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Regular Forum General Chat Are You a Loser!? Sep 30 2014, 03:25 PM, By scarr
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Read the pinned topic called "READ FIRST". Seriously.
Buying 100120 Char Today, 9:23 AM, By JoeButler
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Pussy Money Weed Sep 19 2014, 11:58 PM, By Ruf
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  • Today, 9:20 AM
    JoeButler: btw, The first sentence and the rest are directed to different people, first to ateh in just general awe, second to greeny. sorry for any confusion.
  • Today, 9:19 AM
    JoeButler: OMG aTeh. I did fighting, mixing and pking (though i was largely the weakest & lowest level pker ingame). Ask LOM!, or Cher/soLo from MAD. I wasn't great, but i got by, never won, but had fun. For a bit.
  • Today, 3:45 AM
    aTeh: soap dodging little norwegian pussy repelant
  • Today, 3:41 AM
    aTeh: all so that some jumped up little shit bag like you could buy the armor and bitch the whole transaction about how expensive it was, fuck you man just fuck you and all you stand for
  • Today, 3:41 AM
    aTeh: jesus christ you had to make like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of shitty steel swords, burn the rest of your gc in manu school, go on PK run to hydro ........ then mix and spend 20k on a saving stone you might loose ...
  • Today, 3:38 AM
    aTeh: welcome to the age of insta-wank insta-gratification buy it now interest free for 12 months bullshit in a can
  • Today, 3:36 AM
    aTeh: and I mean ALL your armors and weapons btw , do you even realise how much of a CLUSTER FUCK it was to make armors that required hydro bars back in ze day ? no fucking patience you lot
  • Today, 3:34 AM
    aTeh: **retarded eastern europeans**
  • Today, 3:33 AM
    aTeh: greeny you fucking shit bag , before you started the game the ''fucking mixers'' were making all your armors and weapons , not like today where you just buy shit with $$$ anytime you want you little fuck head, god I hate ret
  • Yesterday, 5:40 PM
    Greeny: just leave scarr he is my pker friend not any fucking mixer like u

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