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Biological Sciences

Regular Forum Population Genetics
Structure analysis; autosomes; mtDNA; X- and Y-chromosomes; nuclear DNA; aDNA.
GEDMATCH kit numbers. Today, 3:04 PM, By Baldur
Topics: 2,522 Replies: 50,348
Regular Forum Physical Anthropology
Racial taxonomy; metric and morphologic traits; anthropometry; heredity and adaptation.
New Cheddar Man reconstruction Today, 6:00 PM, By kingjohn
Topics: 2,694 Replies: 90,714
Regular Forum Photographic Supplement
Examples of races and ethnicities; interesting phenotypes; facial composites; esthetics.
Handsome Asian men 3 minutes ago, By Unonara
Topics: 53,934 Replies: 759,925
Subforums: Plate Gallery, Classifying People, Guessing Origins
Regular Forum Paleo-Anthropology
Evolution of humans and hominids; fossil analysis; pre-history; other primates.
oldest Dutchman' retrieved from North Sea … Feb 17 2018, 12:17 AM, By Baldur
Topics: 588 Replies: 7,344
Regular Forum The Human Mind
Intelligence; IQ; cognitive science; neurobiology; personality; behavior; psychology.
Do you consider Asperger's Syndrome real? Yesterday, 8:41 PM, By Anzar
Topics: 775 Replies: 22,747
Regular Forum Gender & Sexuality
Male and female anatomy; sexual selection; reproduction; sexual orientation.
If you want kids, do you want a boy or girl? 17 minutes ago, By Elroi
Topics: 1,426 Replies: 83,340
Regular Forum Health & Medicine
Medical research; disease; disability; addiction; nutrition; fitness; weight; aging.
Why do I become so damn depressed when I d… Feb 17 2018, 06:12 AM, By Shawshank
Topics: 727 Replies: 15,356