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Straight Talk - New Online Activiation?
Topic Started: October 1, 2011, 12:18 pm (2,213 Views)

I attempted to activate my first-ever Straight Talk phone online and require a telephone number.
I provided all info and followed all instructions and phone did not activate although shows online
as in progress... I called Customer Service and was told activation may take up to 24 hrs, siting
phone number as the probable reason. Also, if phone no activate in 24 hr, call Customer Service.
Also, the 24 hr is lost off my 30 day subscription.

Has anyone out there experienced a hold up over new phone number? Did you get phone number
before the 24 hr? ... Or, did you find yourself still without a number and have to call CSR again.
Nothing I read about Straight Talk prior to purchasing phone and time ever hinted at having to wait
for a phone number. ... Any help is much appreciated.
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The Sweeper
Bad To The Bone.
Out of curiosity, what type of phone is it? I would suggest that if you have a Facebook account, go to Straight
Talk's FB page and fill out a ticket... They are much better at getting things done than the 800# for CS.
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All Hail King Turk
* bjp .... hi ... yes, there are rare occasions were this sort of thing happens when activating a new phone.

* What seems to be, maybe, happening, is that Straight Talk might not have a phone number available at the time?

* If you don't get a phone number after the 24 hours, I guess just call them back and tell them you need one.

* Or, you could try Sweeper's idea as well .... don't panic, your phone will be up and running soon, I hope!

* Good luck, and let us know how you made out ... thanks.. ;)

T U B-) R K
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HI to Turk and Sweeper. Thanks for posting. Forgive me for late responce but I ran into wall. I did get phone
number not long after my posting however have experienced problems with the refurb LG 290C (no two-way
voice and screen shows the E911 only sign). I had no time to deal until today. This late afternoon, I called the
provided Straight Talk CSR number and the person was very pleasant although a little hard for me to understand.

End result: I will get box from them with detailed instructions of how to return this phone to Straight Talk. Once
they determine phone is defective, they will send replacement of same model. My service date is to adjust to
today's "trouble ticket" date. Hopefully, the replacement phone will work and I won't lose too much more time.
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