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bmc Today, 3:54 AM can anyone help me with my 23andme
bmc Today, 3:54 AM yo
Jarisleif Yesterday, 10:39 PM LANG LIV TURAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BOmOs_F38s
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:34 PM My feels have been assaulted
Baldur Yesterday, 9:33 PM hit you in the feels?
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:32 PM *relatable
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:32 PM Too relatasble
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:32 PM Oh lawdy Balds
Baldur Yesterday, 9:31 PM http://i.imgur.com/vBIlTXt.jpg
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:28 PM IIRC I'd probably plot near East German or somewhere between E. German and S. Polish on that.
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:24 PM This is always a fun cluster map to look at: http://oi67.tinypic.com/2ymtah1.jpg
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:06 PM Fuck that noise, Eclair - that sucks
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:06 PM You should try making some homemade hazelnut chocolate spread ;)
Eclair Yesterday, 9:05 PM When u have virology class in an hour but u done got bronchitis -_-
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 9:03 PM jurassic park doe?
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 9:02 PM gtg shopping...hope i dont bump into any methhead fool with his face lookin like its gon melt off cuz i sure as pie got no icecreams...and ima pick up some nutella
Jarisleif Yesterday, 9:01 PM I mean, when you gotta go, you gotta go.
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:59 PM boy u is too mean
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:59 PM Ikr?
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:59 PM lol..poor old man.prob dead now
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:56 PM Cuz my campin' crew and I just wanted gas, lel
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:53 PM well...y didnt u give him them darn icecreams..popsicles
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:53 PM lol
Eclair Yesterday, 8:53 PM hmmk
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:52 PM oh wait u said methhead nvmd
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:52 PM dangg ..what was he on tho? heroine..melting face?
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:52 PM He really wanted those ice creams.
Eclair Yesterday, 8:52 PM the only people closest to natives here are jose and felipe runnin the taco shops
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:52 PM ya interesting but the whole place was drearyand empty...everyone was so sluggish..
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:52 PM Speaking of indigenous peoples, I saw this methhead whose face looked like it was melting off last year around Laytonville
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:51 PM Yo, that was me Taz
Eclair Yesterday, 8:51 PM native americans? det seems interesting rather than depressing
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:50 PM who was it that mentioned the caramel weedibles..
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:49 PM i was down at..holly hill i think it was..and its like...trailers after trailers then 5 mechanic shops...native americans owned them..depressing place
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:48 PM Never 5get
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:47 PM yep
Eclair Yesterday, 8:47 PM remember the blunts
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:47 PM im bein serious tho if u go to those really tiny places here in sc, holly hill, york..them tiny holes..u cant understand a darn thing theyre saying sometimes..its empty af there
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:47 PM Our Sativa has no peer
Elroi Yesterday, 8:46 PM Sure I believe ya Ecliar
Eclair Yesterday, 8:46 PM thanx honeybun
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:46 PM bless your little heart
Elroi Yesterday, 8:45 PM Yeah Taz
Eclair Yesterday, 8:45 PM horses*** damn flu done beat my neurons to death
Jarisleif Yesterday, 8:45 PM We ride clouds of loud instead of cars up 'ere
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:44 PM dat aint fair eclair
Eclair Yesterday, 8:44 PM noice
Eclair Yesterday, 8:44 PM Elroi, we ride cowboys to school everyday no lie
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:43 PM SC eclair
Tazrurt.Hgr Yesterday, 8:43 PM u mean like...incest elroi?