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Straight Talk Alcatel a392g
Topic Started: October 9, 2013, 8:30 pm (3,080 Views)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

* There is a new Straight Talk feature phone coming out soon - it's called the Alcatel a392g - and it seems to be a
* flip phone version of the Alcatel a382g bar phone from last year that was out for Tracfone.

* It also has many features: 2.0mp camera + recorder, MP3 player + Micro SD card slot, FM Radio, Big Buttons, etc...

* Here's the Straight Talk Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/straighttalk/home.seamcustIdSTALA392G

* Since Straight Talk seems to be more into smartphones now, I was surprised they would release a phone like this.

Alcaturk B-)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* I was at one of my many Walmart stores yesterday, and I happened to see this phone out for sale -- first time ever!
* The new Straight Talk Alcatel a392g feature phone -- price was $40 -- was surprised ST came out with this phone.
* I had my World Famous Turkberry 3 (s380c) on me - more famous than any android - so I took a few quick pictures.
* Ps: this is a big flip phone when you see it in person, with big buttons, and has a big screen (aimed towards seniors).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pictures provided by Turk and his Turkberry 3 B-)
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