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Sandstorm LC team; Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated
Topic Started: Sep 18 2011, 09:27 PM (1,705 Views)

Hi! I am ready to start buidling my LC team. So far, this is my ideas and i would like and feedback or suggestions for it.

Team Sandstorm

Hippopotas Item??? Nature???
EV's 132 HP 132 DEF 100 ATK 100 SPD 20 SPE
Stealth Rock

This is my lead. obviously, Hippopotas is a must-have for a sandstorm team. My strategy with him is to set up stealth rock and substitute, and then just keep using roar to stall the opponent. Earthquake is used for a easy 1HKO on electric, fire and rock pokemon. Hippopotas will shift out on a pokemon that is super effective to it.

Cacnea Item: Bright Powder Nature???
Ev's 36HP 236 ATK 236SPE
Poison Jab
Swords Dance
Seed Bomb

Cacnea will be my main physical sweeper after a substitute, cacnea will be lethal with a couple boosts from swords dance, being able to knock out most pokemon with Poison Jab or Seed Bomb. Also, with Sand Veil, it will have a higher evasivness to avoid potential killers.

Numel Item??? Nature???
240SPA 236SPE
Flame Charge
Iron Head
Rock Slide

Numel is used as another bulky sandstorm user. I picked Numel mostly for type coverage, being fire and ground types. Numel will boost its speed with Flame Charge and could be able to wipe out a pokemon before being KO'ed

196ATK 52HP 232DEF 20 SPE
Shadow Claw
Dragon Claw

I picked Gible once again for type coverage. Since Ice-Types are a rarity in LC, GIble doesn't need a fire type move, so i put sandstorm instead, so he could be another sandstorm user. Gible also has a high attack stat so shadow claw and dragon claw can cover most opposing pokemon.

188DEF 36ATK 148 DEF 84HP
Flash Cannon
Leech Seed
Seed Bomb

Ferroseed is the other Staller on my team, who will set up spikes and Leech seed then use STAB Flash cannon and Seed Bomb to finish them off.

236ATK 76DEF 196SPE
Swords Dance
Brick Break
Sucker Punch
Psyco Cut

I picked this set because Pawniard's main weakness is fighting, but psyco cut can counter all of the fighting types that are usually sent out against it.

OK thats my team all suggestions are greatly apprectiated
Edited by apple4u, Sep 18 2011, 09:27 PM.
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eric the espeon
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This forum has been empty for years. If you want help, your best choices would be PO's teams forum: http://pokemon-online.eu/forums/forumdisplay.php?23-Teams
or Smogon's: http://www.smogon.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=120

But remember to read the rules for each to be sure it's not locked there :)
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GoldenKnight says hi

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I speak for everyone when I say I don't know how the hell you have become site staff :D

i agree
owner of #lc, #osm, #lcwifi, #lcwarstories, #lcmafia, #lcubers, #lcwc, #vader, #VARK, #kfc and best of all #fap
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