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I lost my Tracfone! (Questions? Help!)
Topic Started: June 20, 2010, 1:26 am (10,179 Views)

Turk, any advice on what to do when you lose your Tracfone, and not too much of a chance of getting it back.
Had a bunch of minutes on it to .... Lost it at the Eagles concert in Chicago.
Any way that you can keep your number and minutes?

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All Hail King Turk
* frogcollector ... here is some Information I've read about other people losing their Tracfone or Net10 phone.

> You have to buy a new phone first (obviously) .... but don't activate it yet.

> Then you need to know your SIM number/Serial number of the lost phone. (plus minutes and phone number)
- (if you don't know the SIM # or Serial # ... then forget it, you can't get your Minutes or Phone number back)

> If you know the SIM/Serial Number + Minutes + Phone Number ... then you call Tracfone's Customer Service up.

> Tell them you lost your phone and ask if you can still transfer all your Info from the lost phone to the new phone.

> If your lucky, they'll be able to do it with all the Phone Information you provide them with.

> If one Tracfone Rep can't help you, or says you can't do that .... call them again and talk to another Rep.

* Good luck ... and let us know the results of your situation .... thanks .. ;)

T u B-) r K
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Hooray! I bought a new phone, and had the minutes and days transferred in less than 6 minutes
by "Roy" (best CSR), I've ever come across. Must be a record!

Thanks for the advice, it was right on as usual!
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That's fantastic!

I know my Sim/Serial # and Phone # - but I would have to guess the number of remaining minutes.
Did you know that offhand or did you just ballpark it and then "Roy" looked it up?
Or did he just take your word for it? How about remaining days? Did you have to recall that too?

Just for giggles, did you get any bonus minutes for the new activation? Not that I would expect it but I'm just curious.
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All Hail King Turk
* frogcollector .... that's great it all worked out for you .... and fast to! .... (and you're welcome)

* May I ask what phone model did you lose? .... and what new phone model did you buy?

* Also, to add another question to horao's list .... did you get your old phone number transferred as well?

TurkFone B-)
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Hi, I took an educated guess on the remaining minutes on the old phone and they accepted it.
Didn't have to remember the remaining days, they just gave them to me. Yes, received 10 mins for activation.
I lost a Motorola 370, bought a new one for $15.00. Have had no problems at all with that phone for approx. 3 years!

Everyone, have a wonderful week!
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