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Eclair One minute ago looks like the havich bros
Jarisleif Today, 4:58 AM Check out the head on the dude in this photo: https://i.gyazo.com/36229f761da32b376c4a3ed140fee2a5.png
Lie Detector Today, 12:56 AM what it do?
Buba_Yaga Yesterday, 9:47 PM It's 9:46 PM Mar 25 here
Elroi Yesterday, 9:44 PM Come on Iqa everytime when I am post you not active and then you ask for pics lol
Elroi Yesterday, 9:27 PM More flatteing :P
Elroi Yesterday, 9:26 PM It's flattering and embarrassing at the same time
catman savastano Yesterday, 9:23 PM LOL
Baldur Yesterday, 9:22 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj4lBJUT6gg
Elroi Yesterday, 9:17 PM loool Catman
catman savastano Yesterday, 9:16 PM eclair the rabbi said it was kosher advice sista
Eclair Yesterday, 9:15 PM cman don't give leroy non kosher advice
catman savastano Yesterday, 9:14 PM lol bruv..putin says " wasn't me guv, i'm innocent "
catman savastano Yesterday, 9:13 PM elroi..the gurlz like your look lad :) which one you gonna take advantage of first ?
catman savastano Yesterday, 9:11 PM with mother russia intervene ?
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:52 PM that looks one grim as fuck country tbh
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:47 PM yip.. israel were in the asian qualy zones in those days..so it was easier to qualify than now , were they're in uefa
Elroi Yesterday, 8:46 PM Really?
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:46 PM yes 1970
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:45 PM i think you might have qualified once
Elroi Yesterday, 8:44 PM in*
Elroi Yesterday, 8:43 PM We never been tin the World Cup lol
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:43 PM israel are decent in football these days
Elroi Yesterday, 8:42 PM We only good in basketball lol
Elroi Yesterday, 8:41 PM I'm surprised they scored a goal lool
Elroi Yesterday, 8:40 PM We always was a shit in det lol
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:40 PM yes..it was last night
Elroi Yesterday, 8:39 PM In football?
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:39 PM LOL..fucking class bruv
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:39 PM elroi: Spain 4 Israel 1 WC qualy...what happened lad ;)
Baldur Yesterday, 8:38 PM https://youtu.be/HqGd0ni7eCI?t=3m22s
Elroi Yesterday, 8:35 PM Mort aux tyrans!!
Elroi Yesterday, 8:34 PM Vive la anarchy
catman savastano Yesterday, 8:32 PM vive le revolucion :)
Elroi Yesterday, 8:27 PM Vive la france
Buba_Yaga Yesterday, 8:26 PM ou la la I am France
Elroi Yesterday, 7:50 PM So true
Nvard Yesterday, 7:49 PM Buba is part Yaga
Elroi Yesterday, 7:33 PM I think he part Peachy he part a lot of thing
Elroi Yesterday, 7:33 PM Yes it because the first one was bad pics, also front camera that the pics took to close so it a bit make me loo diferent
catman savastano Yesterday, 7:31 PM you look older in that pic elroi
Peachmelba Yesterday, 7:27 PM Is Buba Yaga France?
Elroi Yesterday, 7:23 PM I hope Iqa will be active, so he will stop to ask me for pics in PM lol
Elroi Yesterday, 6:23 PM Didn't know you are France
Buba_Yaga Yesterday, 4:53 PM bonjour
observer369 Yesterday, 2:00 PM here http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/8082610/1/#new
observer369 Yesterday, 1:59 PM please visit my thread n give ur comment :)
MrGroves Yesterday, 1:20 PM i shall do it soon :)
MrGroves Yesterday, 1:20 PM i'm thinking of putting another recording of myself in the voices thread
santaria Yesterday, 1:09 PM lol yes i am @eclair