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Name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Return
move 3: Fire Punch / Hammer Arm
move 4: Power Whip
item: Oran Berry
ability: Own Tempo
nature: Brave
EVs: 116 HP / 236 Atk / 76 Def / 76 SpD


Lickitung is very hard to take down in the Little Cup metagame, with excellent defenses. This set exploits that. Swords Dance boosts its attack to a whopping 32, giving it the power to exact a ferocious beatdown on most anything. Lickitung should have no trouble getting in a Swords Dance, which will allow it to hit VERY hard against anything that doesn't resist Normal. Fire Punch and Hammer Arm are illegal together, so pick one. Hammer Arm hits Munchlax, Fire Punch hits Bronzor. This works REALLY well in a Trick Room team, where it's almost guaranteed to go first with its low speed.

Name: Bulky Special Attacker
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Wring Out
move 4: Hammer Arm
item: Oran Berry/Choice Specs
ability: Own Tempo
nature: Quiet
EVs: 36 HP / 156 Def / 196 SpA / 76 SpD


Lickitung can work as a bulky special attacker, too. STAB Wring Out is absurdly powerful on Lickitung, being a 180 Base Power move after STAB against a full HP opponent coming off of 16 Special Attack. BoltBeam is excellent as always, and Hammer Arm hits Munchlax. Alternately, you can use this set with Choice Specs. If you thought Wring Out was beefy from 16 SpA, 24 makes it even better. Lickitung's bulkiness also allows it to come in more times, making it an excellent hit-and-run Pokemon.

Name: Supporting Wall
move 1: Wish
move 2: Body Slam
move 3: Fire Punch / Hammer Arm
move 4: Protect
item: None/Oran Berry
ability: Own Tempo
nature: Relaxed
EVs: 116 HP / 156 Def / 236 SpD


Lickitung's incredible walling is complemented by a decent supporting movepool. 27/17/17 Defenses are excellent, letting Lickitung use its good supportive moves a lot. Wish can heal you and your other Mons, and works with Protect. Body Slam's power isn't terrible especially with STAB, providing Paralysis support. Protect is mainly for scouting purposes or letting Wish do its thing.

Name: CurseTung
move 1: Curse
move 2: Return/Body Slam
move 3: Power Whip/Surf
move 4: Earthquake
item: Oran Berry
ability: Own Tempo
nature: Sassy
EVs: 116 HP / 156 Atk / 236 SpD


Licki's tongue isn't just for licking. Swear like a sailor to beef up that already excellent attack and defense to amazing levels, while dropping your useless speed. Return for strong STAB, Body Slam for paralysis support. Power Whip hits Rocks, Fire Punch hits Steels, and both hit Ghosts. Alternately, Surf can be used to take down Rock/Grounds like Geodude, Rhyhorn, and Onix.


Earthquake can be used as the filler move in a couple of sets, hitting both Rock and Steel, but ineffective against Bronzor and Gastly. Psych Up can copy an opponent's stat boosts, which may come in handy. SubPunching is possible as well, but it's easier just to hit off the bat with Lickitung. Counter can be a nasty surprise for anyone that wants to off Lickitung fast as well. Belly Drum can be used, but Lickitung is way too slow to do it effectively. Alternately, Lickitung has a massive special movepool that can replace any part of the Special Attacker set. Recycle with an Oran Berry gives reasonable healing ability. You can stick a Choice Band on the first set and replace Swords Dance with any other attacking move for better coverage.


Lickitung has a great movepool, excellent defensive stats, and can hit hard on either side. However, it's slow as hell, so it's rather vulnerable in the fast-paced Little Cup game. If you can get it set up, however, it'll be sure to do some major damage.


It's hard to directly counter a Pokemon such as Lickitung. Really, the only thing you can do is hit it as hard and fast as you can and try to take it out before it can do too much damage. Gastly can come in on a CB Return or Wring Out and deal some damage, but falls to pretty much anything else. Anything with a strong fighting move can put a major dent in it, but watch out for Counter.