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Straight Talk LG 290c
Topic Started: July 31, 2011, 8:40 pm (2,664 Views)

So, if anyone has any more info, thoughts or questions on this phone, please post it all here ... thanks.

New to the forum guys .... I am just wondering, how do I enable JAVA on my LG 290C straight talk phone?

I used to be able to check my Hotmail account and now it has somehow been turned off and I do not have
access to my email via cell phone... Any and all input would be nice... Thanks.

ftl701 :huh:
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* ftl701 .... hi, and welcome to the Forums.

* Let me ask you these questions first, so I know if we can help you with your question:

> You were able to check your Hotmail emails before on the LG 290c?

> Has your LG 290c always been active ... or did you re-activate it any time lately?

> Is your phone browser turned off as well (not working)? - or is just your Hotmail access turned off?

Turk B-)
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Or did Hotmail change their website layout recently and now it won't work? (I don't like updates on stuff that already works)

Or if it used to work on the 290c, Hotmail might no longer accept the browsers UserAgentID the browser sends out.

Javascript cannot be turned on/off in the phone... That is, it's capabilities/limitations are fixed.

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