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Roaming in Canada with Tracfone & Net10?
Topic Started: December 31, 2011, 3:19 pm (8,104 Views)
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Can anyone confirm if Tracfone/Net10 roams in Canada? I'm going to Canada for a few days, I was wondering
whether my Tracfone LG 420g (on AT&T) will roam in Canada ... I regularly use a Straight Talk Samsung r355c
(on VZW), that does not roam in Canada.
(Though in Niagara Falls City, ON, I can use it on VZW & it works in Toronto when I'm on top of CN Tower on VZW).
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If you don't hear anything about using it in Canada how about using it while you're there and letting us
know what happens when you get back?

(FYI, excerpt from the Terms and Conditions in your phone's booklet)
The TRACFONE handset is sold exclusively for use by you, the end consumer, with the TRACFONE
prepaid wireless Service available solely in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Any other use of your TRACFONE handset, including without limitation, any resale, unlocking and/or
reflashing of the handset is unauthorized and constitutes a violation of your agreement with TracFone
Wireless. You agree not to unlock, reflash, tamper with or alter your TRACFONE or its software, enter
unauthorized PIN numbers, engage in any other unauthorized or illegal use of your TRACFONE or the
or assist others in such acts, or to sell and/or export TRACFONE handsets outside of the
United States. These acts violate TRACFONE’s rights and state and federal laws. Improper, illegal or
unauthorized use of your TRACFONE is a violation of this agreement and may result in immediate
discontinuation of Service and legal action. TRACFONE will prosecute violators to the full extent of
the law. You agree that any violation of this agreement through your improper, illegal or unauthorized
use or sale of your TRACFONE shall entitle TracFone Wireless to recover liquidated damages from
you in an amount not less than $5,000 per TRACFONE handset purchased, sold, acquired or used in
violation of this agreement.
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International roaming is blocked on all Tracfone and Net10 phones manufactured after approximately 2006.
Before then, it was technically possible to roam but once the calls hit Tracfone's computers your phone was
shut off and you lost whatever minute balance remained on the account. As for the golden oldie phones still
on Tracfone, I don't know how international roaming was blocked whether it was by firmware in the phones
themselves or in the end provider's (AT&T, VZW, etc.) system. I would just buy a prepaid phone up there for
use if you are going to be in Canada for more than a couple of days... More information regarding Canadian
providers is available at www.howardforums.com which is based in Canada.
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Thank you both for the feedback. I know the terms and agreements, but became confused reading that some
people used their Tracfone(s) in Canada.
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Update: Tracfone CDMA (LG 220c on VZW) roamed in Canada, but Tracfone GSM (LG 420g on AT&T) didn't roam.
I was able to receive a call on the CDMA Tracfone while in Toronto & the phone was displaying the "R" sign; though
the call was charged 2x the airtime... On the other hand, GSM Tracfone was completely out of signal.
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