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Driving vs Mass Transit
Topic Started: Apr 25 2011, 11:56 AM (363 Views)

Well in this day and age with this "global warming" and "climate change," we are being urged to take mass transportation or other modes of transportation rather than driving. In addition to this gas prices are going through the roof now. It's well over $4 by me and I've heard that it can be as high as $5.69 in Florida according to the news. I know most of us probably aren't old enough to drive, but what's your take on this? Do you believe that using mass transit or other forms of transportation such as car pooling are the way to go?

I personally prefer mass transit over taking a car because here in New York the subway is the fastest way to get between two points and won't get stuck in traffic like a car will. Especially during rush hour, trains come literally every 90 seconds yet they still all manage to be packed so much that you sometimes can't get in, but I just go all the way to the front car and can always get on. So I just hop on the express to school and I go about five or six miles in just fifteen minutes, whereas a car would take at least twenty five to thirty minutes due to the extreme traffic.

For this whole environmental debate, I'm not sure whether I believe the idea of global warming or not, but I don't think that it's worth inconveniencing drivers and making them seek new transportation options. If they want to drive, let them, but if they don't want them to drive they should be offering alternatives that are cheaper and would be about the same speed. Almost all of the buses here are so slow that the average New Yorker can beat the bus, but the people who would've taken them long distances will probably drive if they have a car or use a cab, which, in terms of this global warming argument, would be the equivalent if the person drove themselves.
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Well, when I'm in my parents' car, I see the gas prices everywhere, and they're definitely increasing. It's scaring me. They haven't gone south at all. They're only increasing more and more. I know that Obama has national oil reserves - why doesn't he tap into those? >_>

Hopefully, when I grow up, my job will be online. xD So I won't have to travel at all! INFINITE PROFIT! But seriously, I don't know what my future job will be, but if I had the possibility, I would take the mass transit. In this day and age, it's a lot cheaper. I don't know if I would go with a bus, though, but still. Who knows what I'm going to work as.
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At my local gas station here in my city prices are about $3.45
I've never taken a train or a subway. (Although I have been stuck behind a train and eaten at a Subway). As for buses, they're my school's primary transportation. If we have 4 people going on a trip we take a bus. If we go to D.C. (which we did last year) we take a bus.
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