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Dinosaur skeleton sells for €1.6m
Topic Started: Jun 4 2018, 10:09 PM (36 Views)
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A very minor case of serious brain damage


An almost complete dinosaur skeleton from 150 million years ago has been sold to a private buyer at an auction in Paris for €1.6m (£1.4m; $2m).

The nine-metre long specimen is thought to be a new species belonging to the theropod family - a group of dinosaurs that includes the Tyrannosaurus rex.

It was discovered on private land in the US state of Wyoming in 2013.

The auction had earlier been criticised by paleontologists who said science was losing out on valuable fossils.

However, French auction house Aguttes, which held the sale on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower on Monday, said that the dinosaur specimen was "destined for scientific study".

Rather a lot - but then, I suppose it is very old and irreplaceable.

I just hope the new owner is responsible, and doesn't go all Jurassic Park on us :O !
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What kind of theropod? Not all of them are carnivorous just as not all carnivorans are carnivorous. Ask the panda!
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Shiny Star
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Irrelevant but still relevant

It doesn't surprise me that it sold for a lot honestly. It's so cool that people are still finding dinosaur remains within the last 10 years.
Edited by Shiny Star, Jun 5 2018, 02:10 AM.
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Crooked Crow
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overconfidence leads to irony
[ *  *  *  *  * ]
I do support free market transactions, and this -was- private property.

But... this is not an ordinary, or even a rare item. It's priceless. It should have been donated, or purchased from a museum. Hope it is well taken care of, and considering the individual paid a total sum of $2m dollars, it probably will be.

But still.

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Just as Planned

Imagine having one of those lying around at home! It'd be quite a statement piece, that's for sure.
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