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[DRAFT] Liberate Republicans
Topic Started: Jan 3 2011, 12:42 AM (342 Views)
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Yellow Matter Custard
WFE of Republicans

Reichskommissariat Republikaner - Großdeutsches Reich

Zhis region has been crushed under zhe goose-stepping leather marching boots of the the Greater German Reich

Let's hail zhe brave nations of The Holy Empire of Gililandia, The Evil Empire of Chevolet,The Dictatorship of Grofazland, The Federal Republic of Der Deutsch Menschen and The Armed Republic of Selegnia for bringing zhe glory and prosperity of nationalsocialism to zhis region!

Republicans is an old region, it was first created on May 28 2003. In March of this year it had a healthy 6-13 sized region with a delegate which had since degraded into a two nation region when this happened...

The FRA reports that on Nov 30 2010,
Raider Leads: Borrachia

Raiders: Maritime Cities, German Irish Bund, Wasaplol, Tinajeros, Drayerstone

Lot of nations moved in.

Borrachia has been in the region himself less than 7 days.

☨ since then the Federal Republic of German Irish Bund was ejected from the WA for rule violations on Dec. 28.

The Greater German Reich has done this before, when they raided Union of The Snake on May 11 2010. The lead was Scarsaw Outpost Bravo, with two endorsers: Geheimgesellschaft, Nudelauflauf. Within a few hours, a password was imposed and the invaders left except one of them which sat there until the region perished sometime between June 20 -- June 26 2010.

The Greater German Riech also tried to invade "National Socialist Wehrmacht" on May 14 2008, this was squashed by the FRA. Zhukovs Shock Army was the invader delegate and its endorsers were Hobbledehoys, Babilum and Iron Buddha. The Greater German Reich claimed the FRAs were supporting nazism by defending the region and called them "Nazi Lovin Facists".

RMB scrappings from Republicans
Native --- TheThanksgiving Turkey (Dec. 23): Um, honorable delegate: why the password in our region?

Borrachia (Dec. 23): To protect zhe region from communists and liberals. If you're happy here you can stay as long as you want, as it seems you are zhe only participating member.

Native (Dec. 27): Um, Borrachia - the Republican way is to use your endorsements and eject any commies or liberals you don't like. Keeping Republicans locked up will strangle the region of Republicans

Leather-Masked Germany (Dec. 31) : I have come to inspect zhe subjugation of zhis region, vhich has received zhe honour of becoming Our first Reichskommissariat . Do not attempt resist Our dominance, The Disputed Territories of TheThanksgiving Turkey!

☨ Reichskommissariat
A `Reichskommissariat` or Reich Commission was an administration for occupied territories held by Nazi Germany in World War II led by a Nazi Party official known as a Reichskommissar. These entities were German governed and intended for eventual colonization and integration with Germany. Examples include: * Reichskommissariat Kaukasus * Reichskommissariat Moskau * Reichskommissariat Niederlande * Reichskommissariat Norwegen * Reichskommissariat Ostland *

Important (or otherwise, just recorded) Times
  • Nov. 24-25 2010, Borrachia moves to Republicans.
  • Nov. 30 2010, Maritime Cities, German Irish Bund☨, Wasaplol, Tinajeros, Drayerstone crash Republicans and support Borrachia.
  • Dec. 8 2010, the Hut and the House joins the region.
  • Dec. 17 2010, I suspect that sometime around this day, Britania and Freeturf were ejected and banned from Republicans. They created their own region, Conservadom.
  • Dec. 20 2010 -- 18 GMT, Borrachia puts up a password. (Suspected Time)
  • Dec. 20 2010 -- 20 GMT, Borrachia ejects the Hut and the House. (Questionable Time)
  • Dec. 20 2010 -- 20 GMT, Borrachia bans Hancok. (Questionable Time)
  • Dec. 21 2010 -- 18 GMT, Borrachia bans the Hut and the House. (Questionable Time)
  • Dec. 26 2010, the Hut and House moves to Conservadom.
  • Dec. 26 2010, Leather-Masked Germany moves to Republicans, later claims to be the inspector of the region's subjugation.

I asked Hancok what he knew about the situation in Republicans, he replied "No i have no idea i went their and stayed their for a little bit and i went on one time and i was banjected."

General Overview, so far

The Greater German Reich planted a puppet in Republicans, which they crashed the region with shortly after. The FRA did not attempt to liberate because they were unsure if the region was being raided or if this was a native's movement for delegate. The Greater German Reich and its lead invader pretended to be benevolent natives for a while till they established a password -- since then, they have more boldly admitting to having the intention of "dominating" and "subjugating" the region as "Reichskommissariat Republikaner" of the Greater German Reich. It is unclear if this is a lie and they actually intend to destroy the region and leave it as they did with the Union of the Snake, but I think we can safely assume that the Greater German Reich is up to no good. Several refugees of the conflict are staying in Conservadom, but at-least one native is still in Republicans. They have been contacted, but none have yet to reply.

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