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The Congress: political bias optional, civility a must

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Trump wants to arrest Assange
Topic Started: Apr 21 2017, 07:32 AM (53 Views)
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Reports over the last few days that Trump Administration is planning on arresting Julian Assange who brought Wikileaks to the world. Assange did a great service for Americans.
He brought those spreading the dirt and seeking to cover us with it to the light of day.
The Establishment in Washington spooks and politicians don't like.They want total control of information and the dirt they do kept quiet.
that is not acceptable when it involves the lives and fortunes of Americans and the Republic.
National Security is another thing. That should never be violated. Anyone read anything that should not have been put before us. I admit I didn't read the half of it.
It reminds me of the secret or voice vote in Tn on keeping the Poll Taxes on carry permits. They didn't want to be known that voted against our 2A Right. They would not have a political future in Tn if they were revealed.
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