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As you probably already know Zetaboards has a function for inbuilt blogs, which means that every member has the ability to create a blog where they can post their own personal opinions on anything sensible, from Little Cup, general Pokemon to IRL things.

If you want to create a blog, at the very top of the page, there is a button called "Preferences", hover your cursor over it and select "Update Profile". Under "Profile Options" click "My Blog" at the very bottom of the list, and follow the instructions. We want blogs to be high quality and not something everyone has so if you do create a blog, make sure it is updated quite regularly, at least every two or three weeks depending on your content. If you write masterpieces or rely on statistics etc there is leeway. Also, use proper English, don't break general forum rules, only post finished blog entrys, and please use bloody paragraphs.

If you want to advertise your blog, you can post in the thread and it will be added to the index below, you can also post when you update your blog so that we keep the "last updated" column correct. The index is in order of latest updated.

Active Blogs Index
LinkLast Updated
BahohnsJune 25th 2009
HeYsUpJune 23rd 2009
VaderJune 23rd 2009
eric the espeonJune 23rd 2009
kd24June 22nd 2009
Mr EscalatorJune 22nd 2009
GoldenKnightJune 22rd 2009
ColloquyJune 15th 2009
DixieJune 9th 2009