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Biological Sciences

Regular Forum Population Genetics
Structure analysis; autosomes; mtDNA; X- and Y-chromosomes; nuclear DNA; aDNA.
MDLP Ancient Roots K18 Today, 10:31 AM, By StefanProgovac
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Regular Forum Physical Anthropology
Racial taxonomy; metric and morphologic traits; anthropometry; heredity and adaptation.
Which features are truly Native American/E… Today, 4:43 AM, By Augustus
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Regular Forum Photographic Supplement
Examples of races and ethnicities; interesting phenotypes; facial composites; esthetics.
Please classify him. 8 minutes ago, By Caverao
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Subforums: Plate Gallery, Classifying People, Guessing Origins
Regular Forum Paleo-Anthropology
Evolution of humans and hominids; fossil analysis; pre-history; other primates.
Eskimos replaced a genetically different p… Today, 12:58 PM, By Hidden Moon
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Regular Forum The Human Mind
Intelligence; IQ; cognitive science; neurobiology; personality; behavior; psychology.
Japanese obssession for all things cute... Aug 26 2014, 01:10 AM, By Riza
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Regular Forum Gender & Sexuality
Male and female anatomy; sexual selection; reproduction; sexual orientation.
Fidelity in one's culture Today, 1:26 PM, By leucine
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Regular Forum Health & Medicine
Medical research; disease; disability; addiction; nutrition; fitness; weight; aging.
Growth Stunted During Puberty Today, 4:36 AM, By Confessions_over_large_gin
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Social Sciences

Regular Forum Demography & Geography
Vital, social, national and global statistics; ancestry and genealogy; human geography.
This is What Americans Will Look like by 2050 Today, 9:46 AM, By Kostas
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Subforums: Images of the World
Regular Forum Inter-Group Relations
Conflict and discrimination; attitudes toward diversity and equality; civil and human rights.
white ethnocentrism in "telenovelas" Today, 6:41 AM, By qazwsxedc21
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Regular Forum Politics & Ideology
Political systems, theories and movements; forms of government; world affairs.
Michael Savage, liberals and classic cars Today, 12:33 PM, By Toiletman
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Regular Forum History & Civilization
Past events that have shaped the world; ancient and modern cultures; archaeology.
Who are the Qizilbash? Yesterday, 7:41 AM, By Hidden Moon
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Regular Forum Philosophy & Religion
Wisdom, values and ethics; metaphysics; spirituality; world religions; atheism.
A Gay Muslim Imam 53 minutes ago, By leucine
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Regular Forum Linguistics
Languages of the world; origins of language families; etymology; phonetics.
How German words compare to others Today, 6:35 AM, By Boban
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Regular Forum Futurology
Speculation about the future course of human development.
Humans Need Not Apply Aug 27 2014, 08:55 AM, By GenoMann
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General Discussion

Regular Forum News & Current Events
The latest headlines; interesting news stories, articles, editorials, and blog items.
Ukraine vs Russia? Today, 12:23 PM, By Toiletman
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Regular Forum Popular Entertainment
Movies; TV; music; dance; theater; fashion; cuisine; sports; games; books; humor.
Post tradional attire of your ethnicity. 23 minutes ago, By Nvard
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Regular Forum Miscellany
Any subject under the sun that isn't covered elsewhere.
Stop the moment and write what you are thi… Today, 9:24 AM, By topos
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Regular Forum The Lounge
Chit-chat; gossip; personal matters; introductions; farewells.
test post Today, 11:46 AM, By Peachmelba
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Regular Forum Announcements
Latest forum news, announcements and important information.
Forum Rules updated; new Warning System; m… Jun 18 2013, 01:56 PM, By Ada
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Regular Forum Questions & Comments
Get help with a problem, make a request or give us your feedback.
how to post pictures of myself here Yesterday, 9:43 PM, By Singh
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  • Today, 2:34 PM
    Ardell: we actually have it the worst since the depression, permanent full time work with a company for like 20 years just doesn't happen any more
  • Today, 2:29 PM
    Ardell: the baby boomers were the most wealthy generation ever to walk planet Earth, period, they have more than us, and they are the only class of people who will get pensions
  • Today, 2:26 PM
    Ardell: yea the older generation complaining about the younger generation is like the most classic stereotype
  • Today, 2:25 PM
    Soraka: If nobody fought at all no deadly wars, no problems and it's not efficient
  • Today, 2:23 PM
    Soraka: *there. Plz, just stahp
  • Today, 2:23 PM
    Soraka: So many comments with ''Yes, do! The youth is lazy an undisciplined. They want everything, but do nothing. No respect... They only waste time with their electronics.'' People complain about this since Ancient Roman empire was still the
  • Today, 2:22 PM
    Ardell: they want to militarize the country?
  • Today, 2:22 PM
    Ardell: that's not good :x
  • Today, 2:21 PM
    Soraka: I think it's a huge waste of time, but that's not what it's about
  • Today, 2:21 PM
    Soraka: Ugh in the Netherlands some politican came with the idea to have conscription in this country again for men and women

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