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(Tracfone) LG 440g Phone Topic
Topic Started: October 11, 2012, 11:54 pm (15,140 Views)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts or questions on this phone, feel free to post it all here ... thanks.

* There is a new, cheap GSM phone coming out soon for Tracfone and/or Net10 called the LG 440g.

* It's just a basic flip phone that has DMFL, 1.3mp camera+recorder, MP3 player, bluetooth, 3G, no WiFi...

* Tracfone Phone Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/tracfone/home.seam?

* Net10 Phone Tutorial: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/net10/home.seam?

* For sale ($20) on Tracfone's Website: http://www.tracfone-orders.com/bpdirect/tracfone/Start.do?

Turk B-)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* I stopped by one of my many Walmart stores today, and look at what I happened to see out for the first time ever!?
* The new Tracfone LG 440g -- price was only $20 -- and it was also in the new box as the other new phones.
* I had my de-activated Phone Hall of Fame Turkberry on me (the Samsung r355c) -- so I took a few pictures.
* Apparently this replaces the older LG 430g's, since all the LG 430g's were gone/removed from all the shelves.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pictures provided by Turk and his Turkberry B-)
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Looks like Trac is sticking to 3g phones for their new releases. Perhaps we won't see any more 2g phones at all.
As I mentioned before, 2g capacity is being cut back dramatically by numerous carriers to make more room for 4g.
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Hi Tarkio101 --

At the beginning of August, AT&T announced that it would have its 2G completely shut down by the end of 2016.
However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon has no plans to close down its 2G "in the foreseeable future."

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Does this phone have a micro sd slot at all ?
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October 12, 2012, 8:52 am
Does this phone have a micro sd slot at all ?
According to the online tutorial it does not. MP3 player but no memory card which also means no pc/USB data transfer.

Here is a link to the tutorial and the 142 page user Guide. 70 English / 72 Spanish

Tracfone: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/tracfone/home.seam?custId=TFLG440G&locale=en_US

Net10: http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/net10/home.seam?custId=NTLG440G&locale=en_US
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MP3 player but does it have a 3.5mm jack? Didn't see one in the tutorial pics.
WOW, 35MB User Guide which implies the headphone connection is over the USB port.

It also mentions in the User Guide on page 10,
You can expand the memory available on your phone by using a microSD™ memory card.

Tip A memory card is an optional accessory and is sold separately.

1 Remove the back cover and locate the microSD card slot.

2 With the microSD card label facing up, slide it into the microSD card slot (as demonstrated
in the following image). Push the memory card in until it locks into place.

3 Replace the back cover on the phone.
Problem is, the "following image" is missing and the pics in the tutorial don't seem to show anywhere for a memory card.
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Has anyone got there hands on 1 of these phones yet to confirm if it has a slot for the memory card?

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My dad replaced his washed Nokia 2126i with this phone about a week ago. After number-porting and all that, the
phone went live Tuesday.

The phone does not have a headphone jack...only a microUSB port. So any accessories need to take this into account.
No memory card slot either. Both of which make sense for a $20 phone.

It does, however, have a fully functional Bluetooth stack. Haven't tried A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) quite yet, but I did
transfer an mp3 to the phone via BT, for use as a ringtone.

The phone has a built-in e-mail client that supports POP and IMAP. It supposedly supports push mail, but I had to
turn Push off to get his GMail set up. There's a Schedule option in settings though... maybe when the schedule is
enabled, so is push mail?

Data billing appears to be per KB on this phone. Maybe 0.06 units per KB but I'm not quite sure.
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Warning I started to use phone and every call I placed on it the phone vibrated for an instant upon connection to
the party dialed. Keep this in mind when purchasing; before getting in a vehicle test it out by dialing a few people
because if it vibrates with you it may cause you an accident if it you are allowed to make calls by your state law!

Here are the specs on the phone put out by Tracfone and unless someone please correct me, phone doesn't have Wi-Fi!!!

LG 440G ... $19.99
Tracfone Phone ... Single Rate
Call nationally, internationally or roam at local call rates

LG 440G Features:
Includes Double Minutes for Life FREE.
This means that every paid Airtime Minute you add to this phone will be doubled.
For example, Add a 60 minute Airtime Card and get 120 minutes.***

3G/WiFi® Connectivity
1.3 MP Camera/Video Recorder
Mobile Web
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
MP3 Player (cable not included)
SMS and MMS Picture Messaging
Hands-Free Speaker
Voice/Sound Recorder
Voice Dialing
Vibration Alert
External Caller ID
Alarm Clock
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/T3
Phonebook with up to 1,000 entries
Battery talk time up to 3.52 hours
Standby time up to 7-10 days
Includes Battery, Charger, Activation Card and Service Guide
TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left,
so you control your costs.

TracFone Nationwide Prepaid Wireless.
No activation fees, contracts, monthly bills or credit checks.
Nationwide long distance included.
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Hi, new here...
I just bought this phone and I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to delete the email information
I entered. I keep getting email notices, and don't want that anymore... Does anyone know how I can delete the
email info that I entered? I am clueless. Hoping someone went through this already... Thanks!

PS: I've never had any vibrating while placing a call... Maybe you got a defective one?
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
Hi, new here...
I just bought this phone and I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to delete the email information
I entered. I keep getting email notices, and don't want that anymore... Does anyone know how I can delete the
email info that I entered? I am clueless. Hoping someone went through this already... Thanks!
* tallylassy ... hi ..
* I don't have this phone, but it seems like the email notification in on, so it keeps checking for emails ever so often.

* Check to see if your phone has something like this...
> Go to email in the main menu and scroll down to settings.
> Click on receiving options and look for auto sync.
> If auto sync is enabled, switch it to off and see if that helps.

* Each phone may have a little different menu/email settings, but try and see if your phone has something similar.
* Just keep checking anything in the menu setting dealing with email settings, etc.

* In the meantime, maybe some else will come along and have the correct answer for you... good luck .. ;)

Turk B-)
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Thanks for the assistance. I found that I can reset the whole phone with "reset settings"... I feel like a dufus. lol...

So far so good. I also read above that someone had mentioned the phone vibrating right when the person you
are calling picks up. Yes, it did happen to me finally. I am guessing that maybe it is some extra feature? lol

Thanks again, Nergis (tally lassy)
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I JUST NOW removed my email info from my LG 440G.

Under Email select "Options" then "Accounts" then "Delete" for each account you no longer want linked to your phone.

SI B-)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
April 14 2013
Where to get faceplates for LG 440g ?
I just got this phone, LG 440g, and have looked on hundreds of sites last week, can't find any faceplates
for this phone, frustrating.

Do have one seller on ebay I have dealt with, and they wrote me the other day they have some coming...
any thoughts? ...... Thank you.
* casinorose45 ... hi .... sorry to hear about your bad luck .... I don't own the LG 440g, but I can say this much...

* If you looked everywhere, and eBay or Amazon aren't selling face plates for this phone, I kind of doubt you'll find any.

* The LG 440g isn't one of those "popular phones" out there that companies feel like making accessories for, sad to say.

* The LG 440g has been out for 6 months, so if there isn't face plates for it by now, then there probably won't be, I feel.

Turk B-)
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The Dord

A lot of places claim this has wifi and most of them don't... Why is there so much confusion about this?
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Hey, new to the forum, with a quick question. Has anyone figured out how to transfer photos off the LG 440g camera?
I am having the world's worst luck getting my photos off the lil bugger! :)

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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
* brindel ... hi .... just to let you know, I don't have the LG 440g and never owned the LG 440g...

* But, I think this phone has bluetooth where you can transfer pictures (for free) from the phone to your computer.

* If your computer doesn't have bluetooth, you can send pictures from the phone to your email address (using minutes).

* So see if your computer has bluetooth first, if so, then pair up your computer to the phone and do a wireless transfer.

* If not, then send the pictures from your phone to your email address, and they should show up in your email account.

* Hope that helps ... and good luck. ;)

Turk B-)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
August 25 2013
LG 440g upgrade? ... moving from LG 430g to LG 440g?
I presently have an LG 430G through Tracfone and was thinking about upgrading to another "flip" phone.

Are there enough new features/upgrades to make the switch to the Tracfone LG 440G? I don't want to upgrade if
I will only be getting a glorified LG 430g. Also, if I make the switch, how do I move my present phone number and
remaining minutes to a new phone? ........ Thanks in advance for any help.
August 25 2013
* djfro .... yes, the LG 440g is basically a glorified LG 430g...

* Both have a 1.3mp camera/recorder ... same size screen ... same specs, etc.
* Only basic difference is that the 440g is now 3g speed, where as the 430g is still 2g speed..

* 3g gives you a faster web browser, but also cost more minutes now to send pictures from the phone.
* Unless you "just want" a new phone, there is no other real reason to switch, unless you want to.

* You can transfer number & minutes either on Tracfone.com using the computer, or call the better Tracfone
* customer service up at: (1-800-876-5753)(M-F from 9-5 est.) and have them do it for you.
August 26 2013
Don't know how long you keep your phones, but if your LG 430g runs on the AT&T 2g Network, be aware that AT&T
has plans to have its 2g Network completely shut down by the end of December 2016. So, Tracfone is beginning to
move customers from AT&T 2g to AT&T 3g by offering phone models that now run on the AT&T 3g Network.

ShadowDancer :)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
August 27 2013
I recently purchased an Tracfone LG 440G and will be transferring my contact list from an old Tracfone.
Is there a simple way to do this transfer?
Also, if I have to re-enter the list by hand, is it better to do that before or after the new phone is activated?
* djfro ... I'll answer your 2nd question first ... you can add contacts before or after activation, it makes no difference.

* I'm assuming you're talking about your old LG 430g and the new LG 440g ... you can bluetooth contacts (wirelessly)
* from the 430g to the 440g.

> Find bluetooth in the menu on both phones... then go to bluetooth settings on both phones.
> Turn bluetooth on (enable), on both phones,

> Turn on discovery mode on both phones, and let them find each other, and pair them up together by typing in the
* same digits on both phones... leave both phones turned on.

> Then go to your contact list (under find) on your 430g, go under options, scroll down to you see something that
> says something like this:
> "Send name card via bluetooth" ... hit "ok" ... mark all contacts ... hit "done" ... choose device (LG 440g) ... hit "ok" ...
> then the contacts will transfer over to your new LG 440g, if you do it correctly.

* If you only have a few contacts, it may or may not be easier to just manually type them in by hand ... just saying.
* If you have any more questions on the LG 440g, feel free to ask them all here ... thanks and good luck. ;)

TuRk B-)
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TuRk WoRld OrdEr
August 31 2013
LG 440g battery level indicator?
Does the LG 440g have a battery level (strength) indicator?
I know the LG 430g had the battery status info, but can't find any on the LG 440g.
August 31 2013
I see it on the inside and outside - all 3 pictures here show it:
August 31 2013
Hi tfuser19,
Thanks for your reply - I guess I should have been more specific on my question. I do see the "battery indicator"
on the phone but was referring to one of the settings. In my old LG 430, you could go to settings>phone>battery
status and adjust the power save mode as well as seeing the appx minutes remaining for the "standby & call"
modes. Just wasn't sure if this option is available with the LG 440 models. ...... Thanks again.
* djfro .... I don't have this phone, but if you had it on the LG 430g and knew where to find it ... and know you can't
* find it on the LG 440g, then I would assume the 440g doesn't have a battery level indicator. (just a guess) ;)

Turk Indicator --> B-)
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LG 440g Tracfone calendar alarm?

I previously owned an LG 430g Tracfone and, when I set an appointment for a specific calendar date/time, the audible
alarm would ring until I opened the phone (flip phone) and stopped the alarm. With my newer LG 440G, the alarm will
have an audible ring for approximately 5-6 seconds and then stop ringing. If I don't have the phone in hand, I miss this
short tone... Is there any adjustment to make the alarm continue until I shut it off?
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