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Elroi 17 minutes ago Also it shows that the way you look not always tell about your ancestry
Elroi 19 minutes ago There is also other effects that I believe effect the way they look other then mixing
Elroi 20 minutes ago But other then that let's say 97% are fully Jewish
Elroi 20 minutes ago Most of jews are fully in terms of recent ancestry except some jews from east Europe usually the one who come more late are mixed like half Jewish, around half of the jews from east Europe who come in the recent 20 years are half jews
Elroi 23 minutes ago Jews didn't tend to mixed unless they convert there is some places that it wasn't was allowed so there places that the Jewish pupolitan is probably more Jewish people at least don't have mixes or recent migrants
Ianus 26 minutes ago Surely Jews mixed with people of places they stayed
henrywotton 28 minutes ago proof that Jews are Central Eu, imho
Elroi 29 minutes ago I have a friend who half yementie half Ashkenazi and I would never guess he half yementie Jewish he looked Ashkenazi it really weird I saw his father I thought maybe his father is atypical for yementie but he wasn't was
henrywotton 29 minutes ago Good afternoon, Ianus
henrywotton 30 minutes ago in some pictures thry looked similar
Ianus 30 minutes ago Good afternoon
Elroi 31 minutes ago I don't think they look similar lel
Elroi 31 minutes ago Try to guess :p
henrywotton 32 minutes ago i thought that she was Bar Refaeli, lol
henrywotton 33 minutes ago it's very difficult ...what about the other 50%? czech or so?
Elroi 33 minutes ago I think she good example of someone who completely look like one side of his family, I have seen it two times
Elroi 34 minutes ago Henry the model I posted is half yementie Jewish would you ever guessed that?
Elroi 36 minutes ago Ty sir have a nice day
henrywotton 37 minutes ago it was for baba_yaga but... ok, you're also welcome
Elroi 38 minutes ago You welcome sir
henrywotton 39 minutes ago thanks for your V.I. feedback
Elroi 40 minutes ago In the Disneyland
Buba_Yaga 42 minutes ago dunno
henrywotton 47 minutes ago who likes to say "given the fact that"?
Buba_Yaga 53 minutes ago France? Where the hell is that?
Baldur Today, 2:44 PM I like that the new post brexit British passports are going to be made in France because it’s cheaper
Oscetel Today, 2:34 PM I like bags made of denier cordura
TiManel Today, 2:15 PM and calcify
Elroi Today, 2:10 PM Try to guess http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8232822/3/#new
Elroi Today, 2:09 PM +1
Baldur Today, 2:06 PM Nice to see Vladimir is back
Elroi Today, 1:40 PM I wait for the "defuq in the thread
Baldur Today, 1:38 PM Yeah and I basically only use it when I travel but all messenger bags I’ve bought been weak ass quality so they last two years maximum
Gotlander Today, 1:35 PM makes sense, with rucksack you gotta take it off
Baldur Today, 1:31 PM I’ve always had a messenger bag when traveling because of how easy it is to pick up camera from it quickly
Gotlander Today, 1:29 PM rucksack. Wore a messenger bag for years and recently changed back to rucksack. My back thanks me for it
Baldur Today, 1:27 PM What do you guys prefer a rucksack or a messenger bag?
henrywotton Today, 1:21 PM blah blah blah elori eyetalianz can't be shorter in a conv. blah blah you're a hater of the eyetaòianz blah
Elroi Today, 1:12 PM I will vote for their independent
Gotlander Today, 1:11 PM Faroe is of relevance!
Elroi Today, 1:10 PM They was?
Baldur Today, 12:58 PM Faroese we exist too blah blah we wuz vikingz too blah blah
Gremlin Today, 12:56 PM Azeri we wuz turks bla bla we wuz persians bla bla
Elroi Today, 12:49 PM Blah blah should be shorter Henry defuq
Gotlander Today, 12:46 PM lol onge
henrywotton Today, 12:39 PM eyetalianz: blah blah blah we deserve everything by default because of out glorious past...if you don't agree you are a hater blah blah blah always complaining
Onge Is the New Black Today, 12:28 PM Gotti: https://i.imgur.com/z2WLUmk.gif
Gremlin Today, 12:25 PM russians we wuz czar bla bla mother soviet bla bla
Gremlin Today, 12:23 PM Ukrainian kievan russ bla bla we wuz Cossacks bla bla
Gotlander Today, 12:16 PM french: blah blah our culture blah blah our cuisine blah blah our beautiful language blah blah