half your age at that :D
MrGroves Today, 1:34 PM lmao
catman savastano Today, 1:20 PM i wanna marry cvolty...that girl is a facking goddess
Florstadt Today, 11:09 AM http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8133630/
Oscetel Today, 5:59 AM I cud had lee breave, o law I cud nat breave, hev marcy
Thangachi Today, 5:22 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ta--QeqWCs ain't nobody handlin it better than shirlee
Oscetel Today, 3:49 AM you know what, I bet I can handle it better than most
Oscetel Today, 3:48 AM hot and humid, the bane of oscetel
Thangachi Today, 2:26 AM umm you can put your shakazulu back in yo pants thank you
Serial killer Today, 12:06 AM Wuwuwuwjwwjw
Dominicanese Yesterday, 11:23 PM lets fuck guys