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Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3 (S968C)
Topic Started: October 30, 2013, 8:59 am (5,161 Views)
The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts, or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

The Verizon version of the GalaxyS3 is now available... You can tell because it is not listed as “4G LTE Capable”
It is also available on walmart.com, but for $40 more: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Straight-Talk-Samsung-Galaxy-S3

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Straight Talk Releases Verizon-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III In Select Markets


After months of rumors, Straight Talk has officially released another version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, this one
powered by Verizon’s network. Unlike the Sprint version already available, this one does not feature LTE support,
though this phone was at one point rumored to be the first phone with official support for Verizon LTE access, which
would have made Straight Talk the first MVNO with such access.

The phone is otherwise identical in specification to the Sprint version and is also selling for the same price, at $399.99.
However, the phone is currently being limited to Verizon-only coverage areas and is currently unavailable in markets
with support for multiple carriers and no word on when sales will be expanded. However, when using specific zipcodes
for online ordering, one can order the phone without issue and activate as normal after purchase.

ShadowDancer :)
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The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
Spotted at my lone Wal-Mart last night...

Posted Image
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For anyone who can't read the little print at the bottom, it says CDMA-V meaning this is the Verizon based phone.
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* Thanks Sweeper for the picture of the phone, and everyone else for all the information about this phone.

* I also saw this phone at one of my many Walmart stores a few days ago, but it wasn't out on the sale's peg yet...

* It was however, sitting behind the sales counter on the floor, there was a stack of about 4 or 5 of them there.

* I was going to ask the worker if I could look at one and take a picture, but the worker was busy with a customer.

* Then I came on here the same day and I see Sweeper beat me to posting a picture! - you win this time, Sweeper. (lol)

Turk S3 B-)
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I just bought this phone. It's a hot item. You can't get one through the website, if you do, you're lucky.
I tried to order one but they didn't have any more. I had to search every Wal-Mart in a 100 mile radius to find one.

I've been extremely happy with Verizon's service through Straight Talk, even if it is only 3g.
My sister has an unlocked GSM AT&T S3 on one of Straight Talk's SIM cards and honestly, it sucks.

She and I were on our way home from a vacation trip last week, waiting for a flight in Newark, NJ and she couldn't get a call out.
Mine went off four times while she was trying to get one call to go through.

Sure, it's 4g, but I'd rather have 3g CDMA, at least where I am because I know it works.
I would think at $399 that it would be one of those items where there would be lots of them around, but apparently not at tax time.
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