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(Trac/Net10) LG 236c Phone Topic
Topic Started: February 28, 2013, 2:13 pm (7,331 Views)
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* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

A new phone called the LG 236C is appearing on the Tracfone Activate Phone page.
The Net10 Activate Phone page won't show the phone icons so we can't tell if it is coming out there or not.

Typically a new phone appears on the Activate Phone page about 2 weeks - 4 months before being available for sale.
So let's watch for it to come out from about Mar 15 - June 1.

The CDMA folks have a new phone to choose from...

Tracfone Tutorial: http://tracfone.devicebits.com/tracfone/home.seam?custId=TFLG236C&locale=en_US

Net10 Tutorial: http://tracfone.devicebits.com/net10/home.seam?custId=NTLG236C&locale=en_US
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* annepani .... thanks for finding out about this new phone, and for starting up a new topic on it.

* I am guessing this phone will be similar or a slight upgrade to the LG 235c that's out now...

* Hopefully the LG 236c will have a 1.3mp camera instead of a cheap 0.3mp VGA camera like the LG 235c.

* One of my older relatives has been asking me when a good CDMA flip phone is coming out with a decent camera.

* I'm hoping this is it, cause I am getting tired of them asking me this (LOL) - fingers crossed this phone has one.. ;)

T>U>R>K> B-)
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* The picture below is provided by Sweeper, taken from the Straight Talk Forum on here, where he originally posted it.
* It shows the LG 236c phone in the picture, that is why I am borrowing it for here, to show what the LG 236c looks like.

* From the looks of it, it seems to be the LG Envoy 2 phone that is also out now for U.S. Cellular.
* There isn't many LG flip phones out there, so I had a feeling the Envoy 2 might end up being the LG 236c for Tracfone.

* If it ends up being the same phone, it'll be a basic flip phone with a 1.3mp camera, no recorder, and a 2.2 inch screen.
* It will probably be around $30 to start with, and will probably just have DMFL, not TMFL, but who knows...

* Picture Link: http://www.lg.com/us/images/cell-phones/un160/gallery/medium01.jpg
* Picture Link: http://i-cdn.phonearena.com/images/phones/40991-large/LG-Envoy-II-3.jpg

Posted Image

T U R K B-)
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Subpar specs in a subpar performer

Here’s a video review of the U.S. Cellular LG Envoy II which Turk B-) feels is comparable to Tracfone’s new LG 236c.

Hopefully, it provides an idea of what to expect from the new Tracfone phone model once it's released...


ShadowDancer :)
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The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
Tracfone Tutorial is finally up...

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The tutorial is not yet posted to the Net10 tutorials page... It says 'Coming Soon.'

The icon is showing up on the Tracfone Activate Phones page but the phone is not on the Tracfone phones-for-sale page.
Theoretically, if you could buy it you could activate it.

Didn't check the Net10 site for sale or Activate info.
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Okay, it's tomorrow morning now and the Net10 tutorial is up and working on the Net10 site.


I clicked on a few panels to check it out and everything works.

But it still is not available on the Net10 Buy Phones page, so you still can't buy it.
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* Now that the tutorials are up and running for this phone, that means it won't be too long before it starts showing up somewhere.

* From the looks of it, it does appear to be a rebranded LG Envoy II that I mentioned in my previous post up above.

* I hope it does come with the 1.3mp camera the Envoy II has, that would suck if Tracfone dropped it to a VGA camera.

* Reasons I am a little excited about this phone...
> It's CDMA - I always get a little excited whenever new CDMA Tracfones come out, no matter how crappy they are.

> 1.3mp camera - will be the first "CDMA Tracfone flip phone" with a camera higher than VGA ... now how pathetic is that!

> Flip phone + 1.3mp camera - hopefully this will be the phone my older relatives will like and finally get off my back. (LOL)
(see post #2 above)

* What would also make this an ideal phone for my older relatives, would for it to also have TMFL, but it probably won't.

* Anyway, I am looking forward to this little phone, even though most people out there are probably not...

Turk II B-)
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The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
Found at a Wal-Mart in West Lebanon, NH, but not bought...

Posted Image

Posted Image
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* Sweeper .... thanks man for the pictures of this phone ... finally it is out for sale! ... and $20 is not a bad price either.

* I've been to a few of my many Walmart stores in the past few days and I have not seen it out for sale yet, but hoping.

* It looks like a decent flip phone for $20 ... and I'm sure it'll be on sale for around $15 somewhere down the road.

* Hopefully this phone will be the winner that will finally get my Aunts off my back about wanting a CDMA flip phone. (lol)

* Ps: if anyone out there gets this phone, feel free to give us your thoughts and/or opinions on it ... thanks.. ;)

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* I see that this phone is now for sale over on Tracfone.com (price is $20) - and also on Net10.com (price is $30).

* Tracfone Sales Link: http://www.tracfone-orders.com/bpdirect/tracfone/Start.do?action=view&market=CO

* Net10 Sales Link: http://www.net10-store.com/bpdirect/net10/Start.do?action=view&market=CO

* Ps: I haven't seen the Trac/Net10 LG 236c at any of my many Walmart stores yet, or at any stores for that matter.

T u B-) r K
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January 17 2014
Roaming ------ Or Not ?
I have a recently activated LG 236c. When the main screen says "Home", and I make a call, using the 7 digit
number, I get a message saying: While roaming I need to enter the area code. This message is from Verizon
wireless. If I then use the area code, the call goes through.

Now if I travel to an area where the main screen says "Roaming", and I show the green "R" at the top of the
screen, I can place a call using just the 7 digits. No area code needed... This seems backwards. What gives?
* Landngroove .... I don't know what to say about your Home/Roaming phone situation, but try this out if you haven't...

* Dial *22891 (star 22891) on your phone - let the recording update your roaming capabilities (takes about 45 seconds) -
* the phone will turn itself off and back on (so don't panic) - and try dialing a number again and see if that makes any difference?

* If that doesn't make any difference, I can't think off hand what may be the problem, maybe someone else will know?

* On a side not: Myself, and my relatives who have CDMA Tracfones, I tell them to just dial (1 + area code + number) all
* the time just to be safe and so there is never a problem... and so far, me and my relatives haven't had any calling problems.

*Turk B-)
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Did the *22891 and problem solved. No more area code needed for local calls, and no more recording saying area
code needed when roaming, even when phone was not roaming. Sounds confusing ? But all is well now.

Thanks, Turk for the help. For a flip phone, I like this LG 236C. It is an upgrade from the LG 235C I had been using.
I guess you can tell I like flip phones. :D
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* Landngroove .... you're welcome for the help ... and I am glad it all worked out for you in the end.

* By the way, I been saying for the last 6 months on here, especially on this phone topic, that one of my older Aunts
* has been bugging me about wanting a CDMA flip phone with a decent camera... well, my journey is now complete.

* Thankfully over Christmas, one of my many Walmart stores finally got this LG 236c phone it stock (only 3 of them!)
* So I was lucky enough to buy one before they were gone - price was only $15 - so I was happy/relieved, of course.
* So I got her new flip phone all activated and everything transferred over from her old phone, the transfer went well.
* And now my Aunt is finally happy and likes her new flip phone ... so all is good again .. (lol)

2.2 inch screen (decent resolution)
Takes a decent picture (1.3mp camera)(no video recorder)
Can hold up to about 500 pictures, even on best quality setting
Good speaker quality and call quality
Full bluetooth - can transfer pictures and full MP3 songs to and from the phone via computer.
Great cell tower signal strength
Has text to speech function (where text messages can be read to you if you like)

Rubber keypad and buttons (but are decent to use)
Flip hinge is a little weak, but decent, shouldn't break
No slot for a micro SD card (which isn't surprising on these cheap phones)

* All in all I think the LG 236c is a nice little flip phone, and for only $15, there is nothing really negative I can say about it.
* So if anyone is looking for a cheap CDMA (Verizon) flip phone, give this phone a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. ;)

Turk is CDMA B-)
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