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Thangachi 2 minutes ago but its whatevs for us
Thangachi 2 minutes ago old generation doesn't eat pork or dairy products with meat
lqa3 3 minutes ago do christian indians follow some dietitary rules?
Ziun 5 minutes ago 👺
catman savastano 6 minutes ago dirty talk..i love it girls
Thangachi 7 minutes ago pork smells foul, I tried having a bologna sandwich couldnt do it
Thangachi 9 minutes ago ashina you bunny slut :o
lqa3 19 minutes ago thanks for entertaining us flory
Florstadt 25 minutes ago Serbian-Bulgarian guessing thread * Game no.8 - men
Florstadt 25 minutes ago http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8155796/
Yaxk'ukmo 28 minutes ago Do it ashina!
creed 29 minutes ago i like aunties who dress like this :love: https://defence.pk/pdf/attachments/upload_2017-10-11_15-21-33-jpeg.430627/
Ashina 34 minutes ago :(
Ziun 35 minutes ago Yeah Vuk I am hungry for some BBW now
Vukodav 36 minutes ago there is no point posting it without your face, Ashi
Ashina 36 minutes ago Omg.....
Vukodav 37 minutes ago @Ziun https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0a/bc/82/0abc82d2d76f6659a9caab74daf44dd3.jpg
Ashina 39 minutes ago I actually have it on picture :lol: i might blurr my face and post it here one day haha (my face looks like shiiite in that pic, hence the blurring :P)
Ziun 40 minutes ago Looks hawt :love:
Ziun 40 minutes ago I like girls who dress in bunny costumes
Vukodav 40 minutes ago and bunnies are horny mofos
Vukodav 41 minutes ago I guess you have universal beauty, Ash ;)
Ashina 42 minutes ago Funny thang; i was trying to take a selfie with the bunnies, and when i mad this stupid kiss/duckface, a bunny jumped and 'kissed me' :lol: i was so confused
Ashina 44 minutes ago :(((
Vukodav 44 minutes ago yes :)
Ashina 45 minutes ago Noooooo vuk
Vukodav 45 minutes ago And it tastes sweet as fuck
Ashina 45 minutes ago There were lots of men enjoying the bunny company on the island, lqa:P and i cant eat rabit eather, but my grandpa hunts and eats them :(((
Vukodav 46 minutes ago A rodent that weights 10kgs can hardly be called a "bunny"
lqa3 49 minutes ago thats a girly thing but still, i cant understand ppl enjoying eating bunnies, its like a no no for me at the same level as pork
Ashina 51 minutes ago I ama also filled with love from all the bunnies, no one can upset me hahah
lqa3 51 minutes ago lol
Ashina 53 minutes ago I've become immune to your snarks iqa :P call me whatever
lqa3 53 minutes ago what do you think ashina? you know the answer
Ashina 54 minutes ago Not sure if you are calling me fat, lazy or both 🤷🏻‍♀️
lqa3 54 minutes ago i prefer Koalas: http://thumbpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Koala-Bear-Meme-7.jpg
Thangachi 55 minutes ago Gosh darn u woman
Thangachi 55 minutes ago haha kebab cat
Ashina 55 minutes ago When I left the island I was completely covered with sand and mud off all those bunnies who were climbing on me :Dd
Thangachi 55 minutes ago weren't there cocoa puffs everywhere tho, I'd imagine they could have diseases from being so crowded
lqa3 56 minutes ago you are like a cat urself ashina, look at it: https://www.dailydot.com/wp-content/uploads/b3e/d7/lazy-caturday-01-original.jpg
Ashina 56 minutes ago were so cool. They literally come up to you haha. :D
Thangachi 56 minutes ago yeah, sadly we had to give a lot of ours away
Ashina 56 minutes ago But the bunnies on bunny island wrere
Ashina 57 minutes ago Wow Thangi. I had 2 haha. But bunnies need other bunnies to be happy, so good for your bunnies
Thangachi 57 minutes ago I want to own a flemish giant now
Thangachi 57 minutes ago we started out with two :p
Ashina 57 minutes ago Also, bunnies are the only pets I've ever owned and thus 'bonded' with :P
Thangachi 57 minutes ago I had 18 buns once
Ashina 58 minutes ago I have never really been a cat person tbh. I like them, but ever since I got scratched by one after wanting to pet it,I am a bit scared of them :P