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Do Filipinos have low IQ?
Topic Started: Sep 7 2010, 04:44 AM (2,556 Views)
Filipinos have the same IQ as Africans?

The Worldwide Pattern of IQ Scores
East Asians average higher on IQ tests than Whites, both in the U. S. and in Asia, even though IQ tests were developed for use in the Euro-American culture. Around the world, the average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; for Whites, about 100; and for Blacks about 85 in the U.S. and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Country IQ estimate
1 Hong Kong 107
2 South Korea 106
3 Japan 105
4 Taiwan 104
5 Singapore 103
6 Austria 102
6 Germany 102
6 Italy 102
6 Netherlands 102
10 Sweden 101
10 Switzerland 101
12 Belgium 100
12 China 100

52 Philippines 86

For People's Republic of China, the authors used a figure of 109.4 for Shanghai and adjusted it down by an arbitrary 6 points because they believed the average across China's rural areas was probably less than that in Shanghai. Another figure from a study done in Beijing was not adjusted downwards. Those two studies formed the resultant score for China (PRC). For the figure of Macau, the average IQ is 104 which is obtained from the score of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and in such a way transformed into an IQ score.


The whole list can be seen here:

The problem is any measurement of Intelligence will have flaws. Creators of the test will have their own ideas of what intelligence is. What is considered intelligence?

There are differing schools of thoughts about what should be included as part of intelligence. The following is a samples list:
Natural-Nature Smart
Musical Intelligence
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Existential Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart”)
Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart”)
Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”)
(All of the above are different aspects of the 9 Types of intelligence, listed here:

I would add General knowledge. This would include facts, figure, and various types of knowledge.

The challenge is: How do you quantify all these variables? How much to you weigh each aspect? No measuring system is perfect. You have to look at what does the best job.

Most of the genes pertinent to the human brain, intelligence and mental stability are on the X chromosome.

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Could this news blurb brighten your gloomy day?:

Filipino math aces bag 48 medals in Canadian competition
By Jerry E. Esplanada
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – Young Filipino numbers aces continue to make the country proud by winning a total of 48 medals, including 17 golds, in the tough 2010 Canadian Mathematics Competition (CMC).

Students from the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School in Zamboanga City and St. Jude Catholic School, Xavier School and Grace Christian College, all in Metro Manila, were the country's top medal winners, according to Dr. Simon Chua, president & co-founder of Mathematics Trainers' Guild-Phils.(MTG).
The math wizards are wards of MTG, a non-government group which aims to promote excellence in math training and education in the country.

The country also bagged 16 silver and 15 bronze medals in the annual CMC correspondence tests, conducted by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

With a 100-medal haul, the Philippine team topped the contest, followed by Thailand and Taiwan with 48 and 46 medals, respectively.

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I think this article is related to the topic of this thread:

Is the Filipino a Stupid Creature?
From: http://antipinoy.com/filipino-stupid-creature/

(This is a repost one of my personal blog vent-outs, and now has some rewritten parts. It remains very relevant today)

Some years ago, a friend of mine when he took a taxi did the customary conversation with the driver. The latter lapped on with the usual statement that life is hard, etc. My friend asked why life is hard for the driver. The reply was that the driver has two women, and thus a lot of children to feed from both. My friend then answered, “well it’s your fault that life is hard,” and it went back to the “life is what you make it” wisdom.

This friend of mine also shares with me a certain view: it is hard to change our view that the Filipino is a stupid creature. Like the driver in the taxi, Filipinos just keep on doing the stupidest things without even being concerned whether what they do is right or wrong. Rather, they defend everything they do as right.

They elect a gambler, drunk and womanizer to the highest office in the country; it’s right daw. They suspect their spouse is cheating and cheat the same; it’s right daw. They steal money from an employer because they were denied a raise; it’s right daw. A lady is cheated by her husband, and gets treated like trash, is even battered, but she sticks to her husband despite his obvious harem of women, just to keep the family image intact; it’s right daw. They throw trash on the street and call you stupid for keeping your candy wrapper in your pocket until you find a trash can. Now with the scattered candy wrappers clogging the drains and causing floods, who’s stupid?

When someone like Adam Carolla, Alec Baldwin or Teri Hatcher says something true yet scathing about Filipinos, the latter flares up in a needless rage, while other countries would take such snipes in stride. When they learn that a chocolate product has their name on it (Filipinos Bar), they chase after the company, saying that it is insulting them; meanwhile, other countries would not mind seeing their nationality used as a brand name. Filipinos also habitually spew hot air all over the place, claiming to be the best, when all that they are is the best in boasting. Then news comes of a Filipino animation company that openly committed dishonesty towards a foreign company. Then they wonder why the advanced other countries “oppress” us poor Filipinos.

Of course the example of the taxi driver is one of stupidity thanks to corrupted values and thinking in this country. Some people think that procreation is an absolute must; so when they’re in love, they should have sex and produce children. Why do they do it even if they earn barely enough for themselves? Just because the church said you could (and should) “go forth and multiply“? Hello, that is so OLD Testament. We don’t do that anymore. Hmmm, come to think of it, some have sex thinking that they won’t have children from it. Then the children come out. “Bahala na,” the parents say.

OK, so some people will tell me that I’m cruel to think of other people as stupid. Or even racist to say “Filipinos are stupid.” But the thing is, open your eyes… there they are. Stupidity is a biting reality. Well, for me, at least there are a lot of dumb Filipinos. Those who wouldn’t know a spoon from a fork even if you explain it to them. They’ll just say pareho lang ‘yan, gamit pang-kain. You tell them what’s right and wrong, but they can embrace the wrong even if they know it’s wrong. They may or may not rationalize that it’s right for them, but you’re dead right that they’re dead wrong. “Di naman ‘yan magiging masama kung di mo iisipin na masama ‘yan.” Yeah, right.

However, in conclusion, I would agree that the Filipino is not necessarily dumb. Many Filpinos are “matalino” and all that… they’re just not using their coconut shells. They choose not to. Or they tend to use it the wrong way. Now that I see it, it’s not that they’re stupid. Nagpapakastupid. Nagpapakatanga. Nagpapakabobo. They’re not really stupid. They pretend to be stupid because they think it makes life easier. After all, the thinking process is a painful act.

But exercise can be a necessarily painful act to order to have a healthy body. No pain, no gain. Why can’t they exercise their thoughts to have a healthier mind? It is because Juan Tamad is an influential role model? Or is it just that people always want the good life and are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a meaningful and not just a good life? Pakasarap lang ang nasa isip ng mga iyon.

Also, after pretending for so long, can it be that the pretension soon becomes the truth?

Stupidizing the culture can also be blamed on the media (that is owned by local oligarchs). There are lots of “dumb” heroes on screen, which the likes of Judy Ann Santos, Andrew E and Angel Locsin have portrayed. Even foreign media is to blame, with Forrest Gump and Mr. Bean becoming cult icons. It reinforces the myth that dumb people can be happier than wealthy or intelligent people, and that intelligent and wealthy people do not deserve to be happy. So “dumbing down” has been the trend in popular culture, and it has rubbed off on its viewers. And it is a harmful influence.

Filipinos also love to pass the buck; they either blame other people for their problems (GMA) or depend on other people to improve their condition (Noynoy). But they never look to themselves to see if the problem is with them. I rest my case: the stupid are still around. Or at least those who choose to be stupid. And one aspect of the solution to our country’s problems is to de-stupidize the Filipino – not impossible but certainly hard to do at this point in time. But then again, John F. Kennedy said that the harder things are more worth doing.

While stupidity is common EVERYWHERE, I noticed that everybody else is willing to make fun of themselves for it. However, here, doing that will hurt the feelings of the onion-skinned majority.

We need to embark on a cultural change program that will help Filipinos see beyond the basic needs of life and accept that advancement in thinking will help them. It is difficult because poverty and the relative difficulty of life in the Philippines make people focus on basic needs. Culture and media has even helped demonize thinkers as “pangmayaman” and “weirdos.”
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As much as I want my home country to be a decent country to live in, I’ll have to say that the Philippines is a lost cause.

I’m not going to draw comparisons from other countries nor do I intend to, but with the current situation as it is, we’re caught in a deadlock.

1) We’re a country with an impoverished majority

2) We’re a country ruled by the families who intend to keep the poor beholden to them, so they resort to giving dole outs that will ensure their own elevated status, and at the same time keep the poor impoverished by making sure they are incapable of improving their own lives.

3) We're a country whose poor are illiterate enough, are lemming-minded enough that the media can manipulate them easily, making them vote the same people who keep them poor over and over and over and vote for people with no track record, non-achievers, no leadership records to boast or major accomplishments. Then they wonder why the country is such a mess.

The Philippines is a good country. But no matter what good we try to do, the Philippines doesn’t want it. It doesn’t WANT to be better.

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Whatever happens to this already impoverished country from now on, WE DESERVE IT! For voting an incompetent candidate like N0yn0y to the highest office, and even *gasp* making Erap a serious contender…. we will reap the consequences of our actions.

There is great prosperity in this country if you are just taught how to avail yourself of it, how to believe in yourself, how to be self-sufficient, and how to escape government dependency. It pains me greatly when all the message I’m hearing is how bad the government is and unless it changes one could never avail of a better life... Remember this?: "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!" I'm still LOL-ing about that and people bought it hook, line and sinker. I come from the poor, I clawed myself out of that rat hole by taking advantage of whatever little things available to me then.

Too many people are credulous, too willing to accept all the propaganda that is showered on them daily by the media and politicians. The poor should learn to think for themselves and not blindly accept everything they hear.

There’s no substitute for hardwork and resilience.

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There is intelligence in all of us, but it is either suppressed or undeveloped, due to the lack of initiative for education. It is because the Filipino is mainly an emotional being rather than intellectual. No show in primetime TV has a molecule of intellectual premises, only emotional highs made only for the maids of the house. Escapism is the rule, not the exception.

The Filipino refuses to think because it’s a hassle. It's your choices in life that made you like that, so man up, grow a pair, and use your head. There is a reason why the heart is below the brain.

And since this is a very “macho” society, why can’t we suggest this:

“Manliness requires brains.”
“Men with brains are Men with balls.”

Something like that.

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The only necessary for the triumph of Filipino stupidity is for the learned and capable men to do nothing.

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The learned and capable men tried. They just are too outnumbered to make a dent in the Philippines’ downward spiral to self-inflicted doom.

Look at those who voted for Gordon and Gibo. Compare those numbers with those who voted for Noynoy and Erap.

Look at how actual efforts to alleviate the pisspoor quality of life were received. The stupid poor instead prefers to bet on Lotto and fight tooth and nail to get into Wowowee rather than learning a profitable skill.

The learned and capable men tried. But this is a nation overrun by idiots, ruled by families who feed on the stupidity of the idiots.
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Kahirapan ng Pinoy: Hindi dulot ng “Korapsyon” kundi Kabobohan, Sobrang Hilig sa “Party” at Katamaran
By Rafterman

Isusulat ko ang sanaysay na ito sa wikang Tagalog dahil medyo “usapang bahay” ang aking sasabihin at para lubos na maintindihan ito ng mas maraming Pinoy.

Nag uusap usap kami madalas ng aking mga matatalik na kaibigan at nabanggit na kapag tatanungin mo ang isang Pinoy kung ano ang pinakamalaking problema ng Pilipinas kaya hindi ito umuunlad, ang malamang na sasabihin sa iyo ay “Korapsyon”. Nagkaisa kami sa damdamin namin na nakakasawa na pakinggan ang katagang yun mula sa ating mga kababayan. Ang nagiging dating nito ay ibinabaling na nila ang sisi sa ibang tao o bagay (na sa kasong ito ay ang pamahalaan) na dahilan daw ng kanilang kalagayan.

Kami ay mga nakapaglakbay na sa iba’t ibang bansa at nagtrabaho o nagnegosyo doon, at nakakita din kami ng mga “korapsyon” na minsa’y mas laganap pa kaysa sa Pilipinas. Sabi ng isa sa amin na nagtrabaho sa Beijing, marami doon na tinatawag na “backroom deals” at lagayan sa pamahalaan na baka nga mas garapal pa kaysa sa Pilipinas. Pero ang bansa nila ay maunlad. Ang Thailand, Taiwan at Vietnam ganun din pero sila ay mga higit na mauunlad kaysa sa Pilipinas. Maski dito sa Estados Unidos ay garapal din ang “korapsyon” sa pamahalaan pero kahit may recession, maunlad pa rin ito kumpara sa ibang bansa. Ang mga bansang Hapon at Korea ay meron ding korapsyon at nasa balita ang mga opisyal nila na nahuling nangungurakot.

Samakatuwid, hindi monopolya ng Pilipinas ang Korapsyon. Simplistico ang sabi ng mga tulad ni Noynoy na yun daw ang sanhi ng kahirapan ng bansa. Hindi kami naniniwala doon. Naniniwala kami na ang tunay na sanhi ng pagkalugmok ng Pilipinas at mga Pilipino ay ang Kabobohan, Sobrang pagkahilig sa “Party” at ang Katamaran.

Tingnan na lang natin ang Thailand. Sa Pilipinas sila natuto ng mga kaalaman tungkol sa Bigas, doon sa International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) sa UP Los Banos. Pero ngayon, ang Thailand ay kumikita ng malaki sa pag export ng bigas samantalang ang Pilipinas ay nag aangkat nito – SA KANILA. Ngayon, sino ang matalino? Ang gumamit ng kaalaman para kumita o ang sinayang ang kaalaman at kung ano anong mga kalokohan ang inintindi kaya napag iwanan na?

May magandang punto din na nabanggit ang kaibigan ko na may mga Pinoy na nagsasabi na “boring” daw ang mga bansang Singapore o Malaysia. Yun ay dahil mas nakatuon sila sa pagpapaunlad ng mga bansa nila at sarili nila imbes na mag party nang mag party kahit nagkakanda leche leche na ang bansa na siyang ginagawa ng mga Pinoy. May mga kilala kami na halos linggo-linggo may party sa kanilang bahay. Ang kahalintulad ng mga Pinoy ang ang mga bansa sa Latin America na ganun din na mahihilig sa party kaya hindi rin nagsisiunlad.

Ang China, Korea at Hapon na may korapsyon din sa pamahalaan ay mauunlad dahil ang kanilang mga industriya ay umabante ng husto dahil sa kanilang kasipagan. Ito din ang mapapansin mo sa mga Tsino sa Pilipinas na mauunlad kahit may korapsyon sa pamahalaang Pinoy. Kaya hindi kami maniniwala o magsasabi na korapsyon ang dahilan kaya lubog ang Pilipinas. Kapag natuto na mag-isip, magtrabaho at magbawas-bawas ng pagkahilig sa party ang mga Pilipino ay saka uunlad ang Pilipinas.

Ano sa tingin niyo?

Ang Pilipinas dati nag propose na ang DanceSport gawing part ng SEA games. Nag protesta ang Singapore at sinabing “That is the consequence of being a party loving people”. LOL!

Sa Singapore at sa ibang First World countries:
Work Hard, Play Hard
(Ok maybe sa Singapore “Work Hard, Play Some”

Sa Vietnam, China, at ibang Third World countries na gustong umangat:
Work Hard, Work Hard, Play just a little

Sa Pilipinas:
Play Hard, Play Hard, Don’t get any work done

Really dumb.

Here’s a good way to test if your a traditional pinoy (bobo, tamad, mahilig sa gimik, mabisyo)

Check where you spent your 13th month pay.

- did it go to pay bills for previous “non essential” expenses?
- did you use it to go on a spur of the moment gimik?
- did you use it to buy the latest lifestyle gadget? ( buying unreasonably priced brand items for the sake of prestige)
- spent money to impress your circle of friends, something normally out of your means to pay for?
- net of your essential monthly bills (food, utilities) is the total of your non-essential expenses higher than your savings rate?
- do you even have savings?

… I think you know where these questions are going to.

I’m not saying that we should stop celebrating events, WE need to celebrate our victories and milestones, but the 15th and 30th day of the month is not a milestone. If your drinking / partying every time you get your salary, then your partying too much.

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Lady LaLa
I for one enjoys parties. But there were times I had refused invites to parties because I had a very busy work schedule. Pinoys in general just take it to the next level when it comes to partying. I know of a registered nurse who just hosts weekly parties in his place. The time and energy it takes to do it really drains him but sige pa rin siya. In contrast my other nurse friend who does not party too much now owns a few elderly care facilities and can sit easier than his counterpart who partied too much (na ayun, nagtatrabaho pa rin ng parang kalabaw so he can have more money to party with). Kabobohan, diba? The former is more prevalent among Pinoys than the latter. Sana dumami ang gaya ng pangalawa para lalo tayong umunlad.

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People reading this thread might think we are wrongly generalizing. Generalizing is to characterize the collective without necessarily saying that all members of said collective are characterized.

The Japanese for example are considered to be an “industrious people”. But saying they are an “industrious people” is not the same as saying that EACH AND EVERY Japanese person is industrious. There are lazy Japanese individuals too. But the overall collective outcome of the Japanese society is a strong and prosperous nation. See the difference?

We have within ourselves the power to change the trajectories of our individual lives.

I dare say, even this emphasis on finding the “right president” is misguided. I think the issue here is the general tolerance range for the quality of our presidents as factors in our ability to prosper. The Chinese people for example are able to prosper as a distinct ethnic group within a BROAD range of business environments and quality of governance. Whether it is in corrupt societies or in advanced well-governed societies, the Chinese are a consistent economic/industrial force in their host societies.

Pinoys will prosper or will FAIL within a broad range of governance quality. There is NO STRONG CORRELATION between our future fortunes AND who or what kind of person sits in Malacanang — just as a who’s-who of “heroes” and individual achievers have come and gone over the ENTIRE history of the Philippines without any evidence that they actually influenced the overall/general ability of Pinoys as a sovereign people to progress as a society.

The fundamental issue REMAINS in our character as a people. And an effort to change must begin there. We must question the very values and belief systems we observe without question. It is not easy, much as an ability to see what is so wrong with our attitude towards “heroes” seems to escape the minds of the average Pinoy.

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Sa Pilipino, OK lang mangotong, OK lang mag jueteng, OK lang mangupit ng gamit sa opisina, OK lang magsinungaling ng konti, mandaya, magnakaw sa amo mo, di magbayad sa mga kina-uutangan mo, mamilit ng ibang tao kahit sila’y nahihirapan. Marami pa yan.

Pero may puno na may maunlad na bansa kahit may korapsyon ito. It ay dahil sa kultura ng mga bansang ito. May pagpapahalaga sila sa pagiging excellente at pagiging matalino. Dito, matalino ka lang pag maraming ang pang-tong mo. Ang kultura na may pagpapahalaga sa karangalan saka sa maayos na katalinuhan ay ang mananalo. Ito ay kulang sa kultura na Pilipinas.

May halimbawa ako sa totoong buhay. Marami ngayong nagpapagawa ng bahay, di ba? Pati kami, kaya nagha-hire kami ng trabahador. Kung maayos ang mga trabahador na ito, eh hindi sila gagawa ng kabalbalan. Isang araw, may materyales na nawawala sa stock namin. Nung tinanong ko yung mga trabahador, di daw nila alam. Sasabihin nila wala silang alam sa mga nawawala, e sila lang may alam ng stock na yan. Kaya ibig sabihin nagnanakaw sila o kakunchaba nila yung nagnakaw. May mga gamit sa pansamantalang bahay namin na nawawala, e katabi lang ng construction site.

Tapos kapag may maling ginawa sila na pinuna ko, magagalit pa ang trabahador o gusto nila walang mali. OK lang yan daw dapat. Sa makatuwid "PUWEDE NA". Anak ng pating tanggalin na natin sa kultura nating yang "PUWEDE NA" attitude. Sirang sira ang PINOY dyan. Kaya yung trabaho palpak. Tapos pag sinabing tapusin ng 3 araw ang trabaho, sasadyaing 5 araw gawin. Hihingi ng mas mataas na bayad para gawin on time. Bakit, kailangan ba ng napakalaking sweldo para gumawa ng tama? Kung di naman gunggong ang mga trabahador na ito. Kung kailangan ng extra pay o treatment para maayos lang ang trabaho, e di salbahe ang mga trabahador.

Kung sila ang halimbawa ng mga mahihirap sa bansa natin, eh kitang-kita ang dahilan kung bakit di sila umaasenso. Walang pagpapahalaga sa maayos na trabaho at pagiging excellente. Bobo ang labas.

Meron naman kaming karpintero na ubod ng galing sa trabaho niya. Sinusunod lahat niya ang utos ko at gumagawa siya ng paraan para maayos ang trabaho niya. Masinop siya. Malinis ang trabaho. At kapag may pagkakamali siya, tinatama nya agad na walang kuskus balungos. Tapos pinapayuhan nya kami kung papaano kami makakatipid sa gastusin namin sa mga pinapagawa namin sa kanya. AYUN, sa awa ng Diyos at dahil na rin sa kanya ring pagsisikap na gumawa ng mabuti at tama, di matapos ang trabaho niya. Laging may tumatawag sa kanya para magtrabaho. Di pa siya garapal maningil. Ang mali lang sa kanya ay binoto nya si ERAP ulit. LOL! Eh yung pamangkin ko nag-hire ng karpintero, ang lakas maningil. Akala ng pamangkin ko marunong naman kasi professional maningil eh...HEHE. Ayun, palpak ang trabaho. Uminit lang ang ulo ng pamangkin ko. BUSIT! Bobo pala!

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Ang karpinterong Pinoy sa Pinas ang style ng trabaho, ganito (A):

1. Time In.
2. Kwento.
3. Sharpen the plane.
4. Manually shave the piece of wood.
5. Feels the wood.
6. Kwento.
7. Sharpen the plane.
8. Manually shave the piece of wood.
5. Feels the wood.
9. Kwento.
7. Lunch
8. Kwento.
9. Sharpen the plane.
10. Manually shave the piece of wood.
11 Feels the wood.
12. Kwento.
13. Miryenda
14. Sharpen the plane.
15. Manually shave the piece of wood.
16 Feels the wood.
17. Kwento.
18. Time Out

For a carpenter outside Pinas, his typical workday would be (B):

1. Time In.
2. Plug electric planer
3. Shave the wood
4. Take a break. Kwento.
5. Shave the wood.
6. Take a break. Kwento.
7. Shave the wood.
8. Clean the workplace.
8. Time Out

Assuming, both are paid equally per hour at the onset, you are getting more done with (B) than (A).

When market forces kick in, adjustments are made for productivity, (A) gets lower rates due to lower productivity, (B) is able to charge a premium due to high productivity.

Factor in the constant cost of the essentials, (A) keeps up with (B) in terms of entertainment.

The difference is (B) has more disposable income because he has higher compensation.

(A) – in turn, has to lower allocation for essentials. In order to meet the essentials, (A) resorts to borrowing either from relatives and friends, even loan sharks, or even resort to gambling, or selling off property.

In due time, (A) will be deep in debt, barely able to make ends meet – but still wants to “fiesta” and “party” – then blames the government for his misery. Dumb? You betcha!!

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And the scary part is that this sloppy work in construction is common.

Thus, other readers out there, the connection should be clear. Corruption happens when the people do not have any appreciation at all for excellence or achieving a high standard. Or just even for just doing things the right way. They want to do things any way they want and still win. Like earning money without working, or fitting a square nail into a circular hole and saying, “it fits!”

The construction workers in the examples above given by other members here have no appreciation for doing the job right or satisfying the standards of their clients. They just want their pay now so they can get drunk tomorrow. Even if the job is poorly done, and the house will collapse, they still want their pay. There is no justice in their actions. They are complaining that they are poor and insist that they deserve the treatment of their mistakes being glossed over every time. But they are among the ones contributing to the downfall of their country.

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Loco Mo
I'm sure many Filipinos have their heart in the right place. But heart is not enough. They need to use their head, too. They have to conquer their anger. Get a lid on their emotions so they can think with clarity.

Then they can wield their craft with devastating effectiveness to uphold the welfare of the Filipino.

First things first however, identify the problem, craft the solution, then IMPLEMENT, monitor and evaluate. These processes require a lot of planning, a lot of thinking and intelligence. We cannot afford to be dumb.

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