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Straight Talk ZTE Majesty (Z796C)
Topic Started: September 27, 2013, 5:24 am (5,352 Views)
The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts, or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

Not bad specs for the price...

Posted Image
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All Hail King Turk
* Sweeper .... thanks man for the information about this new phone, and for the picture above.

* The ZTE Majesty Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/straighttalk/home.seam?custId=STZEZ796C

* This is a good phone for the price, has a lot of good specs, etc ... I'd pay $170 for it if it came out for Tracfone. ;)

Turk Majesty B-)
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All Hail King Turk
* I stopped by one of my many Walmart stores yesterday, and look what I saw out for sale for the first time ever!
* The new Straight Talk ZTE Majesty phone -- the price was $180 here -- and it does use the Verizon network.
* Anyway, I had my World Famous Turkberry 3 (s380c) on me -- so I decided to snap a few quick pictures of it.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pictures provided by Turk and his Turkberry 3 B-)
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Here is about a 10-minute video review of the ZTE Majesty (Z796C) from saveonprepaidphones . . .


And, here is a 5-minute video comparison of the ZTE Majesty (Z796C) and the ZTE Savvy (Z750C) from saveonprepaidphones . . .


ShadowDancer :)
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