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Name: Curselax
move 1: Curse
move 2: Return
move 3: Pursuit
move 4: Earthquake
item: Oran Berry
ability: Thick Fat
nature: Relaxed
evs: 236 HP/ 36 Def/ 236 SpD


Good ol' Curselax rises again! After a curse, Munchlax has unmatched 33/18/18 defenses, letting it sponge attacks from both sides of the spectrum with ease, while hitting from an excellent 22 attack with a STAB Return. This Curselax gets played similarly to its counterpart in OU, Snorlax, but with a number of important changes. Because Munchlax doesn't get Crunch, it has to go with Pursuit to hit ghosts SE, which allows you to also move in and threaten special attackers such as Gastly and Abra if you want to go for the kill instead of the free Curse. Earthquake beats Steels and Rocks. Rest is a huge liability in Little Cup, so it's left off.

Name: SubPunch
move 1: Substitue
move 2: Focus Punch
move 3: Return
move 4: Pursuit
item: Oran Berry/Leftovers
ability: Thick Fat
nature: Relaxed/Sassy
evs: 76 HP/156 Atk/196 Def/76 SpD


A gimmicky set, but it could work. Munchlax can come in on a multitude of special attacks, especially fire-type and ice-type ones. It can also come in on fire/ice type physical attacks, so Relaxed is the preferred nature. Once it comes in, people generally switch to something that can actually deal damage to Munchlax, which will allow you to get a Sub up. Return is always nice for powerful STAB, and Pursuit threatens Misdreavus and Gastly. If you use Leftovers, shift the Special Defense EVs into HP for maximum healing.

Name: Choicelax
move 1: Return
move 2: Pursuit
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Surf / Fire Blast
item: Choice Band
ability: Thick Fat
nature: Brave
evs: 236 Attack/36 Sp. Attack/236 Sp. Defense


Choicelax is an absurdly powerful hitter right off the bat. Bring it into almost any special attacker, then throw out its incredibly dangerous Return. A STAB Return off of 29 Attack is devastating in Little Cup, crushing most everything that doesn't resist it. Alternately, bring it in on Gastly, Abra, or Misdreavus and Pursuit for the guaranteed kill. Earthquake covers Rhyhorn, Geodude, and Onix, three Pokemon that would normally cause trouble for Munchlax. However, with a little prediction, Surf will OHKO all three. Fire Blast can be used over Surf to hit Bronzor.

Name: Wall
move 1: Return
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Pursuit
move 4: Protect / Recycle / Rest
item: Leftovers / Oran Berry / Chesto Berry
ability: Thick Fat
nature: Sassy
evs: 236 HP/36 Def/236 SpD


Munchlax's high Special Defense lets it wall special opponents handily, threatening opponents like Gastly and Misdreavus with Pursuit. Unlike the Choice Band set, this one has healing and the ability to change moves. Return is strong STAB, EQ hits Rocks and Steels, Pursuit hits ghosts. Protect can scout and get Lefties healing, Recycle works with Oran Berry for more healing, and Chesto Rest can instantly rejuvenate Munchlax.


Munchlax should seek to bolster its low Defense over other things. On the SubPunch set, Attack is important, since you'll only get a couple chances to attack with that set. If you're feeling rather adventurous, you can use Brave or Adamant on the SubPunch set to add a little extra power to your attacks.


Given the fast pace of the Little Cup metagame, tossing Natural Gift in the place of Rest on the Curse set can allow it to surprise certain counters if you think that you won't be able to get a Rest in. Watmel Berry gives an 80 BP fire attack to surprise Bronzor, which walls you otherwise. Munchlax also has an interesting special moveset which could possibly be utilized to catch other counters off guard. If using Munchlax to wall, let it be known that with 156+ HP EVs (32+ HP), Leftovers recovers 2 HP per turn, meaning if you live more than 5 turns, Leftovers out-heals Oran Berry. However, if using Oran Berry, you can use Recycle for semi-stable healing.


Munchlax hits like a truck with STAB return, threatens the powerful sweepers of Abra and Gastly with Pursuit, and uses Curse to be a powerful threat to enemies of all types. Its unmatched 135 HP bolstered by 85 Special Defense and Curse combine to create an amazing threat, both defensively AND offensively. It also works as an amazing threat under Trick Room, where its unmatched 4 minimum speed makes ChoiceLax a scary proposition.


Bronzor can prove to wall Munchlax pretty hard in most cases, as Munchlax can't hit it SE, and its neutral attacks are mediocre at dealing with it. Gastly walls sets that use Brick Break to deal with Zor as well. Fighting Pokemon can also hit it pretty hard as long as it doesn't have a couple curses up yet, so anything that packs a strong Fighting move that can come in before Curse gets out of hand will make short work of it.