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LCF Rules

Do not criticise Smogon. Here is not the place to express petty complaints about or suggestions for Smogon policy, if you want to do that, contact a moderator and administrator on the Smogon website. Smogon have also been co-operative in allowing us to link to the LCF and possibly allowing us to host analyses on their site in future so be respectful as part of our part of the bargain.

Any flaming or trolling is not allowed at all, outside of The Oven. Flaming is the use of an insult, personal attack, etc. against another member. It's usually very clear cut, but when it isn't, the moderators will discuss the case. Trolling (for example attempting to do nothing but stir up a heated argument with a provocative statement, such as "LITTLE CUP SUCKS DISCUSS") is much more up to moderator discretion, but is also not allowed on Little Cup Forums.

Please do not change the subject of a thread to something irrelevant. For example, if the thread is tournament sign-ups, you shouldn't post something along the lines of "hey I think MMORPGs are great" in it. A slight mention of something like "Oh, sorry, I was at the pool" should not invite you to say "I love pools!" with nothing else. Slight drift to related issues is often acceptable, especially in threads without a single direct purpose.

Discussion of illegal activities, such as keygens, ROMs, drugs, and the like are not only irrelevant to the forum, they are strictly forbidden on Little Cup Forums..

Pornographic or explicit material is not allowed on Little Cup Forums at all. Do not. Ever. Not even in the Oven..

While you won't be immediately warned for this, posting a guide or an analysis when you have little to no knowledge as to what you are talking about is a bad idea in general. We at LCF would rather not spend more time fixing up your work when it would be faster for a knowledgeable person to rewrite the article..

SPAM, or "stupid, pointless, annoying messages", such as one word / irrelevant posts, double-posts, and the like are not allowed. The occasional double post is okay, everyone slips up. However, it is in your best interest to avoid these kind of posts. No one actually cares about their post count anyway..

Use proper English on the forums! No one is going to care if you split an infinitive or make a typo or two, but no one likes reading "i herd you liek mudkips". Actually, that particular example is an exception to the rule as it is hilarious, but if u tyep liek dis da intire tiem ur heer ull b warn3d kwikly..

Due to COPPA rules, members who post or admit to being under 13 years of age will be banned. There is a form they can fill out so that we can unblock you, but we don't have the COPPA approval system set up yet..

Do not register a second account. There is no need for alts as name changes can be requested. If we find you using an alt, the account with more posts will be banned.

Do not send unnecessary PMs to large amounts of people. If you are not sure what is necessary, PM a mod first for approval of a mass message..

Don't "bump" threads unless you have something very significant you want to add to the topic or otherwise want to restore discussion on it. In general, do not ever. You probably don't have a good reason to.

Ask questions in the Simple Question, Simple Answer thread.

Don't make your avatar a badge. It's just annoying and stupid and a GREAT way to ensure you'll never get one.