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Biological Sciences

Regular Forum Population Genetics
Structure analysis; autosomes; mtDNA; X- and Y-chromosomes; nuclear DNA; aDNA.
How many full blooded native americans are… One minute ago, By Fanrir15
6 viewers Topics: 2,526 Replies: 50,384
Regular Forum Physical Anthropology
Racial taxonomy; metric and morphologic traits; anthropometry; heredity and adaptation.
Change own phenotype with surgery? One minute ago, By Alyaz
10 viewers Topics: 2,698 Replies: 90,845
Regular Forum Photographic Supplement
Examples of races and ethnicities; interesting phenotypes; facial composites; esthetics.
Classify HP Lovecraft One minute ago, By Genghiskhan
63 viewers Topics: 54,007 Replies: 760,927
Subforums: Plate Gallery, Classifying People, Guessing Origins
Regular Forum Paleo-Anthropology
Evolution of humans and hominids; fossil analysis; pre-history; other primates.
origin of narrow and wide faced people wit… Today, 9:15 PM, By Abhay_Saini
0 viewers Topics: 590 Replies: 7,350
Regular Forum The Human Mind
Intelligence; IQ; cognitive science; neurobiology; personality; behavior; psychology.
Dreams that make you go, WTF? Today, 8:47 PM, By Ferox
4 viewers Topics: 775 Replies: 22,749
Regular Forum Gender & Sexuality
Male and female anatomy; sexual selection; reproduction; sexual orientation.
If you want kids, do you want a boy or girl? 52 minutes ago, By Azamat
7 viewers Topics: 1,428 Replies: 83,516
Regular Forum Health & Medicine
Medical research; disease; disability; addiction; nutrition; fitness; weight; aging.
Why do I become so damn depressed when I d… Today, 9:08 AM, By catman savastano
0 viewers Topics: 727 Replies: 15,357

Social Sciences

Regular Forum Demography & Geography
Vital, social, national and global statistics; ancestry and genealogy; human geography.
Londonistan (New Pakistan) Today, 10:38 PM, By Abhay_Saini
0 viewers Topics: 1,236 Replies: 46,847
Subforums: Images of the World
Regular Forum Inter-Group Relations
Conflict and discrimination; attitudes toward diversity and equality; civil and human rights.
The Pakistani Threat Today, 10:33 PM, By Abhay_Saini
3 viewers Topics: 1,354 Replies: 58,508
Regular Forum Politics & Ideology
Political systems, theories and movements; forms of government; world affairs.
Who is more powerful: Vladimir Putin vs Xi… Yesterday, 6:34 PM, By Hank
1 viewer Topics: 1,108 Replies: 34,674
Regular Forum History & Civilization
Past events that have shaped the world; ancient and modern cultures; archaeology.
Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain for… Yesterday, 9:53 PM, By Keksalarm
3 viewers Topics: 1,733 Replies: 21,358
Regular Forum Philosophy & Religion
Wisdom, values and ethics; metaphysics; spirituality; world religions; atheism.
Semitic Religions Today, 4:23 PM, By Hypsiprymnodontidae
1 viewer Topics: 728 Replies: 26,872
Regular Forum Linguistics
Languages of the world; origins of language families; etymology; phonetics.
What makes Czech and Slovak exceptionally … Today, 6:31 PM, By Peachmelba
1 viewer Topics: 901 Replies: 27,695
Regular Forum Futurology
Speculation about the future course of human development.
Newly Found Weird Interstellar Object Has … Today, 7:39 AM, By Djincs
0 viewers Topics: 205 Replies: 4,358

General Discussion

Regular Forum News & Current Events
The latest headlines; interesting news stories, articles, editorials, and blog items.
Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece and Seiz… 27 minutes ago, By Oscetel
3 viewers Topics: 3,297 Replies: 64,544
Regular Forum Popular Entertainment
Movies; TV; music; dance; theater; fashion; cuisine; sports; games; books; humor.
Eurovision 2018 27 minutes ago, By VillyB
0 viewers Topics: 1,626 Replies: 47,285
Regular Forum Miscellany
Any subject under the sun that isn't covered elsewhere.
Nations association game Today, 8:41 PM, By Lie Detector
1 viewer Topics: 1,465 Replies: 36,926
Regular Forum The Lounge
Chit-chat; gossip; personal matters; introductions; farewells.
Ethnoguessr 6 minutes ago, By Baldur
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Regular Forum Announcements
Latest forum news, announcements and important information.
Forum Rules updated; new Warning System; m… Nov 5 2017, 02:11 PM, By vin
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Subforums: Affiliate Directory, Dodona Archives
Regular Forum Questions & Comments
Get help with a problem, make a request or give us your feedback.
Thread spamming Today, 3:26 PM, By Hypsiprymnodontidae
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  • Today, 11:38 PM
    Oscetel: The wedgie board said I'm pergnarnt
  • Today, 11:07 PM
    Nvard: My vote goes to u
  • Today, 10:59 PM
    Oscetel: Yes
  • Today, 10:54 PM
    Nvard: Have you thought about representing Romania at Eurovision?
  • Today, 10:38 PM
    huck_: i'll stick to bum bum tam tam, thank you very much. this is my cultural ride now
  • Today, 10:34 PM
    Ianus: disco 90 song
  • Today, 10:30 PM
    Nvard: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9O0zjZ0R8cY
  • Today, 10:29 PM
    Nvard: Baby baby why cant we just be together oh yeah yeah yeah
  • Today, 10:28 PM
    catman savastano: ossie lol. you nutter
  • Today, 10:22 PM
    Oscetel: Oh baby baby. How was I supposed to know?

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