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(Net10) Unimax Bravo (U670C) Phone Topic
Topic Started: November 8, 2012, 11:35 pm (8,358 Views)
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* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts, or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

* Located in the Topics Forum: Tracfone/Net10 - Apps for Androids - we discuss different apps for android devices.
* I was at one of my K-Mart stores today, and I happened to see the price tag/peg out for this new phone coming soon.

* The new Net10 Unimax MaxBravo (u670c) android phone -- price is gonna be $80 -- and it's CDMA (Verizon).

* Here is the Phone Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/net10/home.seam?

* Not a bad little phone .... would love to see this phone, one day, come to Tracfone as well.. ;)

Turkmax B-)
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I stumbled across a site that suggests that the Net10 Unimax u670c will be on sale at K-Mart for $39.00 on
Black Friday, November 23rd . . .

Don't know where the website obtained its sale information.

ShadowDancer :)
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* ShadowDancer .... yeah, that Black Friday phone info is correct...

* Sweeper also has it posted in our Black Friday Topic on here as well.

* K-Mart released their Black Friday ads yesterday, I think ... anyway, the Sweeper finds this stuff for us...

* Ps: I removed your link, hope you don't mind, that Site is on Turk's Personal Black List for attacking me a few years ago.

* I have other Sites that I don't allow links to also, only because they attacked Me or my Forum (because of jealousy, of course).

* But I guess that's the price I pay for being the Best or #1 -- nobody likes the King of the Mountain.. ;)

King Turk B-)
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Hi Turk, B-)

Not a problem. If I was in your position, I would do the same thing... No excuse for personal attacks.

ShadowDancer :)
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The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
As seen at K-Mart in West Lebanon, NH.

Posted Image

Posted Image
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I now own one of these phones, $60.00 at Shopko. Initial reaction's so far, not bad. This is my first real smart
phone, owned a piece of junk LG for a few days before returning it. Drove around the countryside for a while
today, streaming video from Youtube to check how well it worked out in the country... At first, a few pauses to
load, but then it was smooth for a long time. Screen showed 3G with two or more bars all of the time.

Not sure what it means, at times one or both arrows above 3G lit solid, flashing, or off. Not sure what happened,
but after about 45 min, noticed 3G was gone and 1X was in its place, no clue what 1x is... From there on video
paused many times, for lengths of time, like I went from high speed net to dial up, even though it showed 3 - 4
bars for signal. Got back into town, parked under a Verizon tower, still poor video, lots of buffering. Shut off and
restarted phone, showed 3G right away, no buffering in video.

Through about 45 minutes of mostly buffering driving, with bluetooth and wi-fi turned on, battery went from 72%
to 57%. Ran battery down to zero, (forgot battery was low, phone shut down at dead battery), took less than 4
hours to go up to 100% battery with included charger, phone was turned on but not used during charging.

Built in memory is small, added two small app's and updated facebook app, memory was full, all else has to go
on the micro-sd card. Sometimes, using internet, it is unable to go to page or load, asks if I want to force close
internet. Rear camera works good, decent zoom, no zoom on video though. Speakerphone/video volume not
quite as loud as other smartphones, too quiet for my liking. Home, menu, back, and search buttons do not light

What else can I check to see how good it really is, and what do you want to know about it? ... What kind of test's
can I run on it to give you a better idea if you'd like it?
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I missed a text message from back when it was charging, wish for big flashing icon on screen until notifications are checked.
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jjnemoiii wrote:

". . . but after about 45 min, noticed 3G was gone and 1X was in its place, no clue what 1x is."

1X is Verizon's designation for its 2G network. So, essentially you traveled from a 3G network area into a 2G network
area. That would account for your video pausing many times and for lengths of time.. And, yes, it would be like going
from DSL to dial-up.

ShadowDancer :)
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Thanks ShadowDancer!

I also think it was in some sort of lock up, as it stayed 2g, even under a verizon tower, until I restarted it, and then it
went right to 3g, even though I was still parked in the same spot.
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Thanks for the info about this phone... The flashing green arrows are when something is downloading/uploading.
Typically you will see them when you are starting to use something like youtube. They will be pretty steadily flashing
at the beginning, and then sometimes just off and on after that. Nothing unusual going on and nothing to worry about.

I think the issue with 3g and being right by a verizon tower happens a lot. The phone probably still had a strong
enough connection to the previous 1x tower you were using that it didn't "think" to look for another signal. If you
had lost a signal entirely and then got to the 3g tower, it would have picked it up. ... By restarting the phone, you
basically got it look for the strongest signal from scratch.
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Thanks as well to you Tarkio 101.
More info - Internal memory is too small. Can't delete any more apps, Can't move any more apps from phone to sd card.
16.68mb left on internal, I figure a few Facebook or Map updates will fill it up.. Also, I can no longer see all of the apps.
Touch the launcher icon, it goes to app's screen, but screen will not scroll, thus all apps alphabetically after Maps I can
not get to. It just worked once now, to make a fool of me, but now it won't scroll again.. Have restarted, removed battery,
no luck... Any idea's?
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App screen will now scroll. Was showing a friend who is "lesser dumb", and he showed me that I was doing it wrong,
now it works good. Facebook now works horribly, something updated and internal memory is very low according to
phone's warning. That causes Facebook to crash and ask for you to force close it. Then you restart it and go through
the same trouble.

Despite that, I added tune-in radio tonight, and am listening to a preacher on a radio station from Baltimore. Listened
through my Wi-Fi, and then shut off wi-fi to listen over cell internet. No buffering at all.. Just did Facebook at the same
time preacher was streaming, no problems. Not sure why it is working so good now, but I do love it.
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JUNK! Maybe I got the one dud out of the bunch, or they all generally suck.. Either way, I have not been using this
phone for over a month now. Way too many issues. Got sick and tired of the phone acting like it was sick and tired.

Took out the battery to reset it several times a day. Five total text messages, get message "Text message inbox is
full" as it rejected messages. Reset phone, no problems with 30 text messages. Facebook runs real slow, internal
memory full with few apps on phone and no way to delete several google apps to free up space.

Now using LG L45C, no problems so far... Will post info over there when I get a chance.
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Nice phone, needing help to add airtime & drop calls ...... Help please.
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