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Although the zetaboards version of AnimeChains has been closed since early 2012 and we had since moved on to a new host, I wanted to post this update for any old-time members that might still be curious about how things are nearly 3 years after moving off zetaboards. Officially AnimeChains is no longer open, neither here, nor on any external hosting. I am currently running Cafe Otaku through which you can still get in contact with some long-time members of the AC forum. The link is: http://cafeotaku.com

Animechains was a fun ride, and regrettably it's days have ended. While there is a version currently run by a former admin from here, I'm not involved with its operation anymore. If you want to join Cafe Otaku, we welcome you with open arms, and hope to see you around! Or if you need to get in contact with anyone still active from AC that's the best place to go for it. I humbly wish the best for all of the former members who made this forum what it was. Truly... the forum was made not by us admins, but by the members who gave AC the personality it was known for.

Sincerely, Anaconda

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