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Social Sciences

Regular Forum Demography & Geography
Vital, social, national and global statistics; ancestry and genealogy; human geography.
Would you love or hate to live in Australia? Today, 2:33 PM, By aja675
Topics: 1,145 Replies: 42,440
Subforums: Images of the World
Regular Forum Inter-Group Relations
Conflict and discrimination; attitudes toward diversity and equality; civil and human rights.
Photo campaign blows lid off skin color di… Yesterday, 10:37 PM, By Numidian
Topics: 1,271 Replies: 54,612
Regular Forum Politics & Ideology
Political systems, theories and movements; forms of government; world affairs.
Are there any atheist conservatives here? 41 minutes ago, By TheObserver
Topics: 1,042 Replies: 31,570
Regular Forum History & Civilization
Past events that have shaped the world; ancient and modern cultures; archaeology.
Lesser-known historical scumbags May 23 2017, 04:38 PM, By Gottlieb
Topics: 1,641 Replies: 19,802
Regular Forum Philosophy & Religion
Wisdom, values and ethics; metaphysics; spirituality; world religions; atheism.
Ramadan - 2017: Please post all relevant n… Today, 9:21 PM, By Elroi
Topics: 678 Replies: 24,532
Regular Forum Linguistics
Languages of the world; origins of language families; etymology; phonetics.
The jew club One minute ago, By Ilham
Topics: 810 Replies: 24,980
Regular Forum Futurology
Speculation about the future course of human development.
Do you believe in transhumanism? May 25 2017, 01:00 AM, By sary
Topics: 186 Replies: 4,045