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Google Maps - now without the need for an App?
Topic Started: May 22, 2011, 12:13 pm (3,711 Views)
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Google Maps - Now on any browser capable phone (supposedly).

I just read an article regarding Google Maps, and that it now works on all mobile browsers.

Prior to this update, if you tried to access Google Maps with a phones browser, it would tell you
that you need an app for that.

So, all Net10/Tracfone/ST phones browser capable ought to work?
As long as you are not using the restricted use browser that came with the phone. :D

I tired it on my smart phone's (Dolphin for Android) browser and it works without an app.

Of course you won't have GPS tie-in to the map, and lots of click-to-pan around on small screens,
but...You asked for it, and Google has provided. :) Will have to pressure America Movil to include
GPS and a full browser now. :D

I don't have a Net10/Tracfone/ST that is browser capable, so I'm unable to try this myself.
Sooo... Maybe others can post their success using which model of phone, what you think about it
over all, and important to some- is it worth the minutes burn?

Just enter the url below into your phone, and Google should figure out that you are on a mobile, and adjust accordingly:

url: http://maps.google.com

KLM - Eternal tech support
Motorola W260G - A Tracfone where you can't accidentally hit the browser button. It has no browser button. It has no browser!
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All Hail King Turk
* Ok, I decided to be the "sucker" for this Google Maps experiment that KLM has mentioned above. (lol)

* Well, I was a "sucker", that's for sure - for Google Maps wouldn't work on my Net10 Samsung r355c phone.

* I typed in the URL mentioned above and it told me this: "google maps will not work on this phone" .. :huh:

* It doesn't really matter to me if Google Maps works on my phone or not, for I wouldn't really use it anyways.

* Ok, I used 5 minutes up on my phone trying this experiment out - someone owes me 50 cents! (KLM!?) (lol - just joking) ;)

Google Turk B-)
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I'll take a pic of 2 quarters and send it to ya Turk. :D .... Well Turk, thanks for taking one for the r355c team!

Bummer on it not working. Have not gotten much input from folks on if it works or not for them and on which models.

What do you use for a browser on your r355c? Hope you don't say the built in browser. :)

People are indicating though they may not be able to use the map function on a really tiny screen type phones,
that they really like the 'get directions' feature at least.

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Hello Ya'll,
I not long ago bought a LG 900G from Wally-World for $30 and just tried the google maps from the phone, and it
asked me to install google maps. Did that and then tried to locate a bank and view it in map form and it gave me a
insufficient memory and it closed my browser, sorry to say! I really like google maps, I was really hoping to be able
to use it on this new phone.
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Just to let folks know it DOES work fine on the LG 900G as long as you use the Bolt Browser.
I didn't bother trying it on the built-in browser because of all its limitations.
I have also installed the Google Map app and I like that a lot more than the Google Maps web link.

A side note: Just FYI - Bolt released a new version of their Browser, version 2.51.
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@ hughlikehefner - Google asked you to install google maps? If you 'installed' google maps, I'm not wondering if
it tried to call the built in browser for it's needs and thus you hit the 300k limit? Just guessing as my LG 900G is not
activated and can't try it.

In starting this thread, this is to avoid having to install anything and going right to: http://maps.google.com using a
browser other than the default browser. :) Have you tried this, and avoid installing an app? Maybe things will be
different? ... Try it when you get a moment.
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All Hail King Turk
* Ok everyone, here is an update to my experiment on this "Google Map crap" (<-- you guys like that one?). (lol)

* I decided to try the URL (up above) again today to just make sure I was correct with my previous testing.

* Anyway, Google Maps did work this time around on my Net10 Samsung r355c. (I don't know why it didn't the first time?)

* My phone has a big screen, but the Map Screen that opened up was only about the size of a postage stamp. :ermm:

* I could zoom in on the Map only 3 times - but it really didn't make that much of a difference...
- and mapping on the phone is no where near what you can see on a real computer as far as quality (just saying).

* But all in all it works, and isn't that bad if you like stuff like this and don't mind burning minutes on your phone using it.

* KLM .... you asked above if I was using the brower that came with the phone? ... Yes I was.
- I don't think you can download different browsers on a CDMA phone like you can on the GSM phones?
- It's a "Verizon" browser I think? - and I think it's the only one you can use? - but if I am wrong, correct me.

* By the way, I used up another 5 minutes trying this out again ... who wants to pay me the 50 cents this time? (lol) ;)

Turk Maps B-)
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Hi Turk,

Hey, that 2nd google maps test was on your nickel this time, er 50 cent piece......Darned inflation! :D

On it not working the first time, maybe google was tweaking something, then goofed, then fixed it?

Uhhhh...r355c and adding browsers....This has come up before. let me check my notes...

Okay my notes fail me. Doing a google search I came across Sweeper mentioning he thought it does not
have java, and if not, you won't be able to install anything.

I did a google search for installing games on Samsung r355c and installing opera mini on Samsung r355c.
Something thousands of folks would search for.

In both searches what was returned first was all content farms (misleading web sites). That's never good.
From that I would guess the answer is no, you can't install another browser, or games.

But...I'm impressed that you were able to access google maps, and that you saw a dinky map etc..
I'm wondering if the 355c does not have a 300k web page size limit like so may other TF/Net10/ST phones
are dogged with.

Did you find the 'get directions' option and did it work at least? Now, don't burn minutes on my account to find out. :D

Have a great day,

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All Hail King Turk
* KLM .... thanks for checking out information for me about downloadable browsers and games for my phone.

* I knew the Samsung r355c didn't have Java, that's why I kind of figured I can't download stuff like games, etc. :ermm:

* I don't remember seeing a 'get directions option' while looking at Google Maps - next time I try it out, I'll look for it.

T U B-) R K
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Google maps isn't bad but I prefer the mapping app on my BlackBerry myself. If Tracfone ever starts selling
BlackBerry service I think they would sell a lot more phones... I have multiple BlackBerries in my home and
even my mother loves hers (and is probably better at using one than I am).

Either way, a mapping program is very convenient for traveling, the main disadvantage of either cited program is
that you have to physically be in an area served by an appropriate cell tower so it is useless out in the boonies...
(you could have the directions at the ready before leaving home and refer to them as needed though).
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I was just trying to satisfy the Net10/Trac users that often asked for years if Google Maps worked on their phone.
They did not ask if it would work 'out of range' as well :D but while they are in range they can download the turn
directions... Better than what they had, thanks to Google. :)
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All Hail King Turk
* Ok, I decided to try out the Google Maps on my Net10 Motorola ex124g to see what it would look like.

* I used the EDGE browser and it did work on my phone - and it was exactly the same as it was on my Samsung r355c.

* The Map that popped up was about the size of a postage stamp, same as on the Samsung r355c.

* Below the Map it had the "get directions" listed, so I typed in some locations and it showed the step by step directions.

* I couldn't find a way to make the Map bigger to fit the 3.2 inch screen better - I don't know if you can or not?

* I don't know if the Google Map stuff is better on the Opera Mini browser or Bolt browser - I don't have them.

* That is all I know - I just thought before I get rid of the Motorola ex124g that I would try it out for a reference.

* I used up 5 minutes again trying this out - but I'm not worried, for BobbyLee is sending me the 50 cents this time. ;)

Google Turk B-)
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Turk, why are you getting rid of the EX124g? ... Are you going back to the R355C?
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There may be a way to get the map to be bigger than a postage stamp. It just depends.
If it works, it might work on other phones as well.

Will take this bit by bit if you still want to try it Turk.

Lets look at the Google map files you have downloaded.
Do you just have one file (.JAR) or do you have a .JAD file as well on your phone?

While I wait for your answer, I need to get some specs on the ex124g.

Hi millept, you can find Turks thoughts about the phone in the ex124g thread... However, I had
hoped he would have given more details about his dislike for those of us who do not have one.

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All Hail King Turk
Turk, why are you getting rid of the EX124g? ... Are you going back to the R355C?
* Hell ya! - asap! .... Wooooooooooo! (lol)

* KLM .... thanks for wanting to help me out with "step by step" directions to make the Map bigger on the ex124g.
* Sorry, I can't ... I already started the transfer back process to my Turkberry (r355c) ... the Moto ex124g is dead.
* However, when I get my Turkberry up and running, I'll see if I can try to make the Google Map bigger on it.

* awweeks ... I moved your Motorola ex124g comments to the Motorola ex124g Official Topic ... thanks. ;)

* To be continued on the Motorola ex124g Official Topic...

T/U/R/K B-)
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