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Straight Talk LG Optimus Ultimate (L96G)
Topic Started: February 28, 2013, 8:28 pm (7,873 Views)
* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

I was just casually browsing the Straight Talk phone page when I came across this new phone.

The features and specs on this phone are very nice... Its called the LG Optimus Ultimate (LG96G).

Phone Site: http://www.shopstraighttalk.com/bpdirect/straighttalk/PhoneList.do?action=view

Overview: http://lgl96g.com/category/lg-optimus-ultimate-straight-talk/

This phone seems like an exact twin to the LG Optimus Showtime except that it has a longer battery life (8 hours).

Maybe its just an improved version of the LG Optimus Showtime?
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The LG Optimus Ultimate is also known as the LG L96G.
It is a GSM phone and apparently is available on both Net10 and Straight Talk.

Here is a link to the Net10 Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/net10/home.seam?

Here's a link to the User Manual Guide: http://www.mylgphones.com/download-pdf-lg-optimus-ultimate

Here's a "first impressions" review of the phone on PrepaidRevs.com: http://prepaidrevs.com/straight-talk-lg-l96g

ShadowDancer :)
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Here is a 9-minute video review of the LG Optimus Ultimate (LG L96G) by saveonprepaidphones . . .


And, here is a 8-minute video comparison between the LG Optimus Ultimate (LG L96G) and the ZTE
Majesty (Z796C)
by saveonprepaidphones . . .


ShadowDancer :)
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