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Oscetel Today, 1:56 AM Going to Stanley motel in April, trying to get room 217
Nvard Today, 12:21 AM Balďur yeah, its Greek, with an accent though :)
Mirror Today, 12:14 AM A thread dedicated for liver eaters http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8180585/1/
Vukodav Today, 11:59 PM fuuk, I need to start the new season asap
Baldur Today, 11:30 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8_IR87ceso
Baldur Today, 11:30 PM Have you seen the new episode Nvard I wondered if it was greek they spoke in the last episode
Baldur Today, 11:26 PM A lot of tragedies
Nvard Today, 11:23 PM Dat tragic
jesus Today, 11:22 PM Pics or it didn't happen
Baldur Today, 11:21 PM he became a rasta man on the sea LOL
Baldur Today, 11:20 PM Björn Ironside has finally reached the meditterreanan https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQtIWZlX4Ac4Lxm.jpg
FaerieQueene Today, 11:20 PM Lol
Vukodav Today, 11:10 PM I'm sure that Assyrian wamen have
jesus Today, 11:04 PM Do Aramaean girls have thicc booties
Vukodav Today, 10:58 PM im guessing you're not a cvolt eather, FQ?
FaerieQueene Today, 10:57 PM I'm Aramaean
Vukodav Today, 10:56 PM jesus
FaerieQueene Today, 10:56 PM My dad isn't Arab
jesus Today, 10:55 PM Shut the vuck up
Vukodav Today, 10:54 PM Is sikeliot still a male?
Ziun Today, 10:53 PM sikeliot told me so
Ziun Today, 10:53 PM only northern greeks. pure greeks are wog shepards
jesus Today, 10:53 PM Greeks have some sexy Slavic admix
Ziun Today, 10:52 PM on many pca greeks are intermediate between serbs and levantines
Vukodav Today, 10:51 PM 50%Sorb 50% Serb. basically 100% Serb of sorts
Ziun Today, 10:50 PM greeks = lebanese + serbians
jesus Today, 10:50 PM 88% Swedish 12% Syrian
Vukodav Today, 10:49 PM Albo or Greek, not Arab
Ziun Today, 10:49 PM ayrab for sure
jesus Today, 10:49 PM Her dad is Arab
catman savastano Today, 10:47 PM what calculator showed that ?
Ziun Today, 10:46 PM swedes got some me for a reason u know
jesus Today, 10:45 PM Can't believe cvolt is more ME than catman
jesus Today, 10:42 PM It's the other way around catman. I'm high on buttcoins
catman savastano Today, 10:42 PM jesus is morphing into me :)
Vukodav Today, 10:41 PM you are very generous, jesus.
jesus Today, 10:37 PM I can donate I'm healthy, high IQ, high testosterone, high jizz quality, gentleman but warlike at the same time
jesus Today, 10:36 PM Did you get pregnant from poking holes in his condoms
FaerieQueene Today, 10:34 PM Not yet
Nvard Today, 10:33 PM Wedding yaaaay
jesus Today, 10:29 PM Did u get married
FaerieQueene Today, 10:16 PM Jesus be punkin out
catman savastano Today, 10:12 PM sooner or later they'll get relegated .. i remember them as being the big german clun in the early 80s and one of the biggest clubs in the world in those long gone days
Baldur Today, 10:08 PM lol yeah they will never be a top club again
catman savastano Today, 10:07 PM hamburg losing again bruv :(
Baldur Today, 10:02 PM lol the president of St Etienne just went out to the pitch to complain about the referee for sending his goalkeeper of lol
catman savastano Today, 10:00 PM taylor match starting now
catman savastano Today, 9:53 PM a legend...but defo no gentleman ;lol
Baldur Today, 9:53 PM a true legend and gentleman
catman savastano Today, 9:53 PM http://vipbox.so/others/watch-2b5112-darts-world-championship?l=3581423718