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Name: Utili-Tank
move 1: Stone Edge/Earthquake
move 2: Flamethrower
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Stealth Rock/Taunt
item: Oran Berry
ability: Sturdy
nature: Relaxed
evs: 212 Def/196 HP/54 SpD/20 Atk


Well this is an interesting spread, no? Shieldon is a very hit-or-miss pokemon; that is, he either does his job or doesn't. First off, the guy's a physical tank. 23 defense unboosted is nothing to scoff at, and even with low HP, no physical attack is going to do very much damage. On the other hand, he's got much less special defense, as well as less that stellar typing. Anything that hits for super effective damage is likely to be a OHKO, because his only physical weaknesses are 4x effective (Fighting and Ground), and common Surf users usually pack high special attack and/or a Life Orb.

The idea here is to switch the little tyke in on a non-SE physical attack. They shouldn't be too hard to come by, Shieldon's got nine resistances. Use the switch opportunity to set up Stealth Rock, or Taunt on the switch if you predict a utility pokemon coming in. Flamethrower is mainly for Bronzor, and is generally a 3HKO (accounting for Oran Berry). However, with no EV investment in SpA, you're gambling a bit: if your first attack deals lower than 50% and your second deals higher, you can KO without the Oran activating. Ice Beam is to be used for the Dragons who can't touch you in any way, besides Dratini Surf. But you should find an opportunity to switch into Outrage.

Earthquake is an option over Stone Edge, if, like me, you hate gambling on less than 100% accuracy. If provides adequate type coverage against most threats you'll run up against, and even if it doesn't hit Flying, Ice, and Bug like SE does, you've got Ice Beam and Flamethrower.


vs. Bronzor: 44.00% - 56.00% (Flamethrower, 252 HP +Nature Bronzor)

vs. Dratini: 71.43% - 85.71% (Ice Beam)

Name: Curser
move 1: Stone Edge
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Flamethrower
move 4: Curse
item: Oran Berry
ability: Sturdy
nature: Relaxed
evs: 196 HP/132 Def/100 Atk/54 SpD/20 SpA
ivs: 0 Spd


Basic Curse set. I moved the EVs around a bit to reflect the attack boosts you'll be getting from Curse. Now that you can actually hurt things, 11 attack just isn't fitting. Defense can also afford a drop from 23 points to 22. Flamethrower remains a constant, and since this set is offensive, Earthquake is a valid replacement over Taunt. While it doesn't have STAB like Iron Tail or Iron Head, it does provide much better type coverage than either of the two.

Since you're planning on lowering your speed anyway, you might as well run 0 Spd IVs. Doing so will give you an unimpressive 7, great for surprising an opponent running Trick Room.

Name: Rock Polish
move 1: Stone Edge
move 2: Iron Head/Iron Tail
move 3: Flamethrower
move 4: Rock Polish
item: Oran Berry
ability: Sturdy
nature: Lax
evs: 196 HP/132 Def/116 Spd/20 Atk/20 SpA


Shieldon has access to Rock Polish, and enough speed to pull it off. By running a speed neutral nature with 116 Spd, you will hit 22 after an RP, enough to beat out any non-Scarfer. Because of that, Iron Head is now a usable move. It loses 30 BP off of Iron Tail, but has a 30% chance of flinching, which is very worth it. Flamethrower and Stone Edge remain constant.

The ones among you who actually know what Lax does should be complaining at this point about the drop in special defense. However, there's no other choice. Any other neutral speed nature would require a drop in one of Shieldon's more important stats, like special attack (would be dropped to an ineffective 9), attack (also 9), or defense, which is the real reason to use Shieldon in the first place.

Name: Metal Burst
move 1: Stone Edge
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Taunt/Stealth Rock
move 4: Metal Burst
item: Focus Sash/Shuca Berry
ability: Sturdy
nature: Relaxed
evs: 196 HP/20 Atk/212 Def/20 SpA/54 SpD


Bring this in on a physical pokemon like Munchlax or Gligar and give them a nasty surprise. With Focus Sash you'll survive the incoming Earthquake and OHKO with Metal Burst. Taunt or SR is your preference, both to be used if you're planing to force a switch. SR is always good to have set up, while Taunt can make sure that new pokemon will attack just the way you want it to. Ice Beam remains for Dragons.

Shuca Berry won't protect you from Gligar's Earthquake like Focus Sash will, but it offers more insurance against Muchlax if you're afraid you'll take damage before it comes onto the field.


Shieldon has quite a bit of utility moves to use here. The classic Screech/Swagger combination is a viable option, as is Metal Sound for a nice debilitating move. A Toxic/Protect combination can be used to stall for a bit, and Endure can make you last that much longer. A move I was considering on the Utility set is Torment, which will stop those Choice users in their tracks. Taunt seemed to be somewhat more practical, but Torment will definitely mess with your opponent's strategy.

Shieldon is a notable counter to Murkrow, resisting both its STABs, but most Murkrows pack HP Fighting. I've found it useful in my battles to use a Chople Berry for this. Switch in on a Drill Peck or Sucker Punch, and while they attack you for roughly 80%, hit them for a lot more.

Since Shieldon is pretty special-oriented already, Thunderbolt is a decent option. Many on LC's threats are already covered, but Staryu, Omanyte, and Kabuto can give you serious problems if you're not running Earthquake. Three special attacks would either take away a STAB or a valuable utility move, so use sparingly.


The EVs do look a bit weird, I know. The idea is to max HP always, and then defense. 20 SpA is always needed on a neutral special attack nature to get the 2HKO on Bronzor with Flamethrower. Attack is basically an afterthought, since it would take a lot of EVs to make it something usable without Curse. Special Defense is not something Shieldon has much of a need for, considering it is much more defensive than special defensive. OPINION

Shieldon is a great little wall. Heavy defenses and a lot of useful resistances make him a big pain in the butt. Nothing physical can stay in against him for long, and by the time a special sweeper comes in, he'll already have lain some Rocks or Cursed a bit. He's got a lot of utility options, which gives him the surprise factor. With a 42 base in both attacks, don't expect him to kill much, but he can be a useful addition to any team.


Any bulky Fighting or Ground type is a counter to Shieldon. Machop, Gligar, Hippopotas, you name it. Staryu can get a free switch on Metal Burst or Iron Tail, but it should watch out for Stone Edge or Torment, if you choose to use it. Bronzor can safely switch on anything but Flamethrower and Earthquake right back, but should beware the 2HKO if it doesn't have Oran berry. Shieldon is still faster after all.

Anything with a super effective attack can easily revenge kill iron face, but with its mighty defense and many resistances and neutralities, anything non-SE should play with caution.