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My name is Luke Miller. I am also known as KD24. I like-- stop. This sounds like my 2nd grade essay. Yeah, I am a huge Pokemon fan and I also enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh and Sports. And Porn. But I never like to mix them. I learn at a young age that Porn and Pokemon don't mix, so I keep them seperated.<br /><br />I'm a bit mental but friendly, and I'm looking forward to helping out LCF again.

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Jun 22

LC now ... and then...

LC has changed quite a bit, especially from our site's creation which specializes in Little Cup. In this entry, I'm going to remember the past of Little Cup and compare it to the future. Also, anything goes. I am not pulling any punches. If I want to say it, I am gonna say it.

Vader probably doesn't shower.

Bam, didn't expect it this early. Yes, this is like Stephen Colbert's book but here is the difference: This is going to be stored on a computer until I publish it. Which means you will read it here.

But, er yeah, Little Cup sure has changed a lot. I am going to list 5 things that we rarely think of today.

1. Wynaut. Poor Wynaut. This thing was hyped early, and we even had a debate or two on the server about it and its status. But now look; lower than 60 on the usage stats. I didn't even know there were 60 LC Pokemon to choose from X_X. He really has nothing, Munchlax is simply going to wall better because it can do damage without predicting. Wynaut's Encore just doesn't work anymore, especially since Pokemon won't be switching into Wynaut, Wynaut will be coming into them. And with an ATTACK mindset, ... well, Wynaut just doesn't stand a chance. Wynaut does do a nice job of taking on things that rely on moves like Agility or Rock Polish though. Just keep Countering until they attack!

2. Ban testing. Well, so long to the days where Eric, Dixie, Mr. Happy, and I would simply toss a Pokemon up for a discussing, give it a two day test, and then hold a quick vote. Nope, this has become a long process now and maybe it's for the better. But it makes you think: Do Tangela and DeapSeaTooth Clamperl deserve testing again? Personally, Tangela happens to make a great counter to Gligar without Aerial Ace, so it would be nice to see it. But yeah, who knows what the future holds, but it is nice to see we have come such a long way from simply putting a Pokemon in the hot seat.

3. EricTheEspeon. This guy is interesting to say the least. He gave me my SuperMod and eventually Admin for 2 weeks position and is a good man. He tries harder everyday to make this a good place for us

But wait! Let's see what the rest of the world has to say about Eric, shall we?

3. Smogon

Pokemon Nazi Elitist hell.

Fun place to flame.

Until you get infracted.

For saying "n00b."

Full of fags (re: Chrisisme, Eric The Espeon, Jimbo, etc.)

This entry was created by a unknown source and while I strongly disagree with it, you can't help but do a double take when you see Eric The Espeon being strongly accused of fagginess.

However, he is still an amazing guy and I'm going to speak for everyone when we say: Thank you Eric.

4. What Vader might do in the Shower: This space is unoccupied.

5. And I am out of things to say really, but yeah I would want to mention; Try out every LC Pokemon! Just like Yugioh 5D in the Facility, every one of them has a purpose (except the truly terrible ones like Caterpie), and it's our job to find that purpose. So try some new things out, I have personally taken a liking to Lileep and Anorith myself!

Posted Jun 22 2009, 11:24 PM · 2 comments