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Welcome to The Portkey! Transporting you straight to Harry Potter's next generation. We are still needing characters and you'd be very welcome among us. So, what are you waiting for? Take this portkey and join the fun!

War has ended, Voldemort was defeated 25 years ago. It left space to a new world. A peaceful world; for a whole new generation of young wizards and witches to take hold of. However blood wars and rivality still remain. Voldemort’s supporters are still around, and a new source of danger appears to be rising at Hogwarts.

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It's cold. It's winter. The frosty air fills every bit of the castle and its surroundings, snow decorates the naked trees and bushes adding a magic glow to it all. Tranquility is only to be disturbed by occasional snowball fights.

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"Mess with us, and you get Rose! Be afraid, be very afraid!"

- Emma Cresswell.

Board Offline
After giving it some thought I’ve decided it’s best I set this board offline for a while. I’m very sorry about this. I've thought about it… a lot, actually. I've tried seeing this from different perspectives.

I know we all love role playing, and I really hate having to do this but trust me I have my reasons. Main reason: I feel things have gotten out of control and lost their balance, to a level that I consider preoccupying. And it makes everything seem absolutely pointless. I have people backing me up on this also.

Having to explain I must say there’s people paying too much care to role play and closing their eyes to other important things, like friendship. I know this doesn't involve everyone, and I'm really sorry for the ones that do not fit in this category. But aren’t we a group?

A group that has lost their balance, apparently.

The board will me up as soon as I consider it, and I'm deeply sorry that you have to pay for this too.