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Biological Sciences

Regular Forum Population Genetics
Structure analysis; autosomes; mtDNA; X- and Y-chromosomes; nuclear DNA; aDNA.
Is there anywhere online I can plot myself… 7 minutes ago, By GenoMann
3 viewers Topics: 1,701 Replies: 33,038
Regular Forum Physical Anthropology
Racial taxonomy; metric and morphologic traits; anthropometry; heredity and adaptation.
Pole Germanic or Slavic? Today, 2:51 PM, By Jimmy.G
12 viewers Topics: 1,807 Replies: 57,555
Regular Forum Photographic Supplement
Examples of races and ethnicities; interesting phenotypes; facial composites; esthetics.
Classify him, where he can pass and guess … 4 minutes ago, By Xiren
44 viewers Topics: 30,788 Replies: 448,483
Subforums: Plate Gallery, Classifying People, Guessing Origins
Regular Forum Paleo-Anthropology
Evolution of humans and hominids; fossil analysis; pre-history; other primates.
Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain'… Today, 11:11 AM, By Nikolas
1 viewer Topics: 449 Replies: 4,893
Regular Forum The Human Mind
Intelligence; IQ; cognitive science; neurobiology; personality; behavior; psychology.
Grammatical Reasoning test Today, 5:03 PM, By Azamat
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Regular Forum Gender & Sexuality
Male and female anatomy; sexual selection; reproduction; sexual orientation.
Girls in black swimsuits Today, 4:40 PM, By Serba
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Regular Forum Health & Medicine
Medical research; disease; disability; addiction; nutrition; fitness; weight; aging.
Fitness Motivation Thread! Today, 4:43 PM, By Serba
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Social Sciences

Regular Forum Demography & Geography
Vital, social, national and global statistics; ancestry and genealogy; human geography.
Ethnicities You Have Been Mistaken For Today, 2:17 PM, By Rasko
0 viewers Topics: 734 Replies: 24,312
Subforums: Images of the World
Regular Forum Inter-Group Relations
Conflict and discrimination; attitudes toward diversity and equality; civil and human rights.
"It's Just a Piece of Land" Yesterday, 8:37 PM, By Crimson Guard
1 viewer Topics: 947 Replies: 37,510
Regular Forum Politics & Ideology
Political systems, theories and movements; forms of government; world affairs.
Pravda: Canada has been assimilated Yesterday, 8:05 PM, By PortuguesePoster
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Regular Forum History & Civilization
Past events that have shaped the world; ancient and modern cultures; archaeology.
North Korea: In Possession of the Largest … Today, 4:27 PM, By Still Life
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Regular Forum Philosophy & Religion
Wisdom, values and ethics; metaphysics; spirituality; world religions; atheism.
US not Pro-Nazi, just Anti-Christian 3 minutes ago, By GenoMann
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Regular Forum Linguistics
Languages of the world; origins of language families; etymology; phonetics.
Outer Banks English Yesterday, 9:46 PM, By GenoMann
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Regular Forum Futurology
Speculation about the future course of human development.
Do you believe in UFO's? Nov 24 2014, 08:28 PM, By GenoMann
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General Discussion

Regular Forum News & Current Events
The latest headlines; interesting news stories, articles, editorials, and blog items.
UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) M… 18 minutes ago, By Gotlander
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Regular Forum Popular Entertainment
Movies; TV; music; dance; theater; fashion; cuisine; sports; games; books; humor.
Music from the Balkans! 20 minutes ago, By LinoLada
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Regular Forum Miscellany
Any subject under the sun that isn't covered elsewhere.
interesting websites you frequently visit:… One minute ago, By Zayaz
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Regular Forum The Lounge
Chit-chat; gossip; personal matters; introductions; farewells.
Do you E-mail topics? Today, 5:04 PM, By Serba
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Regular Forum Announcements
Latest forum news, announcements and important information.
Forum Rules updated; new Warning System; m… Oct 24 2014, 05:41 PM, By Higurashi
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Regular Forum Questions & Comments
Get help with a problem, make a request or give us your feedback.
Profile Option Suggestions Today, 1:12 AM, By Cedar
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  • Today, 6:05 PM
    Serba: protests
  • Today, 6:05 PM
    Serba: in Greece,nothing new
  • Today, 6:03 PM
    Serba: ahahah,that one is good yaga
  • Today, 5:59 PM
    Baba_Yaga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsQrKZcYtqg
  • Today, 5:57 PM
    Serba: oh horoscope,you understand me
  • Today, 5:56 PM
    Serba: With your natal Moon square or opposite natal Mars, you want to be perceived as more courageous than you actually are. You’re afraid that if people know how vulnerable you are, you’ll get hurt. You’re easily bored, and need constant excitement
  • Today, 5:55 PM
    Baba_Yaga: never trust an eskimo
  • Today, 5:51 PM
    Serba: thats what old people from serbia say as well xD universal smarts i guess
  • Today, 5:51 PM
    Mikemikev: fucking eskimo bastards
  • Today, 5:51 PM
    Mikemikev: and as the eskimos say "if your feet are cold put on a hat"

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