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In order for Underrated Television to exist as a successful online community, its members should be aware of the following:

1- The use of common sense is expected from all members. This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of personal information.

2- Respectful behavior is required. Excessive use of language that can be considered offensive will result in warning. Any insulting interaction, whether by public post or private message, will hold consequence.

3- Credit must be given where it is due. All shared media or distributed information should have a source listed at the bottom of the post it appears on if possible. Any news without a source will be considered rumor. Any media without a source may be subject to removal.

4- Inactivity lasting longer than a 12 month period is likely to result in the deletion of your account. A warning will be sent via the e-mail provided during registration prior to action.

5- The warning system is enabled. Any member who reaches 100% may be issued a suspension or banishment, pending staff assessment.